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VYPR MVMT by Andres Delgado


🤙✊ We are Vibing. We are Young. We are People. We are Reacting. We are Movement. Click below👇for inspiration: #VYPRMVMT

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#vyprmvmt ••• You are not alone! _ 📷: @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• Keep on keeping on! 📷: @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• Double Tap, Swipe Right, and comment your thoughts on what you just heard!! _ The power is in the people!!
#vyprmvmt ••• ‼️ATTENTION ‼️ This platform is simply a way for us to connect through internet space. “Social Media” _ _ For those who know me and those who don’t know me on a personal level in the REAL WORLD I want to create the opportunity to connect with you in a real way.  _ _ I am going to create a physical #vyprmvmt “QUOTE” in the size of a promo flyer and mail this to anyone around the WORLD who REALLY wants to connect with myself and the BRAND in a real way.  _ _ THE PROCESS: ‼️STEP 1- FOLLOW the page, tag 1 friend, and Comment below saying ‘Let’s connect in the real world🌎.’ ‼️STEP 2- I will DM you so we can arrange an ADDRESS for the letter to be mailed to. ‼️STEP 3- When you receive the QUOTE via mail, take a photo, tag and hashtag #vyprmvmt. RISE UP 📷: @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• ‼️If you double tap and swipe right!! Don’t forget to drop an emoji! 🤟🤙 📷: @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• Swipe right! Comment below! Tell me your dreams!! 📷 by @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• Game time! I do what I want!  _ Swipe and comment below!! Emoji! Tag a friend!  Cmon y’all!! ✊🙌 📷: @visualsofjulius
#vyprmvmt ••• Swipe Right, Tag a friend, Tag your best friend!  _ Kyle Eichhof was my best friend! It was in his Garage that we created VYPR MVMT ❤️🙏 📷: @visualsofjulius ✊
#vyprmvmt ••• Link in bio for Blog Post! To learn about living plastic free, follow @laura.fuchsland and @edelblick !! Super inspiring to see the efforts they make in the realm for an eco friendly environment! 🙌🙏👍
#vyprmvmt ••• [BLOG POST IS LIVE] _ Double Tap, Swipe Right, Emoji! 📷 by @tamislightn
#vyprmvmt ••• [Blog is Posted] _ Link In Bio! @edelblick  @laura.fuchsland  @_bertan  @tamislightn
#vyprmvmt ••• One of my favorite photos we took!! ✊🙌 @tamislightn [BLOG POST] will be posted this weekend!
#vyprmvmt ••• SWIPE to see the 2nd PHOTO!  That’s the important one! ✊ Type ‘YES’ if you own this book! 📷 by @tamislightn
#vyprmvmt _ This Movement is alive and breathing. Quotes are traveling around the world. Content is being created with amazing people in my local town, and people are starting to catch wind of the moves we’re making! Calling all creators that want to collaborate and create some cool content with us.  _ [STAY 👀 TUNED] for Blog Post about this colored smoke experience!  _ 📷 by @tamislightn  Badass photo of @_bertan
✊ We are VIBING We are YOUNG We are PEOPLE  We are REACTING  We are MOVEMENT  _ We are #vyprmvmt @vans 4 life!
#vyprmvmt ••• I  Can  Feel  Colors.  _ Can  You  Feel  Colors ? 📷 by @tamislightn [Stay tuned] Blog post coming soon! ✊
#vyprmvmt ✊ ••• THINK. WRITE. CREATE. [stay tuned] for a blog post about these next 9 images!! 📷 by @_bertan + @tamislightn
#vyprmvmt ••• Tomorrow is another Monday in this crazy world. You better be running after your dreams. 📷 by @markpnw10