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Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman


Wife of Cowboy. Mother of Four. Lover of butter. Amen. ❤️

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I love my freezer. No, I mean I llllllove my freezer. No, really: I sometimes hug and kiss my freezer, I love it so much. And on Saturday morning, I'm filling it with BREAKFAST recipes that will make you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very happy. From a fun take on breakfast panini that stay gooey when reheated, to blueberry streusel croissants...oh, man. I think you'll love this new episode of Pioneer Woman! See you at 10 am ET/9 am CT! 🤠
Cowboy-Basset love fest. Listen to what Ladd says toward the end. 😭😭😭
Kicked off shooting my new cookbook yesterday with salsa verde and salsa roja. Forget mascara, forget my cell phone---if I were stranded on a desert island, this would be my one necessity. And by "one," I mean this one whole basket. (I might sneak mascara in there under the napkin...)
This gate has been here a long time. After snapping this photo this morning, I wondered when it was built and was going to guess 1949, but decided to call my father-in-law to confirm. I think I woke him up. Sorry, PaPa. Anyway, he said 1946---the same year "It's a Wonderful Life" was in theaters, by the way. So from now on, every time I drive by this sign, I will think of Jimmy Stewart.
The Pioneer Woman. Food Network. Saturday morning. 10 Eastern/9 Central. Be there or be square. Sorry to be bossy. (THIS DESSERT THO...) 🍓 Also, I was taking a break from carbs when I made this on the show. You might see a slightly enraged expression on my face as I'm assembling it. Just kidding. Actually, no I'm not. See you tomorrow!
The desserts we serve at our pizza place in town. The question I am faced with daily is not whether, which, or why. It's when. Do these have carbs?
Hi. My name is Ree. I put fried balls of dough on my salad. And on this morning's new episode of The Pioneer Woman, I will share with you how to make both the fried balls of dough AND the salad. And a couple of pizzas, too. And a cocktail that has chocolate in it! 😱 See you on @foodnetwork at 10 ET/9 CT!
Making these two glorious pizzas on my @foodnetwork show tomorrow morning! The episode is called "Pizza Ree-a." Sorry about that. 😂 See ya at 10 Eastern/9 Central Saturday morning!
I dreamed last night that I sneaked a cat onto a plane. This came from a real experience: I actually did this in ninth grade. My mom was really mad. True story. (I needed a caption to go with this selfie, so I just wrote the first thing that popped in my head. I don't know why I dreamed this so many years later.) Maybe I'll share the cat/plane story in detail sometime. Maybe not. (His name was Tiger. He thought it was fun!) ✈️ 🐈
I'm making these little pillows of perfection on a new episode of Pioneer Woman on @foodnetwork this Saturday morning! At @ptownpizza we call them "Not Knots" because they're garlic knots that are not actually knots. So we call them Not Knots, not Knots. Ow, my brain. You will love these no matter what they're called. Just know they're definitely NOT knots. They're Not Knots. I quit. See you Saturday at 10 Eastern/9 Central for a pizza-licious 30 minutes! 🍕
This is The Lodge, the house on our ranch where we have family/cowboy gatherings, and the place where I film my @foodnetwork show! Every Friday and Saturday (and most Mondays!) in October, we’re opening the doors for visitors to come walk through and enjoy! Just please close the door behind you after you come in, because this is a cattle ranch and the flies are like velociraptors---they look for weaknesses in the fence. Just stop by @pwmercantile the day you want to drive out to The Lodge and they’ll give you the details! (Tours are free, man. We just want to share the gorgeousness of Osage County!)
My best friend Hyacinth gave me an Instant Pot for my birthday last January because I was being stubborn and said I didn't need another piece of kitchen equipment, especially an electric one. I quickly became a believer and now, of course, I'm in love. Since I found I was never putting mine away in the pantry because I used it so much, naturally I had the idea to splash florals all over it.😂 I'm excited to have partnered with Instant Pot on these two Pioneer Woman editions. I love 'em more'n my luggage! You can find them at @Walmart! (Having a big giveaway today, too! Link in profile.)