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I really really really wanted to delete Instagram but my agent said NO..

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There’s a 1 in 4 chance that a woman will be abused in her life time but I happened to sit on a table with 5 different women and all of us have been abused, one by the father, one by the brother, one by a guy in a party, one by a older couple friend of the family, one by her own cousin. None of us reported the crime at the time. The problem with kaepernick kneeling to the national anthem, is that he is black. Perhaps if it a white NFL player would kneel for the black lives matter before a game, he would be heard and that makes me sick.  Perhaps if a bunch of white men spoke on the behalf of women on the #metoo movement, the president of the United States wouldn’t call her a lier. I know because I have been there, I fought with a guy because he was saying some women present themselves in a certain way, asking to get raped.. but he apologized to me after his best friend (a man) disagreed with him as well.  The problem when you speak on someone’s behalf, is that everyone is left voiceless.
Really looking forward to spring, I was not born for the cold 🦋
@loveshackfancy SS19 ☀️
Mulher da minha vida, hoje é novamente o seu dia.  Eu e a Amanda sempre te chamamos de “mulher da minha vida” e isso é o que você é mãe, a mulher inteligente e incrível que nos deu vida, que nos ensinou tudo sobre tudo, que nos mostrou a diferença entre a bondade e a maldade, o certo e o errado, a humildade, a felicidade nas coisas mais pequenas da vida.  Por causa de você eu sei ser feliz, eu sei apreciar os detalhes da vida, eu sei extender a mão ao próximo. Por que você é assim mãe, a mulher mais gentil, mais feliz e bondosa e carinhosa. eu tive muita sorte de ter você na minha vida e de além de mãe, ter você como amiga de confiança, companheira da minha vida!  Te amo tanto, você nem imagina.  Feliz aniversário 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 @lucigrothe
I am so proud and empowered this week. I have so much to tell you guys but still have to keep a secret for a few more weeks. Oh well, for now all what I’m gonna say is that at Paco Rabanne we are once again shaping the beauty and fashion industry to how we want to see ourselves on TV and how we want to be represented as women.  You are powerful, strong, intelligent, a WARRIOR. So that’s what you will see!  @pacorabanneparfums @pacorabanne #olympea #invictus #secretproject
.. part 2 coming soon .. 🤫 @pacorabanneparfums  #olympea #invictus
What kind of music makes you move ??????? 🤟🏼
If you get in a plane and you see Tom Hanks, then you know you gotta have one of these.  Also works as a cushion perhaps for a water slide, or a simply as a pool float.  And damn, if I had one of these every time my mom whacked me with her havaianas when I was little.... LOL 😂  Happy fashion week !
Throw back to this fashion story that I shot when I was around 17. It was about a girl who missed the past so much that it caused her a lot of pain.. One of my favorites :) 📷 by Gabriele di mola
Wanderlust - traveling has turned me into a story teller 🌸 📷
Next stop, Bangkok ☺️