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- Ecowarrier - Plastic free - Zero waste - South African 🇿🇦 in the UAE 🇦🇪

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Did you know that the average sanitary pad is made from 90% plastic? This is the equivalent of 4 single use grocery bags! Shocking right? Imagine how many you use in one cycle. And, they cannot be recycled!  Then there are all the toxic chemicals to bleach them white and to give them a fragrance to smell fresher or to deodorise them.  A woman's menstrual cycle is a sensitive and often a taboo topic. With so little education on this topic, alot of people are unaware that there are other sustainable options that have in fact been around for many many years.  Some alternatives (that will also save you alot of money) are:  MENSTRUAL CUP - this is a reusable silicon menstrual cup that collects fluid and can be emptied and washed as required. Not only is it environmentally friendly but can save a lot of money. I use the #divacup and highly recommend it.  WASHABLE PADS - just like a disposable pad but washable. They stay in the same place and absorb just as well. I am trying #rosepads and so far so good.  PERIOD UNDERWEAR - These are great reusable underwear that can be worn during your cycle or any time and last about 2 years. I am using #modibodi and they are great.  Try making one small change and see how it goes. At first you might feel its unsanitary or unhygienic as you have to be more aware of your body.  Take your time and allowing 2 or 3 cycles to get used to it.  If you have any questions or need help sourcing these items in the UAE, please send me a message and I can help out.  #unwrappeduae #zerowasteuae #periodswithoutplastic #reusablepads #menstrualcup #menstrualunderwear #periodpants #breakfreefromplastic #zerowastejourney #plasticfreeseas #plasticfreejuly2019 #makesustainablechoices #nomoreplastic #wehavedoneenoughdamage #youcanmakeadifference #thereisnoplanetb
Worst zero waste day ever 😱😭 and #plasticfreejuly2019 failure!!! I am traveling alone with my kids and carried the essentials - reusable water bottles, reusable coffee mug and cutlery. - We checked in online and I have the boarding passes on my phone. All we had to do was drop the bags. I still got issued 4 new printed boarding passes plus the bag receipt. What is the point of on online boarding pass then? - Things went ok from there and we stopped at #costacoffee for coffee and croissant. We used mugs and plates and no need for any #singleuseplastic. I support Costa as they offer AED 2 off your coffee if you bring a reusable cup. - Then we refilled our water bottles before boarding the plane. At the same time a lady was arguing with the staff about the high price of water (in a plastic bottle) at the airport while standing right next to a free water station. I did have to tell her in a very nice way that the water was free just a few metres away and next time she should carry a water bottle with her. And, she appreciated the advice! - But we got on the plane and disaster struck! We refused the coloring books and activities as they were all wrapped individually in plastic, as well as the small water cups. I knew the food would be an issue but I never expected every item to be single use aside from the tray. What happened to metal cutlery and bread rolls from the basket (at the very least)??? Really disappointed with @etihadairways given that not so long ago they heavily advertised their first and only plastic free long haul flight to Australia. And yet all their other flights are 100% single use!  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #uae #noneed #saynotosingleuseplastic #plasticfreeforthesea #thereisnoplanetb #greenwashing #breakfreefromplastic #minimalist #zerowastejourney #momof3 #raisingawareness #refillablebottles #freewater #summertravels #makesustainablechoices #nomoreplastic #bethechange #lifewithoutplastic
There has been so much attention on plastic straws and most restaurants switching to #iamnotplastic straws, but what about swizzle sticks? Just one stir ... is it necessary?  There’s a lot to discuss about the negative impact of plastic straws so I will keep it short! Plastic straws do take take hundreds of years to decompose and if they end up in the ocean, they can be harmful to marine life. Animals easily swallow plastic straws or accidentally get them lodged in their nose or throat. Plastic straws are one of the biggest threats to ocean pollution right now.  So thank you @westinabudhabi for making half of your cocktail tray more eco friendly - now let's work on the other half!  #unwrappeduae #plasticfreeforthesea #saynotosingleuseplastic #freefromplastic #wehavedoneenoughdamage #weonlyhaveoneplanet #makesustainablechoices #nomoreplastic #bethechange #breakfreefromplastic #zerowastejourney #lifewithoutplastic #swizzlesticks #noneed #reducereuserecycle #raisingawareness
If you constantly do things that make your life difficult just because they are "good for the environment", chances are you won't do them for very long!  You have to find things that make your life easier and that work for you! What works for me may not work for you! And that is ok!  Quote and inspiration from @going.zero.waste. Love it!  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #zerowastejourney #zerowastelifestyle #savetheearth #weonlyhaveoneplanet #wehavedoneenoughdamage #liveinpeace #bethechange #rethinkplastic #sustainability #reducereuserecycle #minimalist #natural #nevertooldtolearn #questforzerowaste #ecowarrior
Loving the look of my #zerowastecleaningproducts  With so many nasties found in our usual cleaning products I have been experimenting with some DIY recipes that are budget friendly too! Being a mom of 3 small kids is really hectic so I dont have time for super complicated recipes and ingredients. Everytime a product runs out I dont replace it, I try to find a new recipe if needed. Ironically, what I have found is that you dont need a product for every surface and every room - a kitchen cleaner and a bathroom cleaner and window cleaner! No need!  Almost everything in your house can be cleaned with vinegar, water, baking soda, castile soap and some essential oils to make them smell awesome!  My kitchen counter staples are a handsoap, dish washing soap, multipurpose spray and a sisal scrubbie.  I will be sharing all my recipes with you on my new website and app which will be launched soon!!! #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #diypotscourer #sisalscrubby #diymultipurposecleaner #diyrecipes #zerowastelifestyle #nonasties #minimalist #makesustainablechoices #nevertooldtolearn #weonlyhaveoneplanet #wehavedoneenoughdamage #beajohnson #dubaieye1038fm#khaleejtimes #gulfnews #timeoutabudhabi #timeforchange #zerowasteabudhabi #zerowasteuae #natural #lifewithoutplastic
International plastic bag free day!!! Dont forget to shop at your nearest carrefour with your reusable bag and get another reusable carrefour bag for free!  I dont need another one so will gift this one to someone who is just starting out on their #zerowastejourney  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #carrefoureuae #internationalplasticbagfreeday #reusablebags #breakfreefromplastic #saynotosingleuse #noneed #noexcuseforsingleuse #zerowastelifestyle #plasticfreejuly2019 #lifewithoutplastic #savetheearth #reduce #endplasticpollution #questforzerowaste
It's the first day of #plasticfreejuly2019. Are you ready?  My top 5 easy swaps:  1) switch from plastic grocery bags to reusable ones.  2) say no to water in plastic bottles. Try carry a reusable and refillable bottle with you. Or if you have to order, choose water that comes in a glass bottle!  3) say no to plastic straws? Do you really need a straw? If yes, use a metal one.  4) use your own cutlery and inform the takeaway or delivery companies that you do not need plastic cutlery.  5) recycle whatever plastic you buy. Clean it and then drop it in a dedicated recycling bin. Remember styrofoam and cling wrap cannot be recycled!!! #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #weonlyhaveoneplanet #saynotosingleuseplastic #noexcuseforsingleuse #noneed #wehavedoneenoughdamage #bethechange #rethinkplastic #makesustainablechoices #reduceplastic #breakfreefromplastic #zerowastejourney #lifewithoutplastic #goingzerowaste #freefromplastic #plasticfreeseas
It seems #firstabudhabibank has the same #plasticfreejuly2019 tips that I wanted share! So glad to see some companies wanting to make a difference and #savetheearth!  1) carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying a single use plastic one every time you need a drink;  2) choose reusable plates and cutlery over disposable ones. If you are having takeout at home or in the office, use your own metal utensils or reusable bamboo ones instead of the individually packed plastic ones that they give you when you order;  3) switch to reusable shopping bags when you buy your groceries! Not only are you saving the environment but its alot easier to carry and unpack 3 bug bags when you get home than 25 small ones;  4) do not use plastic straws! If you absolutely have to then please use a metal one but do you really need a straw for your drink?  5) lastly, recycle whatever plastic you have! Obviously following the 5 R's would be preferable #reduce #repair #reuse #recycle #rot would be awesome but hard first steps. Just recycle your plastic please! Only 9% of the plastic generate is recycled!  Among many other initiatives in #abudhabi, #fab1 are collecting clear water bottles and clear plastic bags for recycling so please drop it off at their branch if your nearest recycling station is too far!  #unwrappeduae #bethechange #rethinkplastic #saynotosingleuseplastic #plasticfreeforthesea #thereisnoplanetb #khaleejtimes #beajohnson #dubaieye1038fm #sustainability #weonlyhaveoneplanet #wehavedoneenoughdamage #nomoreharm #makesustainablechoices #zerowastejourney #zerowastelifestyle #timeforchange #gulfnews #timeoutabudhabi #lifewithoutplastic
Just 5 days to go until #plasticfreejuly! Are you ready to take the challenge? Sign up here https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/take-the-challenge/  Do not feel intimidated - learning to make more sustainable choices is a journey and every step you take is helping - no matter how small it may seem to you!  I will be sharing 5 easy swaps with you tomorrow to help you get ready! I think that most of these will be achievable especially bearing in mind that most families are traveling outside of the UAE during the month of July which makes it a little harder.  Do what you can and what feels right! All our ways of making a difference matter!  Let me know if you have signed up!
So proud of @elenikottaslt and @sushi_counter for making #sustainablechoices. It was an impromptu decision but the containers were in the car so why not give it a try??? And look at that - all those smiley faces, so helpful and accommodating! A win win for all 🙌 - Can I really make a difference? Said 7.6 billion people! YES, you can!
Coffee ... nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start the day! I mean the good stuff that you brew in a coffee machine!  Try some of these options before you throw your used coffee grounds into the trash (or compost): - Coffee Body Scrub: Just mix 1 cup coffee grounds and 1/2 cup coconut oil or olive oil. Mix well and keep in a jar with a lid and work onto wet skin and then rinse.  It also makes a great lip exfoliator. - Fertiliser: Spinkle some coffee grounds around your plants to improve drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. The grounds will also attract earthworms which is great for your garden. - Pot scourer: Since all my cleaning products are made at home I am yet to find an equivalent to Jif (in UAE) / Handy Andy (in South Africa). However the gentle abrasive of coffee grounds has helped to remove stubborn caked-on food from your pots and pans. - Snail, slug, and cat repellent: Just make a small barrier of coffee grounds in your garden around around the plants which slugs and cats are attracted to and it will keep them away!  AND ... if you don't compost or have a garden and have already made enough coffee body scrub - give it to someone who has a garden.  They will gladly take it off you!
Picked up all this trash on my morning dog walk in our community. Not just today - almost every day! And we have a few full time #tadweer trash collectors that roam the compound daily with the sole job of picking up litter from the floor! Thank you guys 🙌, yet it's still on the floor!  Raising awareness on the issue of recycling and how to recycle and why is so important,  but we first have to teach people to put trash in the bin! That really is the first step!  And this litter says alot about who left this trash! Kids on the playground who threw their water bottles, juice bottles, crisps and candy packets on the floor. Even though we cant blame kids, they were surely supervised by an adult who wasn't bothered by this. The hair net is one of the restaurant employees walking through on their way to catch the bus! The water heater box is a resident who is happy to have this box and its packaging lying on the front of his lawn, even if someone else installed it for him and left it there. And the worst are the wet wipes, unused and still wrapped in plastic.  #alrahagardens @khidmahfm @we_reduce #unwrappeduae #weonlyhaveoneplanet #reducereuserecycle #litter #pickupyourtrash #litterbugs #raisingawareness #breakfreefromplastic #singleuseplastics #plasticfreeseas #sustainability #noneed #ecokids #envirofriendly #ecowarrior #zerowaste #zerowastejourney #endplasticpollution
Thanks to the data released by the @_worldwildlifefund_ regarding the issue of plastic ingestion, the average person ingests approximately five grams of plastic per week. If we do the maths, five grams of plastic per week = eating a credit card. Therefore in 1 month we would have eaten around 20 grams which = an entire clothes hanger.  These microplastics are found predominantly in water, both bottled and tap, salt and shellfish.  The only way we can change this is to stop allowing plastic to enter into our eco system. Yes, this is a big issue that needs to be tackled by governments and corporations that will take time but in the meantime every individual can make a difference! #bethechange  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #saynotosingleuseplastic #savetheearth #savetheplanet #saveouroceans #breakfreefromplastic #beatplasticpollution #preciousresources #lifewithoutplastic #pollutedwater #microplastic #noexcuseforsingleuse #makesustainablechoices  #environment #ecofriendly #ecowarrior #weonlyhaveoneplanet #endplasticpollution #reducereuserecycle
Summer is here in the UAE and the water pipes are definitely heating up! We switched our water heaters off about 2 weeks ago as the kids were complaining! The water is still hot enough without the heaters on ... and ... you money on your electricity bills!  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #waterheaters  #hotsummerdays🌞 #heatingup #savetheearth #savetheplanet #weonlyhaveoneplanet #minimalist #sustainability #sustainableliving #zerowastejourney #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastecollective #thereisnoplanetb #savewater💧 #preciousresources
Who is ready for #plasticfreejuly?  Lets focus a little on PAPER today!  Most #paper can be #recycled but not all! Coloured and white paper, greetings cards, magazines, newspapers, flyers, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, etc. However, "paper" coffee cups cannot as they have a thin layer of plastic on the inside. Same applies to frozen food boxes, juice boxes, milk cartons (like the long life organic / soy / almond kinds). Pizza boxes cannot be recycled as once the oil touches the cardboard it contaminates the cardboard and can no longer be recycled. Same applies for kitchen towel or napkins - once they are spoiled they cannot be recycled.  This is why separating garbage is so important. However all it takes for someone to throw in a half cup of coffee into that paper recycling bin to spoil the whole recycling process.  Interesting facts: -  If you had a 15-year-old tree and made it into paper grocery bags, you'd get about 700 of them. A busy supermarket using paper bags could use all of them in under an hour! So bring your reusable shopping bags! - Recycling paper reduces pollution by 95% when used paper is manufactured into new sheets. - Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7,000 gallons of water!  #unwrappeduae #abudhabi #paper #recycle #reducereuserecycle #zerowastejourney #zerowastelifestyle #plasticfreeforthesea #fortheloveofnature #saveouroceans #makesustainablechoices #noexcuseforsingleuse #noneed #bethechange #goingzerowaste #freefromplastic #timeforchange #thereisnoplanetb #ecofriendlyhome