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Vidar Francke


Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Motion Designer. Let's talk about that!

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Batman everyone! Do we have some fans?
Happy sunday peeps #illustrationwednesday
#illustrationwednesday 017 - Welcome to Calgary
Some details from this weeks #illustrationwednesday
#illustrationwednesday 016 - Scout Bround 2036
Details. Who’s excited for Wednesday? #illustrationwednesday
#illustrationwednesday 015 - Re-Winders. My summer break is over and I am drawing again! So let’s kick illustrationWednesday off with no. 15. It feels really good to be back!
Jumping on this #eyememe trend! Here is a collection of the #illustrationwednesday series I’m doing. One new illustration every Wednesday!
#illustrationwednesday 014 - Worried Heads. There will be a few weeks break from illustrationWednesday due to a well needed vacation! So I will see you again in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned! I might not be able to stay away from drawing that long!
Details from this weeks #illustrationwednesday
#illustrationwednesday 013 - Riggs & Bones. Se the whole thing over at vidarfrancke.se
#illustrationwednesday Details as always!
#illustrationwednesday is coming together nicely! I’m already done with 12 detailed illustration (about half of my set goal) and starting the 13th soon! I even made a soundtrack to set the mood whilst looking through the illustrations. To get the whole experience, head over to my website www.vidarfrancke.se link in bio. Many of these will turn into prints soon and I will be exhibiting them as well so stay fruity my friends 🍉
#illustrationwednesday 012 - Wembers Saut. Puh, I really had to do this one quick! I only had a couple of hours on the evening to do this one from idea to sketch to finished illustration. Might refine it later, feels a bit rushed. Still happy how it turned out! Details coming soon!
Details from this weeks #illustrationwednesday. Who’s excited for next weeks 012?
#illustrationwednesday 011 - Melonium Mendez 2. I will try to stay at this for as long as I can manage! Right now I have set a goal for 25 so only 14 left to go! It will be mid September by that time. So we will see if I continue after that. Maybe I will change the theme of the style. I don’t know! Let’s make the future decide shall we. Still loving this challenge though. Hope you are to!
Close ups #illustrationwednesday
#illustrationwednesday 010 - Ricochet Nolands. If you ever wondered what those things on the ground is in this future sci fi world - they are almost the only thing that still grows on earth 2177. They are eatable and filled with protein. The can also be used as fuel for some vehicles, not as efficient as gas but it works. I’m out!