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Day 4 of #leafyourworries challenge is Hand to big toe pose. 😊😊 - 🍂hosts🍂 @shelymas @wellnesschef @aprilannemusic @yoga_blake @thesakurayoga - 🍂sponsors🍂 @confusedgirlla @om_life_oils @vayumudra - 🍂pose list🍂 🍁big toe pose or gorilla pose 🍁extended side angle pose A or B 🍁wide-legged forward bend 🍁 hand to big toe 🍁 half bind lotus forward fold #asana  #yogamom #yogamama #yogagirl  #yogachallenge #yogachallenge2018 #yogachallenges #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenge  #yoga #stopdropandyyoga #yogatime #yogatherapy #yogapractice #handtobigtoepose  #practiceandalliscoming  #yogapassion #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #yogaislife  #instayoga #yogaholic #yogainspiration  #positivevibes #peacefulmind #namaste
These past couple weeks I’ve dialed it back on social media posts, and probably will continue for the next two weeks as well. I’m on my final two week stretch of completing my thesis and finishing my bachelors degree 🤪 Wish me luck 😅🙏🏼 . Outfit: @aloyoga . . . . . . #grateful#yoga#yogini#alo#aloyoga#beagoddess#yogalovers #yogaphotography#yogacommunity#balance#yogateacher#flexible#yogachallenge#intuition#partneryoga#yogaeverywhere#acro#yogaoffthemat#yogaislife#dancer#backbend#heartopener#bendy#graceful
The more I like you. The less patient I am with you.  Why? I guess its my own expectations. Thinking you would know better, be better, act better and when you don't I feel disappointed of myself. That I was wrong about liking you. I guess I want perfection, while myself am so imperfect.  I guess Im so afraid to settle for the 'wrong' one. So, Im impatient with men. 1, 2 behavioural turn  offs. Its all done, I let it float for 2, 3, 4 months to make sure we dont fit and the goodbye follows. It seems no matter what they do. Im telling myself you ll turn out like all average guys or average person. Easy to fall into traps. Easy for me to let go. But then I was right about them too?!! Is it self fullfilling prophecy? Is it choosing misfits on purpose? Am I  just so used to let it go? I dont know. I simply never regrettet to leave, as I was alright about how they will behave the 1,2 turn offs already told me what is about to come. ....I just waited for it.....to fall for your own trap  @tripsonyoga not patient with you. But patiently waits for you to trap yourself 😂  Ps.: thats a settlers area Im looking at in Bethlehem.
Join @jillknouseyoga at the studio 3 days a week now! 💙 Jill teaches: ➡️ Monday ➡️ Wednesday 12-1 and will be subbing for @jessbyoga ➡️Fridays 12-1  while she is on maternity leave! 🙏🕉
So on the night from Saturday to Sunday I cricked my neck and until now I am not able to do much about it. Laying here with my cherrystone pillow sipping my hot chocolate trying to recover. I had a very busy and exhausting last week and I believe it’s just once again a sweet reminder of my body that I should take better care of myself. I am involuntarily cuffed to the sofa and it seems like this is exactly what I need. I feel so tired and muddle from what’s been going on the last three weeks, so this little pause is very welcomed. But what’s really been bussing me is that my mind is playing tricks, telling me I have to work, I have so so MORE, I have to be MORE, I have to constantly do SOMETHING to actually feel like SOMEONE. But you what ? NO! I don’t. I still am. I am. Without work, without money, without any clients or friends or a food over my head. I am everything, I am love, I am my own home, I am growth and light and beauty and I don’t need to do anything to be EXACTLY THAT.  So I’ve you’ve got a mind playing tricks on you, simply don’t let it. You are so much more and you need to know.  Feels like there is a massive shift laying in front of, I can’t grab it yet but it’s coming.. Friends, remember you are loved. 💫
This transformation has been years in the making and I must say I’m super proud of myself. I still have a lifetime of work to do. This is a lifestyle change not a momentary change. Health is wealth and I’m becoming pretty wealthy. #motivationmonday #fitlifestyle #iworkoutsoicaneat #onepoundatatime #lovetheskinyourein #healthiswealth #runningismyhobby #yogaislife #motivationanddedication
we step, we bend, we extend, we take, we keep - we do yoga. but when we allow ourselves to go beyond of the script, and feel, look, listen - we make yoga. we make the reconnection and tune ourselves with the natural beauty in us. we make a dance from action to surrender💚🍃🌾🌼
Get better every day!👊❤️🙆 ⠀ Thoughts? ⤵💬 👣@Shapelily 🙆 🔥💞 ⠀
What if your office looked like this? . Be YOU and allow your life to mold around that vs. molding YOU around your life 😳 . When we began creating our life by our own design, the Revelation Generation way, we knew we desired to be deep within nature every single day. . It wasn’t a question of what was every one else doing that was ‘successful’... it was a matter of asking ourselves what brought us the most joy? And how can we experience that every single day? . What does your dream office look like? 🌴
Good day!!! 😊  M otivation O ptimism N ourish D elight A chieve Y oga  #happymonday . . . I was waiting for everyone to arrive and scanning through my class sequence as usual. Didn’t realize how serious I looked till I got this photo from a student😝, thanks @moxistudio.co . . . #morningyoga #mindfulness #instayoga #yoga #happymonday #vancouveryoga #yogi #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #yogadaily #yogapractice #yogaislife #yogalove #yvryoga #yogacommunity #yogafit #yogagirl #yogainspiration #yogajournal #yogalifestyle #mindbodysoul #namaste #vancouveryogateacher #igyoga #yogavancouver #vancouverfitness#yogafam #positivevibes
Day 1 is upward facing dog 🐕💕👌🏻 Wearing my favourite leggings from @vaymudra ❤️❤️❤️ #heartsopenforfall .  Hosts @yoglove  @cassydoesyoga  @supermyca  @_clarityoga_ . . Sponsors  @vayumudra  @mystic_sprout  @remedyherbs  @urbanizedbeauty  @earthlingsbrand  @vibratehigherofficial  @mala_lesateliersdebrahma . . Pose lineup: 🍂 1) Cobra / Up dog / King cobra 🍂2) Wild thing 🍂3) Camel 🍂4) Standing backbend 🍂5) Bow 🍂6) Puppy 🍂7) Wheel 🍂8) King pigeon / Mermaid
Day 1 is down dog 🐕💕👌🏻 #invertorbend5  Wearing my favourite leggings from @vaymudra ❤️❤️❤️ Hosts: @__sil_06 @kittyfhloe . . Sponsors: @vayumudra @szmalas @thesamadhiinitiative @yobaby_hk @narabellabra .  List of poses: Day 1: Downdog/Standing backbend Day 2: Crow/Bow Day 3: Headstand/Dancer Day 4: Pincha/Hero Day 5: Handstand/King pigeon Day 6: Any funky inversion/Cobra Day 7: Your choice
Oh come on it’s Monday not Domsday. Make it a great one!! #mondayvibes #mondaymotivation
• ✖ 🌺STRIP DOWN ASANAS 6🌺 ✖ •WINNERS🍃WINNERS🍃WINNERS• ✖ Strip Down Asanas has become more of a movement than an IG yoga challenge. With each round we watch participants grow in confidence- inside and out. Your voices grow louder, your pictures and words become bolder. The support and connections we see happening in the gallery grow deeper and more real. We are so grateful for everyone that has helped turn this into something so meaningful and bigger than ourselves... • THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us for round 6 of Strip Down Asanas! It is an honor to host such a meaningful challenge and it really means the world to us to see so many of you wholeheartedly participate! • Thank you for being patient with us as we faced the nearly impossible task of choosing winners. Without further delay... ✖  CONGRATULATIONS TO... • @gypsyrain7 👉🏼 We’d like to give a special shout out to this girl right here for genuinely supporting and showing love to so many participants in the gallery! You will receive both a drawing from @yeskis4king & a piece from @earthshinestones! 💜 • @haley_b7910 👉🏼 @yeskis4king • @monikakuriata & @pacificyogi 👉🏼 @nicow56 • @bellachandra1113 & @sassyjoy77 👉🏼 @soter_bentes • @leslielovespotatoes & @quiet_n_quirky 👉🏼 @minkmadeandfound • Please contact your sponsor directly to claim your prize! Congrats again, and thank you for being such amazing humans! • #stripdownasanas7 will start on January 7th so keep an eye out for a flyer towards the end of the year! In the mean time, feel free to join us weekly for #stripdownsundays as an outlet for self expression and a source of support and inspiration in your continued journey towards self love! 🌺
#hajiyogachallenge :: DAY 2 :: Tree/Vrksasana . . Sometimes yoga happens in the middle of living life! My beautiful life required that I pick up my favorite 15yr old niece Kierra, and drive her to school on the north side at 6:45am this morning. Ki is a rockstar gymnast + budding yogi, so I thought it’d be fun to get her to join in the challenge. We stopped for tea + bagels and snapped this pic at the cafe. . . Me + Ki are in the HALF LOTUS TREE POSE. Swipe left for a bent tree variation that may be more accessible. If your knees/hips aren’t ready for 1/2 lotus. ⬅️ . . 1/2 Lotus Tree pose opens hips, strengthens ankles + improves balance. It’s the precursor to the bound 1/2lotus forward fold + toe stand (also love). . Here are directions for both trees:  To practice the Tree, start in mountain pose. Take a few deep breaths and energetically affirm how grounded you are, how much you BELONG right where you are . . When you’re ready, inhale and lift your leg up toward your chest. Spin the leg outward from the hip and assist your heel in pressing to the upper inner thigh. Push foot to thigh + thigh muscles to foot equally to stabilize. Bring hands together at the heart. Imagine a golden thread attached at the crown of your head that’s held on the other end (in the ether) by an ancestor, spirit guide, angel or anyone invested in your uprightness. Breathe + observe. If you feel good here, try lifting arms above the head. After a few breaths, try adding a lateral side bend to your tree by arching in the direction of the bent knee. Move from your core + avoid locking out the standing knee. . . For for 1/2 lotus tree, assist your lifted foot in moving from inner thigh to front of thigh. You might be able to point your toes + aim them toward your hip crease. Push your foot against your upper thigh + send your bent knee toward the earth. Tuck the tail s+ lift the crown. Any arm position goes here. Have fun with it! . This is one of those poses that makes me