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Milo Ren


➕ Shaded Cream Long Haired Mini Dachshund ➕ Born 12.8.17 ➕ Living the Southern California Life Professional Sassmaster

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Listen, just don’t be surprised when you find poop nuggets around the house in the near future.
What the fluff, Mom? This isn’t pie. Happy Pi Day to everyone except for me, apparently. • Is it because I’m German? It’s because I’m German, isn’t it?
They all spark joy. I’m keeping them. Who else’s parents tried to get rid of your toys this year?? The nerve.
When you want to go outside in the rain, but you don’t want to get wet. I don’t understand why my life has to be so hard. #firstworldproblems
Your socks? I haven’t seen them. They’re definitely not under the bed. Why do you ask?
I’ll be here all day, barking at everyone and everything minding their own business.
My fake smile when my friends said, “see you next year” today. • What a year 2018 has been! I’ve had so many adventures and I’m so happy I have over 1,000 of you to share them with! Thanks for following along with me!
Am I a joke to you?
If Christmas is over, why do I still have to wear the jammies?
Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope your mom didn’t make you wear matching Christmas jammies with your cousin.
All I want for Christmas is my dignity back.
So you put me in front of all these presents, but none of them are for me? Unbelievable.
So I’m thinking today I go to work with you and then we get Puppaccinos. Yes? 😬
I really don’t understand why you won’t just let me under there. I just want to lay. And pull at the branches. But that’s none of your concern.
Here are a few more highlights from my birthday party!
I’d like you to THROW this for me, however, I don’t want you to TAKE it from me. Once you figure that out, we’re in business.
Mom, STOPPP I’m trying to do yoga alone.
It do be like that sometimes.