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Passionate about helping others REACH & REALIZE their greatest potential!! Fitness 💪 Foodie 🍏 Freedom🌟 Fashion 👠 Fur Baby 🐶 NPC Figure Athlete 👑👙🏆

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Even after a 12-hr work day yesterday, I had sososo much fun hanging out with this crew last night! . I know my passion drives me to get up each and everyday to make everything all worthwhile.  This is what fills me up ❤️ . . . #successvssignificance #2019goals #vision #ambition #drive #happiness #love
🚨 There’s always been an underlying feeling that makes me CRINGE when I look up and see those tiny windows. . Knowing that I HAVE TO muster enough courage to walk thru those doors again... I’m just glad that I CAN. . I tell myself that I can do it. This isn’t the same instance or the same situation that put me here in the first place. This time is different. . And this is how it became one of the many reasons of MY WHY that lead me to start eating healthier, exercising, and stretching- was because of this hospital stay 🏥 . I never want to look out of those windows ever again!! I’ll do everything- I mean E V E R Y T H I N G  in my power to stay on this side of those four walls. . Let’s face it. Nobody wants to wind up as an emergency room patient. Confronting unexpected illness or a sudden injury just isn’t fun. . How do you stay out of joining the 136.6 million emergency visits each year? . . . #punchfearintheface #youcanhealyourtrama #wednesdaywisdom
Even if it’s been a long, tough week... We can do great things 💕✌🏻 . . . #setyourintention #goalsaregood #fridayvibes
Survive the holidays with yoga 🧘‍♀️ and how to share yoga with your kids. . I love this pic of Coach C from about a year ago.  Kids grow up so fast and they naturally love yoga since they enjoy playtime and live in the present moment. . Sharing just 20 minutes of yoga with your children at the end of a long day or at your family gatherings is a chance for you to CONNECT and have FUN while doing something active, and it doesn’t cost you a penny💰 . Yoga also gives children the opportunity to #getcreative . While you are teaching kids yoga poses, allow them to make up a few on their own and teach you! Sharing yoga to the littles to my extended family has brought me much joy to our holiday season and I hope they will for you, too! . . . #bewell #thankfulthursday #rolloutthemat
If you don’t like it, change it.  And so they did - We’re starting Week #6 and in our last week of building in our virtual bootcamp. It’s not always about the weight of the scales or the weight of the lift 💪🏻 - #nsv are coming in about looking better, fitting into clothes better and setting new lofty goals for next summer 🏊‍♂️ 🏃 🚲 - Nothing happens overnight, but we can begin by taking small steps that will ultimately lead us to success. - And then every move in the right micrometer direction can be celebrated as an accomplishment 👍🏻 - The more we do this, the more confident we become and that is what builds momentum. . . . #noexcusenovember #mondaymotivation #chestday #thegymismyplayground #girlswholift #strongaf
Are you in maintenance mode?  Really, it's just another name for a slow decay. . Don't call it QUITS!! . Just because you might feel like you're treading water and not reaching growth as fast as you'd like- it's just an obstacle or set-back and you just need to get out of the Valley of Fear.  It's true.  It's just an illusion and we all need to push past and walk thru it. . If you have quit, is it for your best life experience?!? . . . #nofancygyms #mondaymotivation #rinse and repeat
If everything in life is on cruise control, If everything just came to us without any kind of hardship or challenges to overcome... why would we ever push ourselves harder than we need to?!? . If we never had any pain, we wouldn’t have or know that sense of JOY, TRIUMPH, ELATION to overcome 🌈 . I’m so glad that I’m pushing myself and joined this amazing online class. Half way through yet so much more to learn, grow and building my skill set 🎥💄🎬 . . . #classisinsession #energy #goodvibesonly
Something happens after Week #3 of anything you start whether it’s fitness or business related- relationships, school or whatever you’re trying to improve. . But I know now that the sun is gone, it seems like the fog will never lift... . Remember why you started and if you feel behind- you’re not!  You’re right where you’re supposed to be!! . Hustle & Sprint to catch up, turn off the TV and eliminate all distractions, because I know you don’t want to be average. Success doesn’t happen by giving up after week #3. Consistency is what breaks the STOP/START cycle. . It’s week 4 of October and there’s still yet another week- ok, I know it’s a short one but do not discount those last 4 days!  It doesn’t save you any TIME or MONEY 💰by not putting in the hard work. . Do what you HAVE TO do to get BACK in the GAME by prioritizing what is actually going to move the needle forward starting today. . . . #fogwilllift #4thquartergoals #warriorwomen #wednesdaywisdom
Congratulations to those that are rocking my Path to Progress virtual fitness group to 2019!  We just passed week #3 and there's something AMAZING that happens when you keep the #bigmo going strong into the fall season like a BOSS!  This is what they're asking this year for their birthday- check out these new weights!  @cartere72 is so excited and crushed her workout yesterday starting week #4 Day #1! Then they treat themselves to active recovery days with their kids while enjoying our extended gorgeous warm weather in the #pnw  @leg injgulstrom That's how my team treat themselves.  This momma @jeanak427 and kids have smiles for days.  What’s that worth?!? #priceless  Small daily efforts lead to making you feel AMAZING ALL DAY LONG, all week long.  Where you're 3 days stronger, 3 weeks stronger, 3 months stronger, 3 programs stronger, 3 years stronger- they all build on each other. There is no better feeling than setting out to accomplish a goal and following through. . . . #transformationtuesday #onemoreday #keepitsimple #ifyousayityoucandoit #mindsetshift #ivegotgoals
Keeping it just that… change the plan, the schedule, but N E V E R  the goal!  Whether it's in business, fitness, school or work- this all applies!  It took a while for me to make the switch and embrace going through each season- especially talking about post-competition that it finally sunk in- that I’d be so much further if I would just START my fitness journey and KEEP GOING and learn how to finally kick the START. STOP. START. cycle.  Now that I’ve been my own design of experiment for the last 5 years; it’s true, “summer bodies are made in the winter” is LEGIT!! If you want to get in the best shape in 2019 you gotta start RIGHT NOW.  Seems that it’s silly to set yourself back MORE before you start if you wait until the New Year, doesn’t it?!? . . . #mondaymotivation #90xmindset #goalsaregood #keepitsimple #lessismore #climbthemountain #onestepatatime #betterwithfriends #dontgoalone
Keeping it healthy while taking a midday break getting ready for the game to start 👍🏻 . . . #keepithealthy #keepitsimple #keepitreal #snackattack #snackon #goducks #oregon #lifestyle #gamedaysnacks #football
The power of community is so inspiring. We are so much better together! Find a circle of friends who support you, your goals & dreams as much as you give them. Give what you get. . . . #community #communityovercompetition #empower #girlgang #bossbabe #entrepreneurlife
90 Days from today, I'll be in a totally different place with my #90xgoalplanner by blending the science of information systems, the art of project management with fitness and nutrition to live life with vitality, vigor, and vibrancy ❤️@90XGoalPlanner • • •  #90xmindset#90xactionplanner#goals#positivity#success#trusttheprocess#mentor#goalplanning#passion#entrepreneur#motivation#inspiration#mindset#action
You cannot see your reflection in running water. It is only in still water that you can see. . Take a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and soak in all the beauty this world has to offer. . . . #mondaymindset #motivation #progressnotperfection #dontgochasingwaterfalls
Habits are passed down from generation to generation... . I remember my mom writing notes with her fingernail on the tinfoil for my Dad’s lunches which was A L W A Y S last nights dinner. . Today I have another #lovenote to add to my collection 👉🏻 to a drawer F U L L of notes 📝 👔😍💋 . . . #ridiculouslyinlove #lunchboxlovenotes #feedme #thankfulthursday #lunchfox
👊🏻 Down 1.5 INCHES 💪🏻 Down 6 POUNDS ⚡️Skyrocketing ENERGY . This is just one example of the RESULTS from our Shake It for Summer fitness accountability group- the motivation, the energy is off the charts! They didn't starve. They ate real foods that they actually want to eat... and Kevin says he didn't eat anything weird but didn't know how he was going to eat all this food... 😂 and when he got tired of carrots, he used his handy digital recipe guide 📔 and tried something new- like spaghetti squash lasagna🍝 . YES 🙌🏻 #realmencook . Kevin ditched the excuses and got CREATIVE and made it his own by throwing in some extra meat! He worked out 30-40 minutes a day and took THREE rest days each week so he could enjoy hiking, backpacking and all the fun summer activities. Simple to do, simple not to do but I am PROUD of him for making his health a PRIORITY. . Here's what Kevin had to say at the wrap up of week #4. "I have lost 1.5” on my waist, seeing definition, lost 6 lbs but more importantly my torn meniscus isn’t bothering me anymore. Not to mention this strength from my work outs and the strength and support from my family, church, and the good Lord above have made me whole again. I normally wouldn’t post a photo like this but I’m seeing a lot of change." . This is why I do what I do. I used to be that person that hated working out, that would rather eat 12 cookies in one sitting and feel miserable than learn about simple nutrition and realize how amazing good nutrition feels... but I was TIRED of not wanting to get out of bed. I was TIRED of not feeling comfortable in my own skin. And I STARTED. You can too. You can start today, where you are..... You can do it alone or you can do it with a group of people that are here to support you... Either way, I challenge you to start. You’re going to be so HAPPY you did!! 💕 . . . #transformationtuesday #fitnessoverfourty #injury #prevention #strength
Did you sweat yet today?!! I feel like I should just be crawling on the floor 😆 . This is the Bear Crawl and an amazing core exercise. . By synchronizing the movements of opposite limbs (right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg), the bear crawl helps reinforce a movement pattern that most of us haven’t performed correctly since we were actually crawling on all fours 😆 . The benefits don't end there tho! . ✔️Enhanced neuromuscular communication ✔️Greater balance ✔️Improved coordination ✔️Increased mobility . That last benefit is key, as greater mobility (think of increasing strength through larger ranges of motion) is the secret to unlocking greater strength 💪🏻 . Follow along with me!  Here I switched things up by doing 180 degree rotational turns instead of just moving side-to-side or back & forth. . . . #fridayfight #fitnessisfun #crawlifyoumust #vondasvitness
Trust & Believe that you’re EXACTLY in the right place and that the right people, circumstances and events WILL align with the Universe ✨ . And somehow I just know that this girl here 👉🏻 @jerichomcmatthews is inspiring me. . This storm has been brewing for awhile, now is the time to bring it all together and find my #girlgang because her intuition is her favorite superpower 🙌🏻⚡️🖤🌪 . . . #fightlikeagirl #coredeforeinstructor #superwoman #superwomanwithnocape #invincible #strongissexy #blessed #thankfulthursday #tbt #morethanenough #goals #future #vfitlife #intuitive #intuitiveinsights #intuitivecreative #intuitivewellness #intuitivebeauty #intuitivelyeating #empowerment #vondasvitness #hitlikeagirl #corvallis #oregon