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πŸ“ž 1(805)453-2383 🌎 Overnight shipping available 🍊Orange County, CA #bulldog #englishbulldog Puppies available in 2 weeks - Start at 3k

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🀞🏽 @bulldog_planet making this breeding happen while I’m out of town πŸ™πŸ½ - hoping she’s spiked and ready soon..
At the end of every rainbow, there’s a bulldog ...
My Twinkie #female
🐢🐢 #merle
In route πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ @absolute_bulls @brodie_bullz
Anyone else afraid of windshield wipers ...
This ig account is a SCAM! Thanks @cardiff_rainbowbullz for taking the time to dm me and confirm.
HEAT SHOT: Jump starting a females heat cycle. What people refer to as a “heat shot”, will help start the process of a females heat cycle.  These hormonal active drugs interfere with the normal cycle of the bitch by interrupting the corpus luteum bodies on the ovary so that they stop producing progesterone.  Some breeders use these drugs on bitches that have a long interval between heats (ex: once a year, where others have 2 heat cycles in a year) One major disadvantage is that an induced heat is not as fertile as a natural ones (the litter size is likely to be smaller). Another disadvantage is that females heat cycles are thrown off their normal schedule and eggs may not be fertile on their natural cycle. You also run the risk of permanently sabotaging her fertility.  The most common drug used in dogs to induce heat is PG 600, a combination of 400 IU of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin and 200 IU of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin.  Only 40-50% of treated bitches will come into heat (within a week) but not all heats will be fertile. Advantages may include helping females that have a hard time going into heat. Also being able to plan breedings. It’s quite popular in other breeds and animals. I’ve used heat shots several times. I had a female who kept having split heats and used two shots, she went into heat however she only gave birth to one puppy and it passed away.  The other attempts were unsuccessful.  This post is to educate people, here’s the info, make your own decisions. I don’t see myself ever using heat shots again. But maybe some of you guys have had success. But knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it..learn from my mistakes...however, I consistently read that diet and exercise play a large role in fertility; especially fatty acids..
I try not to get too excited for breedings because so many things can go wrong - but I’m really looking forward to this one and bummed we will be out of town for it.... hoping black tri or blue tri triple carries, then throw it back to Kane or our stud ...
Female pup - she now resides in Vegas...
Litter Confirmed: at least 4 puppies. Shipped semen - surgical insemination - delivery few weeks away. Contact @stewartoctavius if interested..