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reading zines & telling you about them.

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One week away! NYC Feminist Zine Fest happening at Barnard College from 12-6pm, a free all ages event open to the public! Scroll to see who will be there! @nycfeministzinefest
Hey #dc what are you doing on Tuesday?
Philly Queer Zine Fest • 12/01/18  The Book Corner • 311 N 20th ST.
I know it's been quiet here but we're really psyched about the long awaited new issue of Pieces zine by @corridorgirl! Nichole's zines are always SO GOOD. What are you excited for?
Slowly downsizing my zine collection. A stack of 50 zines I pulled. If you're interested, slide into those DMS.
Zine legend @hermanxresist is creating a zine anthology of her work. Check out the link in her bio for more info on @indiegogo.
Repost from @noodlemaniazine
@wastedinkzinedistro is a cool shop in Phoenix Arizona that sells zines & holds zine events. What cool spots are there in your town?
Repost from @ladydaysingstheblues of Life Without Booze: Reflections on Six Years sober by Taryn Hipp of @ladyteeth zine. Available at ladyteeth.etsy.com
@hermanxresist is editing this zine collection. Consider submitting if you're a poor/struggling brujx & healer. - $ tree spell work  Now accepting submissions for a healing zine by & for black, indigenous & people of color on how we use supplies from the $ tree for healing, herbalism and kitchen witchery. ••• deadline is March 15, 2018  What can you submit?  Short essays and narratives (tops 300 words), histories, guides, shopping lists, material lists, spells, art work +more  Send your work and any questions to: hermanaresistpress at gmail.com  http://www.hermanaresistpress.com/tree-spell-work/  artwork instagram: @ceecide
There's very little I love more in the world than the word "jawn". Born & raised in the suburbs of Philly the word jawn was a part of my vernacular for as long as I can remember. For those of you less fortunate, jawn is anything. ANYTHING. (Except a person). So, Moviejawn is a monthly zine about movies, a movie jawn. I'm months behind on zine reading, hence this being the March issue (Sorry @moviejawn - send more, I promise to review them all & in a much more timely manner). This issue's theme is "Books Become Movies" & covers such films as The Godfather Epic, a "smashing together of the first two Godfather films re-edited to appear in chronological order & with just around 40 minutes worth of deleted scenes". WHOA. Also, a little "which movie based on a book did you like better than the book" feature (I've never watched The Notebook because I read the book in one sitting soon after my divorce & ugly cried so hard I thought my face might get stuck that way). Anyway, this jawn is rad & highly recommended. Subscribe at moviejawn.com #moviejawn #moviezine #zineaboutmovies #phillyzine #jawnislife
Which is Witch (Spring issue: Initiate) written by Rhea Wolf & illustrated by Blix Fischer is a witch zine "exploring modern witchcraft, ancient roots & the art of culture-making. It is "a zine about being "aware that we can live better when we live in the abundance of nature while also respecting the limits of Planet Earth". Rhea writes about getting know know one's self through various forms of self-exploration such as astrology, meditation, tarot or shamanic breathwork. This zine is full of knowledge, history, stories & what it means to be a witch (& how that varies from person to person). Contact which.is.witch.zine@gmail.com #whichiswitch #rheawolf #witchcraft #witchcraftzine #astrology #ancientroots #culturemaking
Sub Rosa zine by @ladyteeth! Long out of print (but possibly available at various distros). #tbt 📸: @corridorgirl
Another zine that inspired me in huge ways recently (ok, it came out in 2015 but maybe that's the point?) was @thimblewinder's Inspirado 2. A small zine about art, design, inspiration, motivation & friendship, Inspirado organizes all the "but..." & "what if...." when it comes to creating & helps the reader navigate the reasons we make things (or don't make things).
A year has passed since the 20 year anniversary issue of Ker-bloom! came out (which means there have been another 6 issues! Whoa!) but I wanted to share this one with you because it's a nice little glimpse into how @artnoose started writing this gorgeous letterpress zine. If you've never read Ker-bloom I highly recommend picking up a copy. I don't have many "collector" goals when it comes to zines (other than back issues of Cometbus) but I absolutely dream of a day where I acquire the entire Ker-bloom collection!
A fantastic intro to the world of snail mail & pen pals! A how-to for letter writing, envelope addressing & even postage! This zine also has info about cool projects like the pen pal network! Grab a copy from @themonsterducky & be sure to sign up for the mail art club!
Clever Girl Vol. 1 is a reaction to Donald Trump & Clever Girl is PISSED! A mini zine jam packed with rage, full color & full of anger. Get it from @clevergirlzine & "take your mind off of everything for a minute or two".
The new issue of You Don't Get There From Here arrived this weekend. Sadly, it's the last issue of my subscription so it's time to renew! I highly recommend you subscribe too & get a brilliant comic perzine in the mail on the regular! YouDontGetThere.etsy.com