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gombei bento: japantown location ——————————————— yo. this place. one of the best affordable and casual japanese restaurants in the bay no cap. all of their food is so so amazing and cheap and delish and its such big portions and their specials change on the daily so please check this location out! (very important that u go to the japantown location in san jose, it has the best quality!) ——————————————— food: 12/10 yomches aesthetic: 10/10 yomches
mom’s tofu —————— bruH THIS PLACE SLAPS like its pretty inexpensive for kfood in bay area and such big portions and the sidE ordErs slAp and its all sO gOod anD yeahhajajajja —————— food: 10/10 yomches aesthetic: 6/10 yomches
homegirl cafe, LA ————————— sit tight folks! homeboy industries is an organization dedicated to helping those who have fallen into gang lifestyles to get their degrees, licenses, ged’s, or basically anything they didn’t have access to because of exposure to gangs from a young age. the people that work there and the people who are part of the family are all ex or current gang members with amazing and beautiful stories. homegirl cafe is a branch off of homeboy industries, ex-gang members (or current i’m not sure) are able to work there and the food is a m a z i n g. portions are humongous for the size and the people there are so friendly and lovely. i got the buttermilk pancakes and they were very tasty and delicious! they came with a side of homegirl potatoes which were filling and had a spicy kick. i included a picture of our tour guide and the mural on the outside of homegirl cafe. if you get the chance, please visit it! ————————— food: 10/10 yomches aesthetic: 12/10 yomches
seattle bay creamery —————————— happy siblings day! this here is my brother i dont rlly have permission to post his face but lol idrc :D! this is in seattle next to the bay. the ice cream was pretty generic ice cream, but the view right outside was beautiful! right next to the bay, ferris wheel in site, and beautiful weather. i approve :) —————————— food: 8/10 yomches aesthetic: 9/10 yomches
homecooked meal ————————— not having a kitchen and having to cook food with a burner doesn’t stop my family from pigging out! since my house is remodeling, my parents now eat in the garage (lol culture shock). this right here is a sichuan fish dish idek how to say it in english but whatever! i don’t really like mala but this was really good, and my mom cooked some noodles with it too! ————————— food: 10/10 yomches  aesthetic: -10/10 yomches (i’m eating dinner on a plastic table in my garage folks)
@ sue’s gallery cafe —————————— i had some yummy coffee and some matcha latte! the matcha latte was a little too milky for me, but it was still pretty yommy. the place was small and cute and it had an upstairs. right next door they have lots of cups and pottery you can buy. cute place to study and yay. —————————— food: 8/10 yomches aesthetic: 10/10 yomches