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Calling all playful movers and shakers, yogis, acro enthusiasts and first timers! 📢 coming to you by popular demand: Acroyoga pop-up workshop!!! Monday July 30th at @summusbodymind with yours truly and @johnny.yank. The best part.. it’s only $25! Register today to ensure your spot. . We will be playing with L-based postures, counter balances, mobility exercises and so much more! See you Monday night! . #iloveacro #partneryoga 👖Both wearing @flexilexi_fitness because we’re just too excited about acro in Thailand this September! ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle💕 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Chasing sunsets in all of the countries 😎 who’s with me!? . I cannot believe our Thailand retreat is like 6 weeks away! I also cannot believe round trip flights are still just $800 🤯 there are a few rooms still available, join us in paradise for a week you’ll never forget 🏝 We also have a single looking for a roommate if you want to save some bucks and bunk up shoot me a message! @johnny.yank @flexilexi_fitness @flexi.fash @retreattoparadisethailand This picture was taken by my mom @betsy.shapiro overlooking the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel 😍 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
So you want me to smile for you? You say I’d be prettier and make you happier if I do? You want me to grin and show you the grit of who I am, Make you so sweet for me like I give a damn-  Here’s my scowl, baby I hope it keeps you hot. Oh, you’d think I’d give a damn about you diggin me or not? Here’s a thought Or rather a tip- Start walking the other direction and quit hangin on like a paper clip grip. For you this scowl won’t flip . Yeah, I’m that bitch you couldn’t make smile. You can go back to your friends and laugh about that one girl acting hostile. But braggin ain’t my style. . I’ll keep walkin’ and you won’t catch me smirk With the knowledge that I’m not pretty enough for one more downtown jerk . . Spoken word piece- “Angsty Downtown Grit” 🔥 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
A pretty little teardrop - all glammed up for my @emilyhsudesigns photoshoot the other day 💗 #njdesigner #loveherclothes ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Why is this sooo much harder than full #hanumanasana with my foot fully resting comfortably on my head?!?!?! . Off the top of my head I can think of two reasons. One; I’m fighting gravity, actively “pulling” my legs toward each other fighting to keep my hips square all the while having my hamstring turned on full blast to bring my foot toward my head. And two; I’m really pushing through my front foot to both straighten the leg and assist in lifting my chest higher. 😅 . If hanumanasana is “easy” for you, give this bad boy a whirl! And tag me in it, I would see what you think! @brittanymessuti Behind the camera @robinmartinyoga With the pose inspiration 💕 #yogainspiration #yogapractice #bodyawareness ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.. . Photo by @johnny.yank on the island of Koh Lanta ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
This will be the reason my glutes and core are sore tomorrow 😅 . . . . @lurvsportswear ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
I began my yoga practice ( a dedicated practice after dipping my toes in the yoga world for a while,) to help holistically reduce my anxiety/panic. I was still on medication at the time: anti-depressants/Xanax, the works, but I really didn’t want to be on any pills. Even when I was medicated as a child for my ADHD, I would hide my Wellbutrin around the house: in cupboards, underneath pillows, behind bookshelves, etc. I guess I’ve never been one who’s liked to be told what to do... As many of you know and may have experienced personally, anxiety and depression more times than not go hand in hand; add ADHD to the mix, and you get one hell of a kid to deal with. And so I was never the “smart” kid. I was never the girl who would get into a top university; I became the talkative, funny girl . This would be my shield for life; it’s a funny, almost cruel dilemma- being an extrovert with anxiety and depression. I tend to ramble without noticing; I stutter sometimes & mumble when I feel out of my comfort zone. I’m working on not being so nervous around new people. But what’s so cool about a yoga studio, is that it’s a safe place where judgment is left at the door. It’s neutral territory. It took me a while to get that concept, since I felt I had been judged my whole life . When I found my way back onto the mat, I was no longer the girl with learning differences or depression. It didn’t matter what my name was or where I went to school; all that mattered is that I showed up . If I’m lucky enough to teach you, I may know your name, any former injuries and a bit about your practice, but you’ll never have to explain anything else unless you would like to talk. When we look into each other’s eyes, I feel you & I hope that you feel me, too. . This is why I decided to teach yoga, & why I’m sure many others have dedicated their lives to guiding others. We all have a story. Yoga helped me & still helps me to control urges, my anxiety/depression & made
The king of all yoga poses. #sirsasana. There are countless variations. Do you have a favorite?? Headstand is definitely in my top five favorite poses. It’s my favorite pose to teach, and my favorite to witness the journey of my students nailing it for the first time 💕 #bowtotheking ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Oh fierce woman of fire, What are you waiting for? ⛰ Do you now expect less than what you deserve to feel? . Expect what you are worth, queen. For You are worth the moon, the deep soil- every tree And all else that flows between. 🔥 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Follow your bliss ✨ . . . . @lululemonyvr ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Oh hello foot.. funny meeting you here 😊 #yogaweird #pinchamayurasana 📸 : @yoga_ty ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Happy Friday! I gave my feet and ankles some love today, with all the release of tension they feel amazing. Here are some of my favorite ways to bring my feet back to life 🙌🏼 . . . . @aloyoga @lululemonyvr ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Just taking in the rooftop views while flying high over Providence RI 🕊 @coachmgoldsmith and @thereallopo you two know how to throw a wedding/party! Love you guys! Congratulations! 💕 #pooretogold2018 #highbirdsaroundtheworld 📸: @krittermcg ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
I was working my yogi toes while I practiced this pincha variation. I haven’t been doing it as often as I could, and was feeling a bit uncontrolled. When shifting into the full asana it helps to bring focus to my legs, and toes! The awareness will help keep that backbend safe and smooth 🙏🏼 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
LET’S PLAY! This Thursday come to the “pop-up” Acroyoga Workshop with @johnny.yank and me at @summusbodymind 6-7:30pm only $25!!! No acro experience necessary, come alone or with friends, gonna be a fun 90 minutes! Can’t wait to see you 🙃🐒🤸🏽‍♀️ check my website yogajessie.com for more info and to sign up. #yogaworkshop #acroyoga #iloveacro ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
I can’t believe how quickly fall is approaching. Leaves are just starting to change and fall to the ground. It’s such a bitter sweet feeling for me. I love the summer, long hot sunny days are my favorite. Yet the fall has this crisp freshness to the air. Like a breeze of positive change is blowing in. In order for me to enjoy the fall, which I truly do, I have to stay present in it and forget that chilly dark winter is nipping at falls heels. I guess that’s yoga right? Enjoy the present and don’t spend too much time worrying about the past or the future 😊 Photo taken by @brittanymessuti 💕 #thisisyoga #yogaeverywhere ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness” Dalai Lama💛 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
The question of identity may be the oldest question of all time. I graduated college with a degree in philosophy; I remember my first class with Professor Lessing and the class was called: philosophy 101. The first assignment was titled: “who am I?” I still have the paper saved to my computer and of course 10 years ago I didn’t have any way of truly defining who I am… Only what makes me, me. what are we if not just the sum of our experiences? . But the question of identity can eat at oneself. Even drive people mad. I mean, it’s the foundation of philosophy-the reason why the first philosophers created the first dialectics questioning and attempting to understand existence. We will never stop asking ourselves who we are or why the world is . Recently, I had a struggle with my own self identity. And it may seem silly, but for so long I only had one identity-at least one that seemed more fun and popular than what was reflected back in the mirror. This identity is the one that I created on this platform: Palmbeachyogi. Recently, I discovered that another woman on Instagram created her Instagram handle to be very similar to mine. And when I say similar, I mean practically identical. At first I was shocked, but that reaction really only lasted about 5 seconds. I realized that that the Brittany who created Instagram 5 years ago with the name PalmBeachyogi, would have dropped down to her knees in tears if confronted with the same situation. But instead of angrily writing her a mean message or allowing myself to become frustrated with the situation, I  was calm and unexpectedly unfazed. I saw this as a gift. And as something actually silly. . As I said before, the question of identity and “who am I” is a tricky one. It is a question that has been asked for thousands of years by the greatest philosophers and will continue to be asked for as long as there are sentient beings. For so long, I hid behind the name Palmbeachyogi because I did not like who Brittany
Let’s grow. New week=new fun and a slightly different schedule. 🙏🏼 🌿 . ❤️Monday: (Subbing) 9:30am @theyogasocietypb Jupiter + 5:15pm @theyogasocietypb Jupiter +  6:30pm @theyogasocietypb Jupiter _______________ . 💝Tuesday: 6:30pm Rock N’ Roll Yoga @theyogasocietypb Jupiter _______________ 🧡Wednesday: 9:30am @theyogasocietypb Jupiter + 5:15pm @theyogasocietypb Clematis +  6:30pm @theyogasocietypb Clematis  ________________ 💛Thursday: 6:30pm @theyogasocietypb Clematis _________________ 💚Friday: 9:30am @theyogasocietypb Jupiter + 5:30pm Happy Hour Vinyasa @theyogasocietypb Jupiter  __________________ 💙Saturday: 🔥!!!5:00pm District Fit class in City Place!!!🔥 Sign up at @districtfitwpb 💕💕 ___________________ 💜Sunday: 8:00am Wake up and Flow @theyogasocietypb (Clematis) ___________________ Let’s play!! Xoxox 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can't see how it is.” Ram Dass ✨ . . . . @lululemonyvr ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
When you have a breakthrough in class and look over to make sure that the instructor saw it happen. 🙈 Hello, forearm wheel pose. 🌞 Welcome to my practice! 💖 ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
I love finding inspiration anywhere I can for my own practice, going to classes always helps! Here is a sequence that was inspired by my Hatha class at @yyoga yesterday. @fun_with_finnigan was photobombing me like it was her job while I was shooting this , with the help of @dennisstever too😅 . . . . @lululemonyvr @lornajaneactive ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Well, it was that type of practice. My hips were not happy, and not cooperating upside down 😅 Love that they like to keep me humble! . . . . Legs: @aloyoga top: @mandukayoga ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” Aldous Huxley✌🏼 . . . . @lululemonyvr ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Forever questions . Are you happy? Who are you? What is happiness? . 🙏🏼 ❤️ . Goodnight, beautiful people ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
🌞 #wanderlove. taking in the #thailandsunset in a $5 no brand bathing suit. Photo snapped by @johnny.yank ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu🍃 . . . . @lululemonyvr ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
🙏YOGA EXHALE ELEPHANT HOODIE - LIMITED EDITION 👕Our brand new hoodie. 🌈Just click the bio link to get yours now. 🇺🇲Designed and printed in the US. 🌎Worldwide shipping. 📮If you have shirt ideas or any problem, message us. We always listening! 😀Thanks! ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
My heart grew inside of her- She knows my heart . She saw my eyes open for the first time to view the world-and I became her world . She held onto my tiny fingers with her tiny fingers, smiling -creating forever an invisible web that binds us as one .  She listened as I uttered my first sound- and now she sits closely as I speak my truth, cheering on my words . She is forever my mommy. And I am forever hers . My heart is your heart ❤️ . . 📸: @dr_dooms ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
We open ourselves up- Uproot ourselves to get closer to nature To feel more a part of the natural . But there is no need to reacquaint yourself with what already lies within you- to ever feel separated from organic life force that continuously flows externally like this waterfall and also within you like the wind . When we are exposed-vulnerable to all that is...than you will feel connected to all things, as you are all things. . Rooted. And forever flowing. ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Good morning, beautiful people! Today is already day 1️⃣1️⃣ of #flyintofall 2.0! The pose of the day is “Hollowback with Lady legs.” I decided to keep one leg straight, since it gave me more stability to press my heart forward while shifting my gaze; but the other leg is crossed over the thigh of the straight leg. Think “sitting like a lady...” I was always taught to cross my legs as a young girl-now I feel like I’d cross my eyes at anyone who told me to “sit like a lady.” 🙃 but we shall make an exception for this really fun variation that you can be very creative with. Feel free to cross both legs over each other while in hollowback as if you were sitting politely in a chair, or keep one straight leg like I did. As long as one leg or foot is crossing over the other leg, you’ve pretty much got it! There’s no “right or wrong” here. This is a really good one to play with. I can’t wait to see all of your variations!! . XOXO 💋 . 🌿Hosts: @janalyn.rose @monn_cheri @palmbeachyogi @kimterpstra_yoga . 🍁Sponsor (and gear): @aloyoga ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures
Oh, hello there. Just a reminder that you are loved and to keep being you. 💖 Sweet dreams, beauty. ❤️ Follow us @yoga___pictures #yoga #yoga___pictures