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food blogger + other things + @twoexistentialcats #talkandspoon 📍sydney sayhello@talkandspoon.com latest blog post ⤵️

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This morning’s #thursdayswithds hitting all the right spots at @bloodhound_espresso 👌🏼
The other night DS and I thought we’d check out @eatfuh in Darlinghurst. It always looks packed and super popular, plus we felt like warm soup on a cold evening! __ Unfortunately we were both disappointed with our phos! Maybe we ordered weirdly?! I, got one, didn’t realise my soup would be red (it wasn’t spicy) and all I was looking for was a clear, light broth! I had in mind something like @chualamspho beef pho that I had in Hong Kong... Has anyone been to Eat Fuh? Should we try again?
Of the latte mixes that @the_bircher_bar sent me I was most sceptical about the Spiced Beetroot Mix and the Cayenne 5-Spice Cocoa.  __ I’ve gotta admit that I was pleasantly surprised by one and not so pleasantly surprised by the other! __ First up, the Spiced Beetroot Mix is actually really smooth on the palate. There’s no need to add extra sweeteners as the beetroot flavour is sweet enough. The pink colour is also super appealing! For the Cayenne 5-Spice Cocoa I should’ve heeded the warning on the packed ⚠️ “This isn’t for the faint hearted!” The heat and spice really packs a punch and I was quite taken aback. If you like your spicy foods, then this is for you! #spon #ad #gifted
It’s the weekend! 👌🏼 __ For me that means I don’t need to rush my breakfasts and can actually put together a delicious meal. Looking forward to doing that tomorrow morning with @the_bircher_bar’s muesli mixes! #spon #ad
Double trouble at @sonoffrankdarlinghurst this morning for #thursdayswithds. Man that whipped avocado is just delightful 🥑 🤤
Goood morning - it’s Sunday, there are mums to celebrate and it’s sunny! I’m having a quiet start to my day with @the_bircher_bar’s Fruit and Spice Mix muesli. #spon #ad #gifted __ What do you have with your muesli? There’s so many options! Here’s a couple of my favourites - coyo, milk, nuts and seeds, fruit, maybe a squeeze of lemon, or if you’re feeling extra fancy you can add a vanilla pod!
What a beautiful sunny weekend spent at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains! So much quality time with a group of people from @vinesydney who I value so, so much 💫 __ Also, how epic are big home cooked spreads?! This was our breakfast this morning. Swipe left for last night’s dinner feat. allll the meats.
When it’s 15 degrees in the mountains and you eat shakshuka to warm you up 👌🏼 __ A trip to the Blue Mountains always involves a visit to Synonymous Cafe!
A boy and his (bloody delicious) avo toast at @thecoppermill - with extra haloumi for fun! __ What’re your favour avo toast add-ons? 🥑
This morning’s #thursdayswithds feat. two amazing dishes. I’m so loving the Overnight Apple Pie Oats now that my FODMAP issues have largely cleared up, and DS tried the Flipside Roll for the first time which was just out of this world. What a great start to Thursday!
The cutest and littlest milk tea I’ve ever had! Still super delicious and would highly recommend @bengongstea - there is also a bigger version by the way 😆 __ Thanks @themilkteaman for the recommendation!
With this cooler weather (finally) in Sydney, I thought it was time to bring out @the_bircher_bar’s Golden Latte 💛 __ This latte mix definitely packs a punch. It warms you up in an instant with all those spicy ingredients, including turmeric, ginger and black pepper! #gifted #spon #ad __ PSST 🤫 if this takes your fancy I also have a special discount deal on @the_bircher_bar’s Goldenola - that’s golden latte mixed into a granola! Click on the link in my bio to check it out!
@kelsseo and I had a pretty epic lunch spread at @portal.sydney. It makes me wish I worked in the city again, coz I’d be here all the time! __ Full post is now up on the blog, click the link in my bio. #invite #spon
This week I’m having @the_bircher_bar’s Premium Mix muesli for breakfast! This morning I had it just with some @coyo_organic but I’m keen to try it as a bircher muesli or porridge! #ad #spon #gifted __ So far I love the mix of oats and seeds, and how soft the raisins are! __ What’s your favourite way to enjoy muesli? Let me know in the comments ⤵️
Missing Easter and all the foodie treats that came with it - like these @smokinggunbagels Hot Cross Bagels! __ While these get a 9/10 for flavour, they get 3/10 for looks. Is it just me or are they really ugly?! I’ve always found the bagels at Smoking Gun really nice looking... These were also so thin it was quite hard to slice in half horizontally. I guess it doesn’t matter once it’s in your mouth 😂 I preferred the normal flavour, but the chocolate flavour was nice too! __ Also pictured with @kokoblackchocolate Hot Cross Bites #talkandspooneaster
#thursdayswithds Anzac Day edition is not much different to normal 😂 // @sonoffrankdarlinghurst
I’ve spent the last few days in the Hunter Valley relaxing with @suzilee_. We didn’t leave to house for two days - bliss! __ It was the perfect time to cook up @the_bircher_bar Spiced Matcha Mix. I added a bit of maple syrup to mine and had it cold. How epic has this weather been?! ☀️ __ To be honest, I’m not a huge matcha fan so I was a bit sceptical about this drink. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised! The additional spices of ginger, sumac and vanilla made the matcha flavour less strong, it was a bit like a chai actually! #thebircherbar #gifted #spon #ad
When a one year old has a better cake than you could ever hope for... happy birthday to little Nathan! @cath1chang @zac_lin __ Cake from @bv_sydney