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I hope you like Little Mermaid, because that’s all you got to choose from here. Don’t like Little Mermaid? Well, I’m sorry — there’s really nothing I can do. Sometimes in life, you either gotta choose Little Mermaid or you gotta choose nothing. It’s hard. It’s not fun. But y’know what? That’s life for ya. If it wasn’t for all Little Mermaid choices or no Little Mermaid choices, we’d be missing out on the fundamental thing that makes us human: opinions. So if your opinion is to choose B like me? Great! Or maybe you wanna go with A for Ariel. That’s cool, too. Or maybe you’re thinking C for couple? Knock yourself out. Or maybe you hate Little Mermaid and are looking for the all Black Cauldron medallion maker, which totally doesn’t exist, because, honestly, who likes Black Cauldron besides you? Well, and me — I kinda like Black Cauldron, too. Not enough to wish for an entire medallion maker based off it or anything, but enough to at least appreciate a random, one-off medallion. But let’s be real here: There ain’t gonna be no Black Cauldron medallion. Or at least I don’t think so. I mean, look — maybe there will be one some day. Who knows! I can’t predict the future. Nor can I help it if you don’t like Little Mermaid. That’s my point! You either choose a Little Mermaid medallion or you spend the rest of your life hoping and praying someone out there cares about Black Cauldron as much as you (and me, sorta) to make a medallion for it. Like Olmec used to say, “The choice is yours, and yours alone. Good luck.”
Here’s a closer look at that Ariel shoulder bag I have up on my shop right now (link is in my bio!). Such an awesome design. Reminds of the scene from Lost... NOT PENNY’S BOAT! Anyone else remember that? Seems like forever ago. Lol!
Here’s some fun new items: Tokyo Disney Resort food stickers. Yum! Which one would you wanna nom? Even though I love me the Toy Story Alien mochis, I gotta go with the classic Mickey waffle. So good! Some of my subscribers may be seeing these soon. 😋
It was raining a little bit yesterday. And I was lugging a stupid amount of merch. But I still stopped to get a maple-pumpkin churro. Mostly because the waffle line was way too long. 🤣 Still, this is one of my favorites churros. Gonna miss it when it gets changed next month. 😋
Check out this sweet Halloween bandanna I’m sending exclusively to some of my mailer subscribers. Out of all Halloween designs this year, this one is definitely my fave. Can’t decide which art piece I like best, though. For me, it’s either candy corn Chip and Dale or Figaro cookie. Mmm... Cookies.... 🤤🍪
Ariel and her... Sisters? 😳 Yep, in Japan, even her sisters get some love. I picked up this Ariel family journal for one of my Magic Mailer subscribers (only place you’ll find it!). Just an example of the some rad stuff I send to my mailer peeps. ☺️🧜🏻‍♀️
Totally digging these new beanies they’re selling at the parks (that Donald one is so rad!). Thinking about maybe adding these as FOMOs next week. 🤔
It’s back! For a limited time, get the Mickey soap dispenser. Find it on my shop (link is in my bio!).
Here’s something unique to Japan. At Tokyo DisneySea, there’s multiple photo spots for your Duffy and Friends plushes. The idea, of course, is to set your Duffy down and snap a scenic photo. The best part? The spot reminds you that, yes, it’s totally OK to take pictures of him elsewhere in the park. Y’know, in case you were worried about breaking some unwritten Duffy photo rule or something. Lol! 😆
🚨New FOMO Promo items: Added those rad Ariel/Mickey camera-inspired shoulder bags I posted the other day, along with some other fun stuff, like villains plushes and Mickey 90th anniversary merch from the parks. Find everything in the FOMO Promos section of my shop (link is in my bio!).
Another awesome thing about Japanese Disney costumes: rare characters. Sure, you can find costumes for Alice or Belle, but Cinderella’s evil step-mother? Whaaa? Pretty cool! Although I like how the picture on the bottom is a different color. Lol! 😄
Ahh! This one is so tough. All 3 are great. Ugh. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with my fave: クラリスー!!! 😍😍😍😍 What about you?
Another awesome pair of costumes! I especially love Lumiere. Notice how she created “flames” on her hands and hat? So fun and creative. Both of them were also super nice and supportive when I asked to take their picture. That always makes me happy. ☺️
So here’s the thing: I understand getting stuck in a camera prolly isn’t fun. And I’d never wish this fate upon anyone. Even the bad ones. OK, maybe the REALLY bad ones, but that’s not the point. The point is this: Both Mickey and Ariel/Flounder look super cute when stuck in glass, as shown here by these camera-inspired should er bags. So the moral of the story is this: if you get stuck in glass, don’t feel too bad... You may end up looking cute.
Watched the Spooky Boo! Parade for the first time today. It was really fun! They teach you a dance before the parade to perform with the dancers. As hard as I tried, I totally forgot it, even with my friend helping me. Lol! It’s all good, though — I was too busy snapping these photos. Aren’t the costumes amazing? Love me Clarice! 😍😍😍 Check my stories some video.
Many mittens! Here’s the Duffy and friends mittens I put up on my shop last night. Gelatoni is my favorite. 😋
🚨New FOMO Promo items: This week, I added the new Duffy and Friends mittens as well as the new Oswald beanie and gloves. Oh, and the Mickey soap is also back! Like last time, stock is limited, so get ‘em while they last. 😋
Check out this awesomely random Sebastian costume. What do you think? I’m not sure if it totally works or not, but I love the little hat, so just for that alone, I give it 2 claws up! 🦀