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TCNJ Psychology Dept


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It’s been almost a month since graduation and we miss our seniors! #tcnj #tbt
Check out photos from the 2019 psychology department commencement ceremony! You can submit your photos to be included by emailing them to psycdept@tcnj.edu. Feel free to tag yourself in the photos on Facebook as well! Link in bio
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! #tbt to this movie we made before summer break last year! 🦁📃⏰🌞 #tcnj
Graduation was already almost two weeks ago! Seniors: send your photos to Maddie at weinlanm@tcnj.edu for them to be included in our social media posts! #tbt #tcnj
Sunny days at #tcnj! These tables make great places to relax in the summer heat!
Our hallway got a face lift! Check out the featured psychologists in the psychology faculty hallway! #tcnj
We think the collective noun for a group of TCNJ students would be a “pride.” The atrium is awfully quiet without the pride on campus. We can’t wait until you’re all back! #tcnj
Congratulations to the members of the Cognitive Development Lab who graduated ​on Friday! They​ were all such valuable members of our team, and we are so proud of all of their accomplishments! They are off to great jobs and graduate programs - wishing all of you the best on the next part of your journey! Repost from @tcnjcogdev #tcnj
Congratulations, class of 2019! We’re so proud of you! #tcnj #tcnj19
Here we go! #tcnj #tcnj19
Say farewell to the Social Science Building and hello to your future! We’re so excited for you, class of 2019! #tcnj #tcnj19
We’d be “lion” if we said we weren’t excited for commencement today! See you soon, class of 2019! #tcnj #tcnj19
Next stop was joining the graduates for photos! #tcnj #tcnj19
Our program visited the wall outside SSB to say congrats to the class of 2019! #tcnj #tcnj19
The psychology department commencement ceremony is tomorrow at 9am! Our program took a trip around campus to celebrate. Do you know where this photo of our program was taken? #tcnj #tcnjpsychology #tcnjtoday #tcnj19
It may be rainy outside, but it is a perfect day for studying! Writing out your notes and information from textbooks can help you better recall information for exams! #tcnj #tcnjpsychology #studytips
Our very own Shira Pollack is on the front page of TCNJ.edu! Go to the main TCNJ website to read about her research on procrastination! #tcnj #tcnjpsychology
Happy Finals Week! We are almost there! Let's keep practicing our useful study tips throughout the week. #tcnj #tcnjtoday #tcnjpsychology #study #tips #success