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self-made digital entrepreneur & feminist 1 economics degree, 6 languages, 3 TED swiss-italian + russian roots LONDONER management info@xtofficial.com

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We all need a little bit of magic 💛
It does take a village.. a huge thank you to my lovely @lorealmakeup power women behind this red carpet appearance and my flawless makeup, to @dysonhair for my curls and bringing me to #cannes2019 and to @georgeschakraofficial for this stunning gown at the premiere of ‘Les plus belles année d’une vie’ by Claude Lelouch. It‘s been magical. #cannesfilmfestival
Wearing @georgeschakraofficial before my red carpet at the #cannesfilmfestival. Hair by @dysonhair and make up by @lorealmakeup #cannes2019 #dyson #lorealparispartner
Blending art and technology.  #dysoninvents • ad @dyson @dysonhair
Waking up in Cannes..
No such thing as too much tea or jewellery, on my way to the Cannes Film Festival for a cute project this weekend ✈️
(Kinda) professional
Seeing life through pink lenses lately, and i’m loving it @puma #pumaeyewear #flexyourlook • ad
Bye Switzerland 🌬 #xeniatravels
Came for a meeting in Geneva and @le_richemond gave me the biggest suite with a view on the famous jet d’eau. I couldn’t believe myself! thank you #lerichemond #xeniatravels #collab
EMPOWERED | is my motto in life, and my goal is to empower as many of you as I manage to inspire. This week, as the official ambassadress for the @globalsurvey17 sustainable development goal 5 - gender equality I want to leave you with a message of love, peace and respect. Often there’s a misconception that feminism means aggression or being “against” men. It couldn’t be further from the truth, #feminism can be sweet, inclusive and extremely empowering at the same time. I know plenty of amazing men that respect and encourage women in their own life to speak up, stand up for their rights and find their own voice and ways. To live in a balanced, peaceful and happy world we should respect all people equally, and gender should never be a reason of discrimination or mental bias. As a self made woman I still encounter so many mental biases that I’m vocal about (questions like - Who pays for your flights and lifestyle? Who’s behind your success? Do you have a rich daddy or a rich husband?) and these are only small elements of a way deeper issue where women’s work is either unpaid (this of all of the household chores that are still primarily female) or under-retributed (study statistics about pay-gap). But I do see changes, and I hope that by speaking about it I can ignite a conversation, and give you positive food for thought. Together we can achieve anything - and what I want to see, is a fair, sustainable and all inclusive world for everyone as soon as possible. Don’t you? #sdg #genderequality
mix of softness, @cartier and personalised @edenpresleyjewelry ✨