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USA Jump Rope


USA Jump Rope promotes healthy lifestyles and fitness while creating competitive opportunities through the sport of Jump Rope as a life-time sport.

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Checkout this clip from Wyatt’s Nationals routine. Check out that Slam Dunk! Great job, Wyatt! #freestylefriday #2018usajrnationals #2019usajrfnationals #jumpropeisasport #jumprope @summerwind_skippers
#freestylefriday this week comes from the Highflyers Jump Rope Team in Katy, TX. Schools shows are a great experience for the students and team members. It’s fun to show what can be done with jump rope! Keep up the good work, Highflyers! @highflyersjumpropeteam #usajumprope #teamwork #jumpropeisasport #showtime
Here’s Dillon’s Favorite Nationals Moment #usajumprope #2019usajrfnationals #jumpropeisasport
This week’s #freestylefriday comes from Carly from the YMCA Superskippers in Cary, NC. Power, Multiples, and Rope Manipulation all coming together. Great job, Carly! @carly.jumps #usajumprope #practicemakesperfect #jumpropeisasport
Do you want to plan a cool trip for your team? Join the All-Star Team and Far North Jumpers for the North Pole All-Star Workshop. Start planning now! Registration opens next week. #jumpropeadventures #usajumprope @usajumprope_allstars @farnorthjumpers
New season, new partners, new routines. Check out this video of the Montana Super Skippers team members working on a new routine. Keep up the good work! #freestylefriday #usajumprope #practicemakesperfect #teamwork #jumpropeisasport @montanasuperskippers
Check out this workshop coming up in Grandview, TX! @zzskippers #usajumprope #jumpropeisasport
Happy #freestylefriday! Checkout this clip sent to us from Coach Gary Schwartz of the Sol Jumpers. Great job jumpers! #usajumprope #doubledutch #jumpropeadventures #jumpropeisasport @soljumpers @garyrs
It may be close to Halloween but we have the holiday spirit here at USAJRF. The limited edition holiday ornaments were just delivered! Make sure you order yours before they’re gone! #usajumprope #usajumpropeeducationalfund
#freestylefriday this week is from Pioneer Valley Jump Rope with two siblings, Stephen and Jenn, working on a new pairs routine. Keep up the good work, we can’t wait to see what else you come up with. #usajumprope #lifelongsport #practicemakesperfect @pvjumprope @jennykneadsmoredough @archaeosteve
USA Jump Rope holds a fund raiser yearly for the USA Jump Rope Canady Educational Fund so we can continue to support members with financial support for college, trade schools, etc. This limited edition USA Jump Rope Ornament can be ordered through the USA Jump Rope Online Store for pre-sale for $15 (plus tax and shipping). If you’ve ever received a scholarship, have a team member that has or one applying, please help by supporting this effort. Pre-sales are open now and orders will be shipped after October 18th.  Order yours early before we run out! #usajumprope #scholarship #happyholidays #jumpropeisasport
This #freestylefriday clip proves that jump rope isn’t just for the playground. No jump roper’s wedding is complete without the ropes coming out. Checkout the bride, Krysta Jordan, doing a short Double Dutch routine with Ashtian Horton and Kara Mobly. Great job! #usajumprope #doubledutch #jumpropeisasport @krys_31 @kb_mobly @ashtiannn
Check out this workshop coming up in Maine! #usajumprope @extremeairnh #kitterymaine #jumpropeisasport
#freestylefriday this week was sent to us by @stephenmiles_  with his Double Dutch Single Freestyle routine from Nationals this year. He competed with @andreapeters_ and @can ry_n_. They all go to college at different schools and still find the time to get together and practice. Great job Stephen, Andrea and Camryn! #usajumprope #doubledutch #practicemakesperfect #jumpropeisasport
We are extending the deadline to Friday and we have a few more spots left! Make sure to sign up to reserve your spot. #usajumprope #learnfromthebest #buckscountypa #hollandpa
#freestylefriday this week comes from some of our All-Star Team members. These are some of the staff members you could be learning from at the PA (Bucks County) All-Star Workshop October 20th. Registrations are for tomorrow! Visit www.usajumprope.org to sign up! #usajumprope #practicemakesperfect #buckscountypa #doubledutch
#freestylefriday this week comes from the host team of the upcoming All-Star Workshop, Zero Gravity, from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They’ve been working on some new tricks and I know everyone is ready to learn even more! Registrations for the PA (Bucks County) All-Star Workshop are due September 15th. Visit www.usajumprope.org to sign up! #buckscountypa #practicemakesperfect #usajumprope @zerogravityjumprope