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⭐️ Powerful Copywriter ⭐️ Savvy Strategist ⭐️ Creative Content ⭐️ 🍍 A nonconformist 🍍 “My aim is to increase you’re profit with righting”

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Clear and compelling. Yep, that’s me. No filling content with mindless drivel from my small slice of the #worldwideweb. I would like to think my clients might agree 🤔 #christmaspresents
Any other boffs out there? If I need some motivation to get my corporate hat on, I’ll often put on my geek specs and am instantly transformed 🤓 #roleplay
Do you understand how the right blogs can build and transform a brand that will connect with your customers? #ido 🤪#canihelpyou?
Beat your rivals. #hustle
My speciality is internet friendly content that is clean, compelling and tailored to my client’s audience.
The best SEO content is unique.
The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google search results.
Write words to get the right results.
Light up your brand in these darkening times.
Are you an Apple fan too?
In today’s maze of digital media - are you a player or a loser?
Davenport - a traditional writing desk, also my surname!  Portal - gateway or internet site providing access.  Based upon traditional values of honesty and professionalism - yet championing a fresh, innovative approach.
If you’re not impressing your customers, you can bet your competitors are.
Tidy desk, tidy mind.
Copywriters do it better.
Do something you love they said, and it won’t feel like a job. How right they were...
Write like a boss
If content is king, copywriting is queen.