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Adam Green


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Week 2 over in our 8 week daddy/daughter theatre adventure. Next week we start in St Jacobs but this bridge and road will always be special to us. Oxford Waterloo road between Bright and Plattsville. A dirt road short cut we took every day, even in the snow. It was the place where we often started our jam to Bohemian Rhapsody in full singing voices and Come Sail Away (Julia would be Dennis DeYoung and I would do the harmonizing of Tommy Shaw and James Young). The memories made are irreplaceable. @juliaemgreen #queen #styx
A nice video of the boys and their friend Bodhi Hayter. @theogreen_ @juliaemgreen @emandnicki
Never mind those kids from Eritrea Theo has never seen snow either. #firstsnow @cbcnews @theogreen_ @emilyhsgreen
If anyone is interested in seeing Julia in St Jacobs here is her performance schedule. She is the RED team.
A burger cheers after a long afternoon of rehearsals. @redrabbitresto @juliaemgreen
An after rehearsal 10 pm snack. That’s how we roll in Stratford. Our Airbnb is owned by Steve and Effie who own @pizza_bistro true love is leaving a pizza for @juliaemgreen when we got back from Cambridge. @effiegiannakopou
When you get to live in Stratford for a month With your actress daughter and you’re across the street from @revelstratford you get to have civilized baked goods and coffee every morning for breakfast. Delicious!!
Let them eat cake!!! Too sweet not to post. @juliaemgreen @emhgreen @kdgordongreen
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt  Happy 16th Emily Green  We love you every day. @emhgreen @kdgordongreen @juliaemgreen @theogreen_ and Max.
@christinatosi all she wanted for her sweet 16 was your cake!! @momofukutoronto @emhgreen
Celebrating sweet 16 with another surprise guest @marscoyles @emhgreen @juliaemgreen @lisagreenvancouver @emhgreen @momofukutoronto
@normandebono I can hardly wait to share this with you. Ok ok @anndebonoremax you can come too. @fatpasha @kdgordongreen
Vacation time for the dogs too although how did the @kristyravell dog get in this posse?  #max #theo @theogreen_
Rehearsal day 1 for “Jack and the Beanstalk”. In the background is the Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge. Long drive every day but worth it for this kid. @juliaemgreen @kdgordongreen @rachelmcclymontt
An even better video. Thank you @starbuckscanada staff @hiltontoronto for helping with the 16th birthday surprise for @emhgreen @lisagreenvancouver @kdgordongreen @juliaemgreen
The beginning of her 16th birthday weekend in Toronto. Starts with a surprise barista all the way from Vancouver. Staff at the Hilton Starbucks Toronto AMAZING!! #starbucks @starbuckscanada @emhgreen @kdgordongreen @hiltontoronto @lisagreenvancouver
The brisket turned out ok. Well, more than ok. #brisket