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Not the normal Monday feels where I’m like “Why is everything going wrong today?!” - that was yesterday and I ended my night on a good note. BUT I mean I had a real epiphany today, where I realized what was truly holding me back from reaching my goals. I go hard in the gym and eat well most of the time, what have I been missing? M I N D S E T. Today I looked in the mirror and thought, “Who am I?” Because lately I’ve let anger fill my bones again, and I’m not that person. I’m rebuilding the loving human I once was, and I can’t do that while hating myself. Nobody truly can find happiness if they can’t come to love themselves first, the way you are right NOW not who you want to be. It’s not about the future, yes we are prepping for it but this journey is more about working on your happiness and life, not just getting into a body that you feel comfortable in. It’s more than that, and if you think anything less, THAT’S your problem. It’s about being healthy, living longer and happier, teaching our kids how to be healthy and grow to make great choices, and learning from who we used to be. So when I look back at who I was in 2018, at this person I am now, I will remember that I was a moody person who became exactly what I wanted and more. #momlife #loveyourself #youarebeauty
Veterans...I honor you!! You sacrificed and so have your families! Even your health was affected by this sacrifice... I love talking about ailments that affected your skin whether we meet on your military base or online. When you listen, your rank and pride are open to my direction, and I am able to serve you in return!! I am so thankful that you have allowed me to serve you for over 5 years ♥️and always will!! #liveyourbestlife #happyveteransday #arthritis #eczema #dermatitis #sacrifice #redwhiteandblue #usa
A few months ago, I had a surgery done that drastically altered my state of mind and quality of life in general. Not a minute goes by where I take that privilege for granted. That being said- I am, I was, and I always will be beautiful because beauty is not subject to any standard. It is not tethered to any ideal; it is unbound. You and I, we are beautiful because of the love, unity, and kindness that we are capable of. We are beautiful because we can forgive, grow, and learn. We are beautiful because we sing, dance, write, and create. Our bodies are beautiful because they are made of STAR DUST. ✨ Isn’t THAT beautiful??? Our beauty is not defined by how we measure against one another; our beauty is simply NOT defined.
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⭐️Taking care of Dancer’s Feet this year makes me happy!! They work soooo hard.  Nutcracker, Sugarplum Fairies, and all others!! ⭐️ #oohmyfeet #yeswedothattoo
Kamu punya masalah komedo yg membandel? Flek di wajah? Atau wajah kusam?? *Gentle exfoliating scrub solusinya* Tanpa membuat wajah jadi tipis meskipun di gunakan tiap hari ya.  1. Cukup cuci muka dengan cleanser,  2. lalu lap hingga kering,  3. kemudian oleskan gentle exfoliating scrub ke seluruh wajah 4. Pijat ke seluruh muka terutama area komedo yg membandel. Tunggu 5menit 5. Bilas dengan air bersih  Dan komedo pergi deh 😊🙀 Simple kan? Tanya solusi untuk kulitmu yu WA 089688121244  #scrub #maskerwajah #perawatankulit #kulitkering #kulitnormal #youarebeauty #jafra #skincareherbal #jualperawatankulit