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Abstract Classic anyone? The first in our series is the delicious Manhattan. I can't believe we haven't made this bad boy before as it basically contains all our favourite things. πŸ˜‹ . Your favourite bourbon, complemented by a lovely dose of sweet vermouth and a couple of dashes of bitters with a cocktail cherry thrown in for good measure. πŸ˜œ . Maybe not as aggressively as we have here....oh and ignore the ice, creative license and all that! What's your favourite bourbon for a Manhattan? And what do you think of this style of pic? πŸ“Έ
Hello Monday! Our #beeroftheweek is the delicious @einstok Arctic Pale Ale, unsurprisingly brewed just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. ❄️ . . This tasty number has some Icelandic glacier water in there mixed with a mix of hops to give a refreshingly bitter finish. Cracking stuff! What's your favourite meal to have a cold beer with? πŸ»
Look at that strain! What a beaut! Nothing like a nice relaxing drink on a Sunday evening to end the weekend. What's your favourite drink to relax to? πŸ˜Ž
We're jumping on the bandwagon and rustled up a simple recipe with activated charcoal for you crazy cats this evening. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž . There's no doubt that activated charcoal has its upsides from a health point of view but it also has the advantage of turning delicious cocktails jet black. Or in this case to look like an espresso martini! πŸ˜† . This is a delicious Black Whiskey Sour containing an activated charcoal tablet, some tasty Bourbon whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white. Delicious stuff! . Have you ever tried the black stuff before? πŸ˜€πŸ‘
Happy Monday tipplers and it is #beeroftheweek time again and we are heading up north to the Wirral and the lovely chaps at @brimstagebrewery πŸ˜€ . . They were established on the promise and passion for a great pint and they have certainly hit the mark with their cool and crisp Woolyback lager. πŸΊπŸ» . . Brewed with German hops and a touch of bitterness to really refresh the palate. Perfect with food or on its own after a long Monday, it’s a beer that’s full of character. πŸ˜Ž .  What’s your favourite beer to relax with? πŸ˜΄πŸ›Œ
Look who doesn't love Gin! And at #lcw we have been drinking some delicious ones. We have rustled together a simple classic where you can really taste the quality of your gin, the Gin Rickey. πŸΈπŸ˜‹ . . Your favourite Gin, chuck some freshly squeezed lime in there and top with soda water and BOOM, one delicious #highball. What's your favourite gin? πŸ€€
So we all have a day when we misplace our trusty muddler. We've got you covered though....actually wait...DON'T DO THAT! πŸ”¨πŸŠ
Monday #beeroftheweek time again tipplers and this week's starts with a history lesson. Not as good as @servedbysoberon's I'm not going to lie but he actually is a teacher so he should be slightly better than me! πŸ˜€ . Anyway, I digress. In the 18th Century in England it wasn't particularly safe to consume drinking water as it wasn't particularly healthy, nor clean for that matter. In fact, drinking the wrong water could leave you blind or even worse. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ .  So to quench the thirst of the general public 'small beer' was brewed and became a staple of British Life. It was traditionally always brewed between 0.5 - 2.8% ABV but as clean drinking water became available small beer died out.😭 . That is of course until @originalsmallbeer came along and recrafted this British classic in the 21st Century and are in fact the world's first small beer brewery. Phew! And their signature lager maye be small beer but it has a big taste. Crisp and super refreshing, it is one of my personal favourites for a sunny weekday evening. Also look at that bottle and branding. What a beaut! Have you ever heard of small beer? πŸ˜€
Scotch, Scotch, Scotch...I love Scotch. πŸ˜† . And although we like a wee dram on its own or with a touch of ice or water, we love this tasty moreish cocktail the Bobby Burns. In our opinion whisky cocktails are criminally underrated! What's your favourite whisky cocktail? πŸ₯ƒ
Oh man this is a tasty one. Part cocktail and part dessert this is our version of a Black Russian/ Affogato Hybrid, so let’s call it ‘Coconut Russian’. Makes sense right? πŸ˜€ . This is simple stuff, premium vodka, a shot of coffee liqueur with some moreish coconut milk. . . Good lord this is good.πŸ˜‹ It’s almost as good as the Custardo™οΈ from our friends @forzawin in Peckham. Have both! It’s Wednesday after all! πŸ˜Ž . . Do you guys have a favourite dessert cocktail? πŸ¨πŸ§πŸ¦πŸΈ
Hello Beer Mondays! We are still in NYC and so we only thought that it was apt that we get an American classic in here for our #beeroftheweek πŸ—½ . . It comes from beautiful San Francisco and is the world renowned @anchorbrewing Steam Beer. πŸš‚ It’s beer is still handmade using similar techniques when it brewed its first beer way back in 1896- the first ‘craft’ brewery. πŸ»πŸΊ .  It gets its unusual ‘steam’ name from the 19th Century where ’steam’ seems to have been a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast without ice and under simple conditions. πŸ’¨ . What we do know is that this beer is a tasty one with a dark amber colour, creamy head with a toasty, malty taste. Delicious! πŸ˜‹ . What’s your favourite American beer?
It's Friday people! And what a good excuse to pay homage to one of our #drinkstagram faves @the_margarita_mum. πŸ˜€ . Her colours are always amazing so we decided to use some of her signature Curaçao and create a 'Bloody Blue Margarita' to send some love to our favourite Australian Rhonda! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί . Check her out! Haven't quite nailed it on the garnish though! 🀣 What's your favourite tequila cocktail? πŸΈ
No jigger, no problem. Well lots of problems if you follow this guy? There's flowers in that! πŸŒΌπŸ’πŸ˜©
It's Monday, it's 6 o'clock, it's time for our #beeroftheweek people and it comes from FAR away this week. Right down in Wellington, New Zealand πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ in fact from the heroes at @yeastieboysbeer. The brewery was named after Dr Dre's NWA...hold on that doesn't sound right.?! 🀣 . . Anyway, they have a huge range of delicious beers but the one we have picked out this week is their Digital IPA.  Unashamedly hoppy, this is one for those IPA purists with hints of pine and citrus on the tongue.  A lovely tasty ale perfect for the golden hour! Tasty stuff! Have you guys had a @yeastieboysbeer yet? πŸΊπŸ»β˜€οΈ
Happy Thursday tipplers! We are drinking our delicious Pandan creation this evening as we can't get enough of the subtle vanilla flavours in there mixed with the hint of creamy coconut. What are you guys drinking this evening? πŸ˜‹πŸ€€
You may have noticed that we like bright colours down at tippl HQ. And with this creation we have went for it! We love Pisco sours and loved the idea of creating a mint one. πŸΈ . . So we infused the Pisco with mint overnight and strained it to get to get rid of the bits. We have then mixed this with with lemon juice, simple syrup egg white and a touch of creme de menthe to get that punchy green colour! Good times! πŸ˜€
Happy Monday tipplers, our #beeroftheweek is from the good folks down @toastale who are winning the taste game with their American Pale Ale. . The beer itself is brewed with surplus bread in place of a third of the barley that is usually used in the brewing process and so helping to reduce food waste across the UK. πŸ₯–πŸž . All profits from the company also go to @feedbackorg whose ambition is to cut food waste in half by 2025. Great tasting beer with a truly noble cause, get buying! Have you guys ever tried @toastale?
We're having a healthy weekend tipplers, so have decided to have one of our five a day in our post work cocktail! . This Carrot Moscow Mule adds a great depth to this twist on a classic and complements the fieriness of the ginger brilliantly well. Have you guys had carrot in a cocktail before? πŸ₯•πŸ₯•