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Tom Hanks


I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

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Sock?  Glove?  Lost?  Abandoned?  So many questions. Hanx
Final line, final session as Woody of Toy Story 4. We rode like the wind, to infinity and beyond. Hanx
A little girl lost a shoe and that couch is gonna get towed!!! Hanx.
My car, yes, but I ran over no one!  Hanx
Christmas is over. Put away the stockings!  Hanx.
Forgive my aggressive marketing at a nearby bookstore. Hanx.
Don’t blame the shoe when the sofa gets a ticket!  Hanx.
Red, yellow, and green. The colors of Christmas! Hanx.
Our ballots are going in TODAY!  What about yours?  Be American!  Vote your conscience!  Hanx!
True. Hanx.
Again, to me this photo is the spirit of Pittsburgh- with a broken heart today for those in Squirrel Hill ... Hanx
I got a new car!! Hanx.