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"I have a wonderful man in my life, I have my Robert. We have so much in common, he’s so good to me, he takes great care of me. He gives me that marvellous feeling that I’m protected and that I’m the most important thing to him." – Audrey Hepburn.
"It is true that she approached her work – not to mention her life – with her own needs at the very center of her attention, but this is true of more people than most will admit. I think I admired Vivien because she admitted this about herself, and then promised that she would calm down and behave and say polite things to you once she got everything she wanted". – Alec Guinness | Photo by Laszlo Willinger, 1940.
Audrey photographed at the 40th Annual Academy Awards in Santa Monica, on April 10, 1968.
1947 • Vivien Leigh photographed in Paris for "Anna Karenina" costume fittings.
Audrey photographed with her son Sean Ferrer in Rome, in February 1969.
1938 • Vivien as Elsa photographed during the filming of “A Yank at Oxford”.
1958 • Audrey photographed by Bob Willoughby during the filming of “Green Mansions”.
Vivien photographed at “Gone with the Wind” premiere in Atlanta on December 15, 1939.
Audrey photographed by Douglas Kirkland during the filming of “How to Steal a Million”, in November 1965.
“I think Vivien was a rare phenomenon. She is certainly one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. In the days of matriarchy she would have been one of those Cretan goddess-priestesses, capable of making men great and equally capable of destroying them. She could have been the model for the little faience snake-goddess which was found at Knossos and is now in the museum at Candia – fascinating, alluring, compelling, and potentially dangerous, not only to others but to herself.” – Anthony Quayle.
Audrey helping Santa Claus hand out gifts to children in December, 1952.
“A very beautiful lady, I had no idea of the troubles she was going through when I took this portrait of her, dressed for her part in the Old Vic’s production of “Richard III”. I photographed her during the performance in her dressing room at the Princess Theatre. It was a tiny room which did not even have the usual star on the door. I managed to blow a fuse and the electrical director was furious; he came charging into the room, yelling at us – she was very apologetic and rather unnerved by him. For this photograph I used what is known as an ‘inky dinky light’ with a piece of tracing paper in front to diffuse it.” – Athol Shmith.
Audrey photographed in New York City, during a break in the filming of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in November 1960.
Vivien photographed in her dressing room during the New York run of “Duel of Angels”, 1960.
Audrey photographed by Mark Shaw on the set of “Love in the Afternoon” in Paris, 1956.
Vivien Leigh doing a BBC broadcast in 1942.
Audrey photographed by Ron Galella during a cocktail at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on January 09, 1989.
Vivien photographed for “That Hamilton Woman” (1941). A copy of “That Hamilton Woman” was always kept at Chartwell, as it was Sir Winston Churchill’s favorite film. His daughter, Sarah Churchill, later said, “My father used to show it in the private cinema whenever we had important guests until we, the family, all knew it by heart. He never tired of seeing it and it was through this film and his admiration for the Oliviers that they later became friends.”