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🙏Whatever you do in life, yoga shows you how to do it better. ⭐Tutorials ⭐Inspiration ⭐Promotion #yoga_day_every #howtoyoga ⬇️⬇️SHOP⬇️⬇️

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@alexzandrapeters There are so many ways to warm up your center split, here is one of my favorite ways! Of course it’s against the wall 😉 ⠀ Splits take a lot of work, they really need your time and devotion if you want to gain flexibility, and even to maintain the flexibility. Come to a straddle against the wall ⠀ Legs want to me straight out, and spine long ⠀ Work on hinging at the hips, bringing your forehead to the wall with a straight spine. - If this easy for you, scoot in closer. - If your pelvis is touching the wall, place blocks under both heels Once you are in your split squeeze your hips muscles for 5 seconds, then relax them. Do this for 5 rounds and you’ll see a huge difference in the depth you can go. ⠀ Come into your spilt and out of it 5 times. Holding each time for 1-2 minutes *Try to relax your face muscles when you’re in the pose stretching & create a smooth deep inhale and exhale. Completely filling up and fully emptying out the breath.❤️❤️
@maryochsner 🖐🏼5 MINUTE FULL BODY STRETCH🖐🏼 . 🙌🏼Save this video for next time you need a quick stretch head to toe! . 🧘🏼‍♀️SEATED TWIST & CAT/COW: Sit comfortably & with a tall spine. Twist and gaze over the shoulder. For cat/cow: Pull the chest forward & squeeze shoulders onto the back. Then pull shoulders forward spreading apart the shoulder blades. Breathe and move slowly between poses! . 💕FORWARD FOLD & HALF LIFT: My go-to hammy stretch! Bend the knees if you need to. On the lift keep the back as flat as possible. Tailbone slightly lifts up & shoulders come onto the back lifting your heart. . ✨UPDOG or COBRA: Two options here! Find which one feels good for you or switch it up. Both poses focus on lengthening the neck, pulling the heart forward & squeezing shoulders onto the back! . 💗MOVING DOWN DOG: You can stretch a lot from this single pose! Bend one knee at a time to stretch the legs. Bend both knees & lift hips high to stretch the shoulders & arms. Lift one leg at a time to stretch legs & hips. Get creative here 😜 Move and breathe!! . 😁DEEP LUNGE & RUNNERS STRETCH: I like to try different arms in the deep lunge. Sometimes add a backbend too! Keep the front knee over ankle and if this bothers the lower knee, add a blanket for extra cushion! Runners stretch for the hammies! Use a block in both hands if you need some lift. Focus on a long spine and tilt the hips forward. . 🙋🏼‍♀️HEYYY what tutorials should I make next??! Let me know in the comments below!🙋🏼‍♀️ . Wearing: Shorts & bra - @aloyoga Crop - @forever21 . . #dailyyoga #yogadaily #doyouyoga #myyogalife #myyogapractice #yogaeveryday #dailypractice #practicedaily #yogagirl #yogateacher #yogainstructor #yogainspiration #yogainspo #yogalooksgood #yogaaddict #yogafitness #homeyoga #yogavideo #yogagoals #yogaposes #inflexibleyogis #beginneryoga #yogaforbeginners #newyogi #yogaflow #yogaathome #flexibility #restorativeyoga #stretching
@deandreyoga How to Modiy Lizard Pose: My life changed when I DROPPED my ego and PICKED UP my props. Don’t be afraid to get support guys. It’s like having to paint your house by yourself when a whole group of very awesome friends offer to help you. Why struggle when you have support. Lizard lunge is probably a pose where I see the most unhappy faces and hips 😂 often when your elbows can’t rest on something you are overly flexed in the spine and unable to find ease in the hips. Pick up a block or two and let it lead you to a more effective pose! Your arms will come down faster if you use props to help :) .
Yoga Inspiration🙏
@catbradleyyoga How to funky pincha: Ok let's be real here.... this pose isnt in any ancient yoga scripture so what I am sharing here is basically what I taught myself.... so when I'm asked what's the point of this pose I ask them what's the point in hideous poses like dolphin pose 😜 ⠀ For those that would like to give this a try then pad up those elbows and get going 💪 ⠀ I find this pose way easier than full pincha but I totally get that some people find it very tricky regarding balance. The key to balance in this one is create a triangle between your hands and one elbow. Elbow should be under your shoulder to support the weight. Elevate scapula, lift hips as high as you can and walk feet towards face as close as you can get them. ⠀ Keep shoulders as stable as you can and with control lift one leg and hope the other one wants to join it 😉 Focus on what the pelvis is doing, this will drive the action of the legs. Inhale to prepare and exhale to extend up. I have a video for you on slide 2 which I hope will help. ❣ ⠀ If you have any questions then just ask 🙏 ⠀ #yoga #yogainspiration #yogatutorial #funkypincha
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@miz.liz - ✨Ways into Chinstand✨ . . . First, of all, it's tutorial tuesday! Second, I've had a couple of people ask me yesterday about chinstand, so I made a short tutorial on it + ways to get into chinstand. Three major things for ease in the pose - 1) open chest/thoracic spine 2) open hamstrings and 3) bent arm strength (like in chaturanga) . . . 1. Cat/cow to warm up the spine (+ any other movements in table top) 2. Puppy dog to open shoulders, upper back (if your chest reaches the ground, extend legs straight for more if it feels good!) 3. Knees/chin/chest with hips up - setting up for chinstand in the upper body with hands framing the top of ribs 4. Lift one leg straight up, alternating legs - for more, extend back leg straight (you should really feel this in your hamstrings/hip flexors, just like doing the front splits) Press into the hands to relieve pressure from chin/chest 5. **WITH BLOCKS** Place yoga bocks under shoulders, hands right behind the blocks - lift one leg up and kick up to chinstand. The blocks will help in elevating the shoulders so there's not too much pressure in the chin area 6. **Without blocks** Sit up knees/chin/chest with hips up, press into hands (think chaturanga arms kind of pressure) and lift up leg up/kick up into chinstand. The more you press into your hands, the less pressure there will be on your chin! 7. From Warrior 2 (when you're doing Sun B transitions or any other standing transitions in your yoga flows) - windmill arms down with momentum, and instead of stopping at chaturanga, continue and kick up into chinstand 🙌🏼🙌🏼 . . . . Try this out and let me know how it goes! ♥️ #tutorialswithliz // Wearing @aloyoga
Life begins where fear ends.-Osho @summerperez
@shylasvsyoga MONDAY CORE WORK!!-. Starting the week with new challenges with these boat pose core workout!! You have to options: . ABC: from easy boat pose to get down slowly to low boat pose. Be sure you breathe correctly and your core is active always. Repeat the cicle 5 times and challenge you to hold the pose for more breaths!! Trust me low boat it is so hard!! . . 1234: try to hold the full boat pose grabbing your feet together for almost 5 breaths and back your feet to the ground. Repeat the cicle 5 times and again try to get your core activated during all the practice and breath correctly!!! . Enjoy your practice 🙏🏽 Namaste . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _______________________________ ⠀ #shylasvsyoga #yogini #yogaespaña #yogababe #yogagirl #yogavibes #asana #yogafit #yogamodel #yogahome #yogapose #yogadaily #workout #fitness #yoga #fitgirl #yogainspiration #yogabody #yogapractice #yogi #yogaig #inspiredyogis #coreworkout #boatpose #yogatips #shylasvsyogatutorial
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