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🌱Happy plants, wrapped with care and shipped to your door, year-round. 🌵Succulents • Cacti • Hoya 🌸 🌿Shop now👇

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The best sidekick ever 🥰
SOLD! .... We have this one 4” pot of super cute chubby ‘Pink Moonstones’ so figured we’d offer it to you all first. $12 + shipping (USPS First Class or Priority). DM to claim these babies 😊🌸
The pinkest little baby 🌸❤️ anyone else seeing lots of color with the cooler nights?
Hey all, don’t forget —>20% off every day on our featured plants and we (do our best to) switch it up daily. Hoya multiflora ‘Shooting Star’ is one of our featured plants today. Don’t miss it (link in bio).
FLASH SALE🎉🎉Use code: INSTA20 for 20% off your entire order, today only (ends 11/13 midnight PST) - link to shop is in bio.  Zensability.etsy.com
We told the kids we’d make breakfast right about now, but we can’t stop playing in the garden. It always ends up being brunch instead of breakfast anyway🤷🏻‍♀️#always🤷🏻‍♂️#kidsareusedtoit #crazyplantpeople
So many blooms, couldn’t fit ‘em all in the picture. Do you cut off or keep your bloom stalks on your plants? We usually cut the bloom stalks off our plants (especially the ones for sale), we find it helps keeps bugs away and helps keep the growth pattern consistent (especially for Echeveria). But we couldn’t resist watching this one put on her show 😍
How one simple succulent in the perfect pot can make a space 👌 Plant 📸: Portulaca molokiniensis
Double-head Echeveria gibbiflora #digitalart#zengarden#beherenow#playtime#artisfun#plantart#forfun#prisma
That’s one huge Opalina 😳 For Sale: $16 + shipping. Only one available. 6” pot under there somewhere.  DM for details. And have a great day all you wonderful plant loving people.
Ooo laaa Cute chubby ‘Pink Moonstones’ make us swoon. Little cuties are available in the shop 💖 click the shop link in bio
Here it is! Some Sweet Succs for you 💕💛💚💙💗💜 4” pots! Only one available of each. $8 ea. or 3 for $21. +USPS shipping⠀ Comment letter/number combo to claim (or: A1)....then DM zip and email for PayPal invoice. ⠀ US only. Thank you!!
Tray sneak-peak. Full tray with claiming details will be posted in one hour! It’s been quite a morning here already, anyone else starting the day off a little 🤪? Hope it’s smooth #succulentsunday from here on out. Hope we can all get our hands in some dirt!
Haworthia are so 😎, don’t you agree? We’ve got a few in the shop (including this guy - only 2 available!) - and Go favorite us on Etsy, we just posted a BIG discount code in our updates 😉 if you favorite us and don’t see it, DM us your Etsy ID.
Do you see the silver ‘splash’ on the lower left leaf? Had to snap this before we shipped it because most (or ALL of the H. multiflora) we have and have seen does not have that splash. Have any of you seen this on H. ‘Shooting Star’ before? #waxplantwednesday#hoyamultiflora
Do you dream of succie places too?💚🌵💚🌵
Free 2” succulent with all orders over $20 today through Wednesday! 👉Shop link in bio (10/28 - 10/31)  No code necessary.
Pic and caption courtesy of: @marygrace_andaya (thank you 😁) ・・・ A big #plantmail came in with a definite #conversationstarter. 🤣 So glad that all the plants look super happy....one is maybe a little too happy 😉  Thanks for the extra plant cuttings @zensability You guys are awesome! . .👉 (swipe to see the happiest plant) . #urbanjungle #indoorjungle #indoorgarden #plantshelfie #plantparenthood #hoyaheads #ahoyaaday #thehoyacollective #hoyamygosh #plantsofinstagram #plantsofig #houseplants #trichocereusbridgesii #peniscactus #hoyalacunosa #hoyabella #hoyacarnosakrimsonprincess #hoyacarnosakrinkle8 #hoyamultiflora #hoyaaustralis #houseplantplantclub #coolplantkids #house_plant_community#zensability