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Lizzie Horne🇬🇧


Lizzie Horne, 14 years old💜 Kate, 7 years old, 14.2hh❤️ @lizziehorneeventing

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Random photo of us standing behind a log but Kate looks so cute in it🥰 But we did jump it😋
Pc xc rally at Field Farm today😊was meant to be at Aylesford but got moved as Aylesford closed😕didn’t really want to go to Field Farm as we only went a couple of weeks ago but oh well🤷🏻‍♀️but a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to jump bigger so I have only this video but great to see @eventingpheebs @eventingbertie 💖
Lovely hack on Kate today😍💖 Got a dressage lesson tomorrow😊
Kate jumped amazingly around Tanglewood this morning despite the wind and jumps falling over❤️
Kate flying🦄💕
Kate was amazing out xc at Field Farm this morning💖so was so much more confident than last time and was flying everything🥰
Little cutie😘👅
Video from arena eventing a while ago💖Kate schooled beautifully this afternoon she was very forward which was unusual for Kate as she is normally a bit lazy in the school but she went to nicely and very responsive🥰
Kate sleeping in the sunshine☀️Planing to do some flatwork in the school tomorrow💖
Xc edit💕has a lovely hack in the sun this afternoon☀️Kate enjoyed jumping over the ditches on the verge🥰
Kate enjoying a full bath yesterday in the sun☀️🛁💕Passed my C+ today🎉😃
Fail edit😂There are not very good fails but they are the only ones I have😂please ignore my riding🤦🏽‍♀️
Little raw from today will make an edit out of the the vids for tomorrow💕First time out xc on grass today😊didn’t start off very well with me falling off at the first fence and Kate not being very confident jumping but she got better as it went on and she got back to jumping confidently and loving it💖
Aw kate😂👅So exited to go xc tomorrow😆🥰
Little vid from the dressage comp we did a while ago❤️Took Kate for a good blast around the fields today😊So pleased that the yard has finally agreed that we can go out to comps and rallies😆so that now means that I can go xc on Thursday😋but we did withdraw from Aston Le Walls which is annoying because we could have gone now but oh well it was better to withdraw earlier so we could get our entry fee back and defiantly know we are not going as it didn’t look like we were going to be able to go off the yard🥰
Kate in the frost a couple of weeks ago😍❄️Kate had a day off today but I’m going to take her for a hack tomorrow🥰
Kate flying yesterday🥰Went for a lovely hack this morning💕so annoyed by the fact that it is half term this week and we’ve had to cancel all our plans so the yard owner doesn’t want us to go out due to fly outbreaks and everyone else is out competing and going to rallies😩At least we can still hack and have lessons😊
As I couldn’t go to the rc sj at Solihull due to the yard owner not wanting us to go anywhere because of the flu outbreaks😕had a play in the school😊 did some jumping then bareback❤️