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Tristan Tales


I make interactive YouTube videos. Tap to play along. Or don’t. Boom you’re already playing. INCEPTION! 📧 tristan@tristantales.com

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Me: I have lots of friends. I swear.  Also Me:
Haters will say I fell on my face 2 seconds after this picture was taken* *Haters will be absolutely correct  Posted a new vlog going down North America’s tallest water slide, go check it out!  @royalcaribbean #perfectdayatcococay #ad
The perfect love story doesn’t exi- (👩🏻: @rachienoe)
Anytime I arrive somewhere I shout “I have arrived” and it’s super annoying but it’s ok because so am I and I accept that about myself
Who else is having a lazy Sunday?
Feijcjfjd something just touched my foot..! (Spoiler: it was my other foot😅) @royalcaribbean #perfectdayatcococay  Behind me is this insane private water park island in the middle of the Caribbean surrounded by the bluest water I’ve ever seen. It felt so good to get out of LA for a little this month, it’s so easy to feel creatively drained when you’re always grinding. Taking a breather will help prevent you from burning out and allow you to connect with yourself again. I’m stoked to be getting back into my projects🙌  #ad
I deadass got bit by a monkey. Swipe to see an unlikely best friendship turn into the ultimate betrayal
Swipe to photobomb 😂
My brain is channeling Kai but my body is channeling Larsen so instead I just went with t-rex hands
The calm before the Coachella
When you find out she has a boyfriend
To hook up with your best friend’s sibling or not to hook up with your best friend’s sibling. That is the question. Comment what’d you choose! (NEW INTERACTIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IS LIVE, GO PLAY!)
Went ham and ordered a bunch of neon lights so prepare for all my photos to now look like scenes from Stranger Things (minus the Demogorgon cuz those were too expensive) 📸: @jessicache
Note to self: when she says “daddy” she’s probably talking about her dad.. 🤷‍♂️ NEW INTERACTIVE YouTube VID! Help me escape without getting caught by her angry dad
Flipping dehydrated
Happy International Women’s Day! I know I joke a lot on social media but here’s a quick intermission from that- I want to dedicate this post to my little sister @isatales. Every day she works to inspire people to live healthier lives whether that be physically or mentally. She motivates me everyday to continue finding ways to better myself. Shoutout to her, and to all the other women who make the wellbeing of others a priority. Love ya sis! (you’re still a brat tho)
Tonight we made pizzas and I put a candle in Kayla’s as a surprise, it melted on it. So anyways, Kayla, I think you should know you probably ate a candle. Point of the story, I’m a chef now. Get at me
Me: Come one, come all. Step right up to the kissing booth! Employee: sir, this is a whack-a-mole
$100 my sister comments “put a shirt on”
My mom made me do a photoshoot because she liked my outfit and I’m not mad about it
Social media is insane. But times like today, I love it because it allows me to connect with you guys from all around the world. I’ve been wanting to make this video for awhile as a way for me to feel closer to you guys by seeing what your world is like. You see my life all the time, but I rarely get to step into yours. So thank you to everyone who sent me a video, I feel so lucky have found so many internet friends from around the world. And thank you to @adobevideo for partnering with me #madewithrush #sp
Happy birthday to my amazing mom @kbloom6 love you, I’m glad we’re past the days where “because I said so” was a valid reason for all my denied requests
I will breathe all the oxygenz. Who’s been watching Boss Cheer season 2?