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Junior Game Artist @ waza! Games | Game Dev | Human Bean from Berlin 🌈

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Our Point & Click Adventure Moving Tomorrow got nominated for the DCP (german video game awards) yesterday 🌈  Story Time: This was the first game I worked on at Waza! Games, I did the Background Graphics, UI & Graphic Design of the whole game, while @kingbaest handled the Character Design & Animations.  Essentially Waza! Games in its current form started with this project. Almost the whole team started as rookies, so the development was rough and chaotic, but thats the way it goes. You have to start somewhere I guess. The whole team learned a ton about game development and have grown as a team in the process.  Seeing this little game now about a year later being nominated feels satisfying and is a nice closure for my very first project as a game artist. Okbye 🌈✌🏻