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Dawson/MTL Illustration student

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Random stuff I’ve done for the heck of it.  Fashion design and extreme angle 🤷🏿‍♂️
Was supposed to be a 15 min study and it turned to hours 🤕🙃.Timelapse at the end. #illustrator #procreate #study #digitalart
Spidey senses ain’t the only thing tingling.  Parody #spidersona
Turn tf around
Weird flex but ok.
“Tired and Unimpressed but make it fashion” Ig Low res :/
James #procreate #illustration #illustrator #digitalart
Doodle Sketches of Beauties #procreate
“Lily” This is somewhat @ guwaba -esque  so i’m diggin it.  Messy bright colors tho idk.
Tried to do a simple and quick shape design thumbnail sketch and told myself to just stay within the shape... Can’t tame imagination? Idk
Yayoi Kusama
*Stares in “richer than you”*
Anything but doing actual school work
Asked a friend to give me a song for me to create off of. He gave me C’est Pas Bon by Abou Debeing. Wanted to draw the feeling of movement I got from it. While listening, felt that the heavy influence from African culture was a major aspect of the song and its rhythm so I wanted to play with that. Figured taking inspo from the last two pics and playing around with the gesture stickman alot. A good theme behind the dance was the Soukous dance style. Mid dance was the main feeling i wanted to go for.  Didn’t think of color choices much while doing it but when i just googled the meaning of the colors I chose, I see blue for stability and Orange is warmth and joy. Ya boi got the colorful touch naturally 💀. I’d say I’m mentally prepping for school with this description.  Fight me msleazy I’ve mentally trained.  #procreate #illustration
Amaterasu , Sun godess. Doodle turned color experiment. #amaterasu #procreate #color #vibrant