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Milo Ren


➕ Shaded Cream Long Haired Mini Dachshund ➕ Born 12.8.17 ➕ Living the Southern California Life Professional Sassmaster

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Way too many people called me a girl today.
Finally, sweater weather. Can you take me to get a pumpkin spice Puppaccino? This is like, my fave season. #basic
Dat ass tho.
Um, excuse me. Are you trying to brush your teeth without inviting me onto the counter? Rude, Mom. Rude.
I’m sleeping now so I guess you’ll just have to stay here forever 🤷🏼‍♂️
Donut talk to me right now. #mood
Can’t hear the haters. *cough* Mom and Dad *cough*
Guys. Guess what? If you hang out with your cousins enough, you don’t have to follow rules at your house anymore. I’ve chewed two cords and have never felt more alive! 💁🏼‍♂️
No offense to Lake Mohave, but I was definitely one of the better drivers out there. Move along, everyone. This shark has places to BE.
What do you mean he’s not staying forever?! Oh well, more cuddles for me.
Just a couple of handsome cousins. Winston’s selfie game is strong.
I want to be just like Winston when I grow up.
Ain’t no big dogs bothering me today. I strutted into that dog park with a big red bodyguard.
My cousin Winston is staying at my house all week! We’re gonna have So. Much. Fun.
On another hunger strike.
Is it the weekend yet? I’m tired of waking up early.
The dog beach is my happy place 😄
You’re going back to work? On a Tuesday? I’m sorry, I can’t hear your nonsense. La la la la la.