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You may have 99 problems, but your pelvic floor does not have to be one - Mackenzie Barnes, DPT Specialized in Pelvic Rehab/Pregnancy/Postpartum

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Did you know there are things you can change in your diet that can make a difference for your pelvic floor and bladder health? There are foods considered to be "bladder irritants" that can effect your urinary urgency and frequency for the worse, such as caffeine, artificial sweeteners, dairy, carbonated beverages, alcohol, etc. Did I just list everything I love... pretty close! How do you get around some of these irritants? WATER. Stay hydrated and you win half the battle. Often I hear clients say they don't want to drink more water because they are already going so frequently in the day, but you really should still drink water to dilute your urine and not allow your bladder to become so aggravated.⠀ #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
I don't know if anyone else is on the struggle bus with some allergies this week, but here is some sage advice. 😉 ⠀ #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
Happy International Women's Day from my TRIBE here at OPT to yours! I love helping women feel more confident and empowered daily. #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
I joke with my clients often that I treat from the diaphragm down. This includes your core/abdomen, pelvis, low back, SI joints, hips, knees, and ankles. Why? Because often times your pelvic floor dysfunction can originate from one of these areas. For instance, if you have hip pain from a dysfunction such as a labrum tear, your pelvic floor can respond in a way that either elicits pain or increased chance for incontinence. Find a pelvic floor PT to treat and correct your symptoms. #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
So fun getting to talk with the @jl_okc tonight about pelvic floors! These girls were so nice and a killer audience! #marbles #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
That is a crazy statistic of 1 in 10 women that suffer from endometriosis. How to know if you have it? Talk to your doctor about symptoms you may have such as pelvic pain including painful periods, painful intercourse, or trouble with infertility. How can PT help? By decreasing the pain in the pelvic area caused by muscle and fascia tightness. Find a Pelvic PT for more answers to your pelvic pain. #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
Wanna know the best thing about kegel exercises? You can do them ANYWHERE! So get your reps in while you binge your favorite show this weekend! #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
A question I get all the time ... “What exercise am I allowed to do and which ones should I avoid?” Whether you are postpartum, have a prolapsed organ, or are post-surgical, this may be something you have wondered and you are not alone in that. The key is to train the deep core muscles before your “6-pack” muscles in order to ensure no tenting or bulging. Don’t hesitate to get a consult from your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to ensure you are on the right track and set yourself up for success in your recovery.  #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
💩💩💩... let’s talk about what we look like on the throne/loo/potty... 1) NO squatting/hovering. Why? Because you should be fully relaxed and sitting on the toilet as we want our pelvic floors relaxed as well. 2) NO trying to stop your urine flow as you urinate to “strengthen” or “see if you can” Why? Because again we want our pelvic floors relaxed, not tricking them to contract and possibly retain urine in our bladders. 3) when going #2 ... it is true that having your knees slightly higher than your hips is the best position to have a BM. and 4) NEVER strain. Why? Because it can lead to a world of other problems and it is actually contracting and not relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Find a pelvic floor PT for bowel/bladder trouble.  #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
I saw this in a magazine and thought I might see “pelvic floor dysfunction” as a possible reason, but no such luck... about 80% of my patient population complains of pelvic pain and pain with intercourse. It is very common but again never normal to have pain, no matter what your friends say. Whether you have endometriosis, IC, recurrent UTIs, or just don’t know where the pain originates from, let pelvic floor PT help you get back to your FUN and healthy sex life.  #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
Diastasis Recti. What is it? It is separation of your abdominal muscles typically occurring post-partum. It is easy to screen with just two fingers, but most people get hung up on the width when actually the depth is what is more concerning. Some manual therapy as well as low-level exercises are the best way to correct this, and ensure a safe return to exercise/activity post-partum.  #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #postpartumbody #thevagguru #pelvichealth
Great night packed with so much info! Shout out to @oklahomaspelvichealthexpert for killing it tonight talking about the pelvic health! #oklahomawomenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapyoklahoma #oklahomawomensspecialist #pelvicfloorpt #menopause #thevagguru #pelvichealth
SLIDING INTO THE WEEKEND LIKE... 🏄🏼‍♀️ Let’s talk about lubricant. Do you know what’s in yours? Are you tired of the sticky or gooey kinds? DON’T SETTLE. Find one that’s right for you and that you like! Just like our vaginas come in all different kinds, so do lubricants and I’m sure there is a right one for you. Do your homework too and see what you are putting into your body. @goodcleanlove is a great example of a company that is conscious of what they put into their products, and making it 100% vegan. Lastly, lubricant is not something to be embarrassed to use no matter what your age... so NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME GIRL!
This is the sign I love to hang in my room and pray over my patients! Happy Monday! ❤️💪🏼
Okay so if that speaks to you then lets talk. It is not ever “normal” to leak. Common - yes! But not “normal!” I hear “Well I had kid(s) so this just happens” NOPE. It doesn’t have to if you don’t want it to! So if you find yourself wearing pads and not wanting to anymore, crossing your legs when you cough/sneeze, or changing your clothes after your run FIND A PELVIC FLOOR PT! #pelvicfloorpt #womenshealth #oklahomaphysicaltherapy #pelvicfloorexercise #thevagguru