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Nathan McCuistion - Saxophone


• "We all have a right to our crazy dreams." - Soichiro Honda • #classicalsaxophonist studying the woodwinds and building cars • saxo/clari/flute

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the beautiful panoramas, these ones might be the most aesthetically pleasing. i never wanted to stay in one place, i was never content just living forever in the same town i was born in. the world is vast and wide, gorgeous in many regards and there's just so much to see. and that's why i built this car, im going to see the entire world someday and it starts here. • the 2 super obvious things i love are music and cars. i build Hondas like they're legos, my family is full of these little cars and a lot of you have watched my journey with the em2 but i never really took the time to explain my bond to this seemingly ordinary civic. American built in February 2003, i remember the day 5 year old me climbed into the backseat for the first time of my mom's 3rd new Honda. with less than 20 miles on the odometer, she rolled out of the dealership for the very first time and became the car i would grow up with. 240,000 miles became my childhood, this car took my mom everywhere she needed to go and never once let us down, but that's just what a Honda does. nothing can last forever tho, high mileage comes at a price. a blown engine and a couple broken struts put this car in my hands. it took a whole year but finally i got my car started again. that was literally just the beginning tho, she still ran like crap but it was enough to get me to a musical i was playing in that summer. i believe progress comes from setting goals and achieving them. it's how i became the musician i am today, and it's no different with any other part of life. i set one reasonable goal for this car and met it, then another after another until my dream of bringing her back to the health she was in in 2003 finally started getting close. • the em2 is in no way a special Honda. it's not a fast car, it doesn't even have full vtec, there wasn't anything iconic about it, but this one has always been there for me. im no mechanic and i always say that, im a working musician for everyone else and a Honda
yesterday we took a midsummer road trip out to Kings Canyon, and it was absolutely incredible. we only went for the day and that might sound kinda crazy but in the past i always let certain people in my life and certain situations really hold me back from doing the things i wanted to do, but all of that's gone now. i love nature probably more than anything. the best part of California in my opinion are the national parks; Joshua tree, Yosemite, Sequoia, and now Kings Canyon added to my list, and nothing is more beautiful or refreshing... ya know, life is too short to be held back by boring people who are too scared to leave the lives their trapped in to really experience the things life actually has to offer us. i learned something this year; i learned that the people who are down for you, who really really really wanna be in your life, they're going to be there. you should never feel like you have to hold onto anyone who say they wanna be in this with you. nothing is going to stop them and you're not going to feel all alone when you're living to be the best you that you could be. instead it's going to be quite the opposite. let the friends you can call family shine thru on their own and do a lot of cool stuff together, always
"there's no such thing as the perfect soulmate. if you meet someone and you think they're perfect, you better run as fast as you can in the other direction.. cause your soulmate is the person that pushes all your buttons, pisses you off on a regular basis, and makes you face your shit" - Madonna • • • the names of lovers on each and every lock, forever sealed and attached to these bars, with their keys tossed over the bridge for them to never be separated again. i love that, i will always be a believer in love above all else, no matter what. mistakes are ok but learn from them
i got my bari back, for the first time in four years she finally went in for service. nothing major, just the usual corks, felts, and key adjustments but wow did she come back different. i now have a really really really good saxophone tech for anyone that wants their horn to play effortlessly, he'll whisper to it and convince it to like you. and a proper setup makes a night and day difference too. • this was the first major musical investment i ever made and it was frightening at the time but i had a special connection with bari, ever since i heard that cello like tone i knew i was going to master this horn someday. she was what i could afford, my dream of a selmer iii was a bit in the distance but i did a lot of research and was lucky enough to know a lot of people at the right time who could help me with what i had, and if anyone's noticed, Reinette is completely unbranded and unmarked. hmm wonder why.. • it's a rainy gloomy day, what's more proper than Bach? . . . . . . #classicalsaxophone #bari #classicalmusic #baroque #bach #jsbach #cello #music #musicmajor
last night the Moreno Valley Wind Symphony played a very memorable concert entitled "Celebrations", dedicated to the life of our late concert narrator and Navy Captain Dr. Robert Robinson. since my first performance with the wind symphony, i always thought Dr. Robinson's deeply researched concert narrations made the experience for a lot of concertgoers. hearing his scripts almost always taught me something i didn't know about the music i was working on, and for our audience it allowed them to understand what exactly it was they were hearing. music is so much more than just sounds, it's art put together in time to be a real experience, like a movie, and that was something Dr. Robinson clearly understood and conveyed. the wind symphony was lucky to have a contribution such as his and he'll be missed by all of us. • Celebrations was a concert welcoming and celebrating life, everything from this wonderful piece by Adam Gorb called Awayday, to Alfred Reed's Hounds of Spring, this was a night packed with great music and im so happy i got to be a part of it . . . . . . #windsymphony #windensemble #barisax #baritone #saxophone #classicalsaxophone #concertsaxophone #concert
we covered thriller at the end of rehearsal last night, but a half step lower because as it turns out, MJ wrote in a lot of non wind instrument friendly keys haha . . . . . . #michaeljackson #thriller #bigband #saxophone #saxcover #littlemountain #barisax #baritone #jazzband
the mountains were purple, i really wanna take a trip up there
Jeremy (@nachojeremy3) and i went on this cool hike thru black star canyon yesterday. unfortunately i came down with the flu pretty badly but i thought the exercise and nature would help so i powered thru it. couldn't quite make it to the falls tho, but if it had anything to do with it, i think im almost over this sickness which means we'll be reattempting soon. we also got to see a rattlesnake blending into the dirt to the side of the main trail and that was really cool. it's hard to see since snakes have such great camouflage, but the video in the second slide is the brown rattlesnake who moves his head towards the beginning . . . . . . #hike #blackstarcanyon #nature #springbreak #spring #friends #stream #river #snake
i don't exactly enjoy the unflattering camera angle of recording from your phone on your stand, but i think the way Jim plays this arrangement of Angel Eyes makes up for it. clips from a gig last weekend. i got to play second alto in a swing band that a couple of my great saxo friends are in and i've just now learned that second alto might be the best chair for me. im learning a lot about phrasing and vocabulary from both a great lead alto and a great lead tenor, and you all know jazz is my weakness. im no good at it but i think ive finally found a place i can not only gig a lot in, but also learn a lot at the same time. somebody said the best place to learn is on the band stand... i think that's a quote . . . . . . #lifeupdate #swing #bigband #jazz #jass #alto #angeleyes #altofeature #leadalto #ballad #jazzballad #music #musicmajor #buescher #bueschertruetone
so yesterday i got to go out and see the Pasadena Symphony where 2 of my teachers and incredible clarinetists Don and Juan hold the first 2 chairs of the section. honestly ive seen a loooot of concerts but this one is going to remain one of the most memorable for a long time. . anyways i couldn't resist after seeing them so when the opportunity came, i joined an orchestra on bass clarinet! had my first rehearsal with them tonight and they're wonderful, it's going to be a lot fun. concerts in May! . . . . . . #lifeupdate #concert #clarinet #bass #bassclarinet #mahler #orchestra
so today Midnight climbed up the big tree in front of our house to terrorize a bird's nest. these were the best shots of him, the goofy ones will come later. the baby birds flew away from this dork unharmed, they seemed pretty strong despite being born in the storms we've been having. oh yah, last night the time changed and the spring equinox is just 10 days away, looks like we'll have a lot of green soon thanks to the rain . . . . . . #midnight #spring #springequinox #daylightsavings #cat #catsofinstagram #blackcat #nature #tree #green #sunday #myfavoriteday
today i decided to retire my very first pair of Docs. i got them when i was 15 (i think) and literally wore them every single day, they saw every era of my ridiculous adolescence and a loooot of bands (at one of those points they were on fire while on my feet). up till today they were my work boots any time i was under the hood or doing anything else unsuited for converse™ and they're still comfy as heck, but before the toes tear completely off, i decided it was time to buy a Doc Martens box to rest them in....which so happened to come with a new pair . . . . . . #docs #airwair #docmartens #drmartens #docmartenstyle #boots #steeltoe #memories #bands #shows #punk #goth #deathrock #ska
wind symphony concert tonight! bandancing! here's a cool little bit of Wainwright's Spanish Dance, we play at 7 if anyone wants to come out . . . . . . #windsymphony #windorchestra #windensemble #classicalsaxophone #barisax #baritonesax #bari #saxophone #music #musicmajor #musiciansofinstagram #concert #dance #band
today i played a swing dance with the Armand Blaise orchestra and yep, now im in yet another band. things are going to get very very busy soon but busy is good, and i really love the kinda busy that involves making cool music. i don't get to play with too many vocalists but today we had 2, and im not sure why but i absolutely love playing vocal jazz. maybe it's the intimacy of the whole band coming down to react with the singers, or the diversity they bring, but all in all i missed playing the classic big band charts and even tho swing is my enemy, this is a good way to start getting much better at it. oh plus i soloed today! and playing jazz in a cozy ballroom while it's storming outside is my new favorite thing . . . . . . #jazz #gig #bigband #jazzorchestra #swing #swingdance #ballroom #singer #musician #musiciansofinstagram #musicmajor #lifeupdate #ileftmywindowsdownonarainyday #notverysmart
"teach me to love" . today i subbed in the Harmony Sisters' band for another rehearsal. they're always a really fun, warm and welcoming group and it looks like i might be doing a lot of tenor with them in the future. we'll see, here's me on the lead tenor book playing clari for this song . . . . . . #music #musicstagram #musicmajor #clarinet #tenorsax #sopranosax #flute #woodwinds #woodwinddoubler #jazz #harmonysisters #sub #workingmywayup #hopefulfuture
it's all rainy again and i just remembered the beautiful sunset and double rainbows we had at the end of last week's storm. everything turns around at some point ya know, determination and resilience with a strong ambition and a bit of stubbornness will always shine thru in the end. . how is success measured on a daily scale? i always tried to go to sleep a little bit better than the person i was when i woke that morning. maybe i could play a few scales a little cleaner now, maybe one more high harmonic, maybe it had nothing to do with music and i just got out of bed and showered on a day or was very very hard to. who cares what it was, as long as you did something that required a push, something you were uncomfortable with, something that helped you grow out of your comfort zone and become bigger than you were before. i always thought that was success, going to sleep knowing you're a little bit better at a weakness now. growing pains are a sign of progress . . . . . . #storm #peace #resolution #rain #luck #doublerainbow #life #ambition #dreams #limits #growth #progress #music #musicmajor #musician #cars #honda #figuringitout #stillnoideawhatanyofthisisabout #tryingtounderstand #bitsaboutlife
ok but @mattdoeforshow just dropped my new favorite quote. i hear somebody every day at least complaining about how we don't have any time to do the things we really want to do, or even the things we need to do, and this quote just changed the way i think about that entirely. determination, drive and ambition all very easily can relate to the word sacrifice, which is what you do when you want something so badly permanent failure isn't an option. i believe failure is something we choose, because you can fail and get back up, but choosing to stay down is what you do when you're not ready to pay the price in sacrifice for the thing you want. perhaps success is every sacrifice you ever made, growing bigger and bigger every day, like a permanent investment . . . . . . #mattdoe #toomanyzooz #musician #quotes #practice #howdoyouhavetimetopractice #priorities #sacrifice #trumpet #musicmajor #success
ok i have regular stories, now to work on regular posting haha it's been a wild week, pretty much every day has had some kinda surprises and even yesterday too, but regardless it was a nice evening. the rain and sunset were nice and stopping by dos lagos on my break was peaceful. i hope everyone's new year is going well so far, let's try to make this one a little more positive . . . . . . #lifeupdate #butnotreally #rain #evening #sunset #car #hondacivic #honda #dseries #yesterday #newyear #resolution?