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Scott Waldyn


Writer. Editor. Entertainer.

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Popeye impression on point.  #cuzieatsmespinach #popeye #catsofinstagram #cats
Oh crap. The boss is calling.
TFW your name is in the credits for a videogame series you've loved since the Genesis years.  #toejamandearl #toejamandearlbackinthegroove #backinthegroove
Sunday projects. Putting together a new plant shelving unit for my wife's growing plant collection. Apparently she's Poison Ivy; I'm Bane.  #bomb
There's a NEW one!? And nobody told me? #houseofthedead #prettynice
Live organ to kick off cat video fest. Could listen to this all day.
Watching the snow fall from the Music Box Lounge.
Our committee of 4 decided that this was the best t-shirt design we could come up with on #teeko  #jackboxgames #mrpeanut #getmegordoncole
Lost because I didn't know my Transformers... :/
Because he's the hero Elgin deserves, but not the one it needs right now...
@dorkymcgee and I tried our hand at making chicken larb today!
Super busy week. Had to bust out the big boy mug.  As a bonus, it pairs well with #seaofthieves
First writing session of the new year. Feels good.  In 2019, I'm refocusing my goals and zeroing in on what makes me happy. That means saying goodbye to some side projects in exchange for spending more time with other projects I can't stop thinking about during the work week.  Let's make 2019 ours. Happy new year.  #amwriting #newyearresolution #2019
Everything's going to be peaceful in 2019. This loading screen in #spyroreignitedtrilogy told me so.  #spyro #happynewyear #2019
Spending the last of 2018 in NOLA.
Illumination at the Morton Grove Arboretum
My Secret Santa gift today was pretty wild. "Dear Scott,  Have a Chill Christmas.  Warmly, Catwoman (AKA Anne Hathaway)" #catwoman #batman #thedarkknightrises
"Congrations, you done it!" dinner for the social work graduate.