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Loving others also when they don't like you or the hamred you in the past is hard. Trust me. But from my own experience I can tell you that if you try, God will come and help you so it will much easier. Trust God and ask him for help.  #jesus #jesuslovesyou #jesuschrist #loveothers #love #luke #newtestament #dogood #spreadlove #god #godlovesyou #godwillhelpyou #romanchatolic #insperation #godslove #godlovesus #forgive #forgivethepast #christianpictures #christian #belive #worthyoflove
What do we need to surrender to today?  People pleasing and stubbornness  Ok this may not resonate with everyone and the energy I’m connecting with is very specific so if it doesn’t resonate don’t take it.... what I’m getting is that this person has gotten themselves caught up in a role... it may have started by trying to prove themselves to someone else but it has turned into a habit of being passive and submissive without this person even consciously being aware they are doing this.... this has maybe made this person take a back seat to their own lives and now spirit is saying step up and step into your truth.  So stubbornness comes in because I’m seeing this person being on the defensive and unable to see this and this person although a very loving giving person doesn’t see the problem but also doesn’t see the glory of how wonderful their life could be if they were receiving what they so desperately give to others.... spirit wants this person to know they don’t owe anyone anything and the freedom that comes with surrendering these habits will only bring about blessings because you will be in alignment with your truth.🙏🏻
The number 1 rule of self care - GIVE 👏YOURSELF👏GRACE! It's ok to miss a day. It's ok to fuck up. It's ok to fail...it takes time to find what feels good....actually, scratch my last...this should be the number 1 rule OF👏 ALL👏 TIME👏. If we forgave ourselves and admitted we are humans with flaws, embraced them AND forgave ourselves for them, how revolutionary would that be for our mental health?! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
TU sei degno di amore. La ferita più dolorosa non è il non essere amati, ma il ritenersi non degni di amore. #love #worthyoflove #amarsi #pensierodelgiorno #pensieropositivo #thinkpositive #staystrong #therapy #emdrmodena #psicologamodena #patriziaintravaia
This is why most of my besties were dudes.  Simple. Real. True AF. They call you out on your BS, tell no one, but you. Tell you to man up, own your $h1+, get back in the game of life, and STILL consider you as nothing less,  than their "bro" .  IMAGINE, how unstoppable we would be as women, if we did that for one another every damn time? We could actually become a fierce small gang, with really effing cool jackets. #justdontfixmycrookedbaseballhat  #wcwpost #wisdomwednesday #empoweringwomen  #letsbuildupnotcrushdown #celebratewhatyoulovenothate  #onlywhenourcrownisslipping #worthyoflove #positivevibesonly  #girlpower #influencers
Trusting in the Lord daily for ALL MY NEEDS!! #perseverence #desireofmyheart #worthyoflove #heisenoughforme #thedanielprayer #lovethelordwithallyourheart
When you wish the best for all who cross your path, the universe brings the best to you. #worthyoflove 🙏❤️🧘‍♀️
There are days that I’ve wondered if I’ve been forgotten. I mean, don’t we all have those days? We wonder if anyone cares or if God motives us?  In the middle of those days, it’s so hard to get out of our “funk,” and believe that e are worth it, but WE ARE! We are loved, cared about, watched over and very important. Don’t let doubt inside your head! Believe that you are worth it!  www.lemonadebrain.com . . . . . #betterlife #potential #loveyourself #riseandgrind #quotes #important #motivate #selfcare #selflove #worthy #worthyoflove #believeinyourself
Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worth it  #worth #worthit #worthyoflove #worthy #selflove #selfcare #selfcarefirst #loveyourself #loveyou #takecareofyourself #takecare #bornworthy
The last week I truly feel I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off of my face! I’ve just been living. I’ve been saying yes to so much more, organising road trips, making new friends, having new experiences, working on my amazing body, swimming, listening to music, shining my bright light, smiling, laughing, thinking and visualising an epic future, completely immersing myself in the now and just truly creating myself. Something has changed and I’m feeling a happiness return within me I didn’t know I was capable of having! It’s really crazy what can happen to your life when you make a decision and get out of your own way. Let go of the things, people, feelings that no longer align with your soul/destiny and just decide to LIVE. It’s empowering and bloody exciting! The butterflies in my tummy are from the excitement for life I’ve never felt before and my new roller skates 🙊 @impalarollerskates  Just out here living my best life, minding my own business and smiling like mad ✨ I started to believe there was more to life - damn grateful I made the leap and am now seeing what is truly possible for me! I’ve let go of the anchor that was holding me back and now I’m unstoppable 🔥 #impalaskates #rollerskates #selfadmiration #believeinyourself #home #beautiful #bliss #serene #happiness #joy #freedom #livingmybestlife #enjoyeverymoment #smile #confidence #happiness #respect #selfcare #grateful #selfdevelopment #powerful #empowering #soloadventurethroughlife #bestversionofme #worthyoflove #positivetransformation #powerfulexperiences
Hey! If you’re new here check out my #selfcompassionmovement  We need to be kind to ourselves to be able to be kind to others. We need to treat ourselves like we want others to treat us. Not the other way around.  I constantly see how easily someone goes into self sabotaging mode when something goes wrong. It’s automatic.  If you notice yourself getting stuck here, just become aware of the behavior. You might not catch it all the time, and it’s okay! Creating awareness now can lead to a future where you have more compassion and empathy for yourself.  Practice today!!! ✨💫 #emotionallyfocusedtherapy #eft #worthyoflove #suejohnson #ptsd #lmft #suicidepreventionawareness #mentalhealthsupport #onlinetherapist #anxietyrelief #depression #connection #courage #vulnerability #compassion #empathy #meditation #mindfulness #crossfit #couragewod #veterans #breathing #healing #staypositive #nyc #litchfieldct #newtownstrong #yoga #brenebrown
You are so strong. ••• You have everything you need to face what is going on. ••• You are strong beyond measure. ••• You can do anything for a finite period of time. ••• And these challenges will expire. ••• Your Spirit cannot be compromised. ••• You. Are. Divine. 💜💜💜 #yogateacher #positiveaffirmations #worthy #worthyoflove
I Am Home!! America is the land of my ancestors and it is my people's birthright!! • • • RepostSave @gullah_carolina with @repostsaveapp • ・・ 👸🏾KNOW IT!!! 🙌🏾 • • • #chosengoddess🧝🏾‍♀️🎇 #divergent 🧠  #phoenixrising🔥 #divinefemininedivinemasculine 👫🏾 #lightandshadows #loveandwar💙 #beautifulwombman #worthyoflove #musiclover #teacher #autochthonousamerican🏹 #indigenous🐢  #ancestors 🌌 #royalty👸🏾 #protected #longlife #birthrightandmanifestations #healthy #wealth #mychildrenwholehealthyhappy #grateful #knowthyself👁 #balanceiskey ✡☯️ #growth #healthyselfriseup #unitenowmypeople🌎 (TheRewardsAreSweeter) #soulfulliving #warriorstatus🐢🐺🦁 #cinderalla👰🏾 #happilyeverafter 🙌🏾
RepostSave @gullah_carolina with @repostsaveapp ・・・ 👸🏾KNOW IT!!! 🙌🏾 FOR MY PEOPLE!! • • • #chosengoddess🧝🏾‍♀️🎇 #divergent 🧠  #phoenixrising🔥 #divinefemininedivinemasculine 👫🏾 #lightandshadows #loveandwar💙 #beautifulwombman #worthyoflove #musiclover #teacher #autochthonousamerican🏹 #indigenous🐢  #ancestors 🌌 #royalty👸🏾 #protected #longlife #birthrightandmanifestations #healthy #wealth #mychildrenwholehealthyhappy #grateful #knowthyself👁 #balanceiskey ✡☯️ #growth #healthyselfriseup #unitenowmypeople🌎 (TheRewardsAreSweeter) #soulfulliving #warriorstatus🐢🐺🦁 #cinderalla👰🏾 #happilyeverafter 🙌🏾
Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey ~ s. mcnutt 🌻 #selflove #journey #respect #deservebetter #deservehappiness #powerfulexperiences #worthyoflove #positivetransformation #compassionforself #bestversionofme #authenticliving #livelife #blessed #bath #selfadmiration #saltlamp #sagecleansing #petals #romantic #grateful
Guys, Men, Boys, —- Actually Fuck that— eeryybodyyyyyyy!  #listenup |The Power Of Communication|  We are all human and sharing your heart {no matter how much you share} is challenging. Fear comes up. Along with anything else that we may >not< be facing, such as: insecurity, distrust, fear of rejection, approval from others- x, y, z— whatever comes ups for y o u. #heartopener  Communication provides clarity, trust, a deeper understanding, bonding— and it is so beautiful to share your heart with someone who just wants to see it and share their heart back. #energetics  Words are energetic spells that we cast, taking into account the intention and emotion behind the expression. #conciouslanguage ✨A promising way to call in what your heart t r u l y desires is to l i s t e n to your heart and s p e a k on it’s behalf✨  You are W O R T H Y. #worthyoflove #listen 👂🏼
When you give yourself permission to do what you love, it will ignite your soul.  I’ve gone on and off with my passions and heart’s desires in my life.  When it’s off it was because I felt disconnected from my truth, which fed into old childhood programming around not good enough, not talented enough, don’t feel safe, what will they think.  They’re all stories of the ego and past traumas and conditioning.  The deepest work we’ll EVER do, is the mindset work.  Because the human condition is set up where we have that negative voice and people messing with our secret and not so secret dreams.  For me the BIGGEST thing all of us can do is to give ourselves permission to f**king shine our lights, stand for our hearts and spirits, and the people who can’t deal with all the light because they’re stuck on their own fears get to step aside.  The way to change the world, is to step into your power, own your truth, do what you were created to do through the callings of your heart, which is a direct line to God, and then lead, and live with LOVE, vulnerability, and courage.  The more you love yourself enough to BE authentic, and GIVE YOUR GIFTS, the more YOU will be aligned to the Divine, and give other people permission to shine their own lights.  Today is the day.  Draw the line.  No more hiding, no more dimming your spark, no more people pleasing, no more playing small, and no more you aren’t worthy BS.  You are SO WORTHY.  I believe in you.  I SEE you.  And YOU MATTER.  NOW, it’s time, YOU GET TO SHINE.  @scottbrandonhoffman . . . . #worthy #worthyoflove #dowhatyoulove #liveyourtruth #followyourheart #selflove #selfesteem #woke #higherconsciousness #empoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #empowerment #consciouscreator #creativeexpression #selfexpression #meditation #gratitude #singer #singers #singersongwriter #singersongwriters #artistsofinstagram #personalpower #selfhelp #personaldevelopment #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmindset #princeea
Back in September-  I wasn’t looking for anyone...I was healing from a broken soul and heart..being told from an ex I was worth nothing. Gradually months went by...we fell for each other♥️ you showed me I was worthy of love-told me I deserve happiness and adventures...and to never ever look back.  Thank you for loving a broken women- I’m on my way back up ♥️ . . #andsuddenlyallthelovesongswereaboutyou #unexpectedlove #unexpectedlovestory #lovestory #loveagain #lovequotes #lovequotesforhim #lovestoryquotes #lovequotes #love #loveyou #loveislove #lovelive #worthyoflove #newlovequotes #quotesofinspiration #inspirationalquotes #liveyourlife #lovehimsomuch #lovehimtopieces #lovehim❤ #happygirlsaretheprettiest #loveafterdivorce
Honesty all the way.... . . . #cultivating#self#compassion #honesty#clearview#worthyoflove#newlife#thrive 💫
Dear soul ... I promise 💫 . . #cultivating#self#compassion #clearview#worthyoflove#newlife#thrive 💖
The true story behind this beautiful picture is that since the new year started I had been feeling very very down having to overcome something almost every minute of the day. And honestly I was TIRED weary and defended so today I made a choice that no matter how self conscious I was or anything else I was going to choose to see myself as  beautiful. Tonight I was a princess I called myself and Cinderella tonight begin the journey that I have plan to embrace being a princess and a queen because I am.
There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, that will be the beginning. You have survived everything you thought you couldn’t at this point. The best days of your life are yet to come. Remain strong, remain focus. You got this, you can do anything you set your mind to. Never limit yourself and your abilities. No matter how tough life is for you right now, remember God is always there. Focus on what you want. Change your mind set to possibilities, positive energy and watch your life change. They power of prayer is so strong, ask for guidances. We serve an awesome God!! Remain strong, humble, focus and with faith that everything is going to work out for you. Affirm great things to happen in your life. Have Faith in God! Never ever lose your Faith. . ✨She’s everything despite, it all✨ . #selfconfidence #her #happiness #strong #strongwomen #lifeisbeautiful #independentwoman #manifesting #themangodhasforyou #todayisanewday #realtalk #queen #cherisheverymoment #realwomenonly #truth #reallove #positivemindset #positiveaffirmations #consistent #motivation #worthyoflove #thoughtoftheday #positivemindset #motivateyourself #dominicana #dowhatmakesyouhappy #encourageeachother #sucess #affirmations #remainhumble #happinessandpeace
{“Three”- Sleeping at Last} This is in front of my bed right now so I’ve been staring at it a lot lately since I’ve been sick. For the parts of us that desire recognition, ambition, and success, this is such a powerful statement to hear. You are WORTHY OF LOVE ANYWAY- no matter what. #sleepingatlast #three #enneagram #enneagram3 #worthyoflove #love #inspiration #ifs #mentalhealth #encouragement
Slow down, breathe and take time out for you. If you need help disconnecting from your devices and re-connecting to yourself PM me ❤
🌃 Amidst a cold & harsh snow flurry of mess-ups & mistakes, of shouldas & shoulda-nots, of relationship & circumstance turned ugly, of the low valleys we all walk through... 🌃 There’s still & always this lining of shining silver, this wide world of some good & some beauty & some blessing & some wisdom to soak up... 🌃 And with it a hope & a deep knowledge that each of us, you & me flawed & broken mortals, we also come with the silver a shining, thin & humble though it may be, difficult to see even with a squint, at times, during the valleys. | 🌃 But the shining sliver reminds, *I AM NOT MY MISTAKES.* WE are not our mistakes. We were made for more than our bad days (even months or years). For if we are still alive, there is hope yet. | 🌃 The world will remind us, label, judge harshly. We get it, we get it. Some of these judgments will be earned. BUT. They will be overcome. We will choose better each day anyway, no matter what they say. We will choose better love. We will expect better love. | 🌃 For despite our shortcomings, we are worthy of love. We are worthy of life full with hope & joy & exploration & wonder & forgiveness & acceptance & friendship & all those simple but core things that are all anybody really wants in this world. | 🌃 I think that, no matter what, if we are still seekers seeking highest & best, we are still worthy. | . . . 🌃 (Amanda, Latin, “worthy of love”)
#tuesdaythoughts  What is your favorite song?  Put the YouTube link in the comments.
New love coming in for the masculine... what will connect him to this feminine? (Right off the bat I will say this is a major lesson for the masculine, sorry masculine kind of harsh) What I am getting is that because time is here and is depicted with many clocks many gears there are suns moons flags owls candles roosters birds the number 10 wow.... this masculine knows the feminine and time is huge in this connection... there has been growth and change and cycles and what I’m getting is that time has slipped by or time is running out but I feel the situation is tricky and the masculine just blends into the background and keeps quiet.  Spirit is saying masculine this is blessed there is a purpose and maybe you will see that before time runs out.  Pay attention to eyes they have a message.  Masculine where is your true north?  This compass is here to show you the way to divine union.  Spirit is saying you know it’s divine because you are clairvoyant and you are guided to grow your spirituality and listen to what your guides are trying to show you in dreams or your 3rd eye or meditations or even the feeling of your energy... how does the feminine affect your health your energy?  Masculine you haven’t had your ahh ha moment because you don’t trust what you see.  The snake is hear to let you know that just because you don’t eat the forbidden fruit doesn’t mean your not a snake.... sorry but would eating the fruit make you more authentic?  What is the reason you sacrifice yourself when clearly spirit is saying this path this feminine is the answer to divine love.  Masculine spirit wants you to know you deserve love and healing and when you see that perspective you will discover life isn’t so black and white and only when we do right by ourselves can we do right by others... masculine you are powerful and you know your purpose is much greater than what your living and if you don’t want to fulfill your destiny that is your free will. This message will not
It takes His Living Word to bring the hearer's heart to Life, and it takes His power to bless the seed that is sown. But make no mistake, the more you are in the presence of the Lord, the more of His powerful anointing others will hear in your words, and that sets you apart. Where you are at right now, right where you are standing in your life.. you can be the light ✨ . . . “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16 // #hertrueworth #worthyisshe
My daily message to my students on today turned out to be a MESSAGE to self....now I share with you all.....may it reach the soul(s) who need this push. #blissup (1 Peter 2:9) • • • #chosengoddess🧝🏾‍♀️🎇 #divergent 🧠  #phoenixrising🔥 #divinefemininedivinemasculine 👫🏾 #lightandshadows #loveandwar💙 #beautifulwombman #worthyoflove #musiclover #teacher #autochthonousamerican🏹 #indigenous🐢  #ancestors 🌌 #royalty👸🏾 #protected #longlife #birthrightandmanifestations #healthy #wealth #mychildrenwholehealthyhappy #grateful #knowthyself👁 #balanceiskey ✡☯️ #growth #healthyselfriseup #unitenowmypeople🌎 (TheRewardsAreSweeter) #warriorstatus🐢🐺🦁 #cinderalla👰🏾 #happilyeverafter 🙌🏾
Hello friends!  To those whom I’ve just met and those long cherished,  Thank you for supporting and opening your hearts to me and my heart-work. That's truly what this is for me. All of this. Heart-work. I have no desire to do anything else.  It's been a journey of curating knowledge, experiences, shortcomings, practice, dedication, and now, has become a creation of what I feel most deeply within.  To be of service.  If you have any questions about what exactly I do, my message, or my offerings, feel free to reach out to me or to browse my page, past videos, posts, or even my blog where I share some of my writings and insights.  I hope that even if you are just a curious onlooker, my stories and my content can inspire you to live and create your life to it's fullest expression. Whatever that means to you.  With love and deep gratitude, Darby Sherman 🌱
New love coming in for the feminine.... what is going to connect her to this masculine?  First thing to come through is all about energy.  You may see repeated signs or receive messages that sync with your thoughts or something someone has spoken.  For some this is someone returning from the past after they have gone through a rebirth or an awakening.  For others this is the feminine walking her destined path and reinventing herself. The main message though is for the feminine to be in her power to embrace her feminine energy and to use her intuition to guide her and as she walks in her light she will attract her mirror or masculine to her like a magnet. Next we have this masculine coming forward to offer a gift or gesture to the feminine.  What I’m getting is the feminine is still holding on to things in the past that have not been healed and she has a fear of this masculine coming toward her and she has a fear of making the wrong choice. What spirit wants her to know is that everything has happened to lead her here and she is a warrior and her journey is to teach others and help others that have gone through similar experiences as her.  As she works on her self and her path she will be able to make room for this new person to come in but she must create healthy boundaries and love herself first. Last message is the feminine is ascending and as she does it’s time for her to choose the path of enlightenment or her souls journey over the lower vibrational life and situations that held her back... once she closes the door and the choice is made without doubt because the healing has been done she will move into a feeling Of exhilaration and freedom and her soul will be set free and she will grow and all the magic within her will be unleashed and able to touch and heal others.  This feminine has a divine mission and that is to be her focus... the masculine that she is connecting with may be someone she meets through school or work she may travel for work and they
Happy New Year instagram family. I know it's probably too late for this and I've not been a good family member to all the people that are following me and perhaps, those that I'm following too. But I'm working on being consistent here. I've missed everyone here so much, your comments and DMS.  I've been stucked and confused for a while now because I've been obsessed about trying to attain perfection - a perfect instagram account especially which has been draining, happiness sapping and and has prevented me from sharing life and lessons I've learnt from it in the course of my journey with you here.  I've built quite a little community of like-minded people here and I was about to let it go because I felt my account wasn't perfect. So I'm back after realising that the perfect Instagram account isn't my goal, having a spotless and perfect brand isn't amongst my core goals, my goal is to help women live life beyond their wildest dreams and outside any limiting beliefs, love themselves, develop into their truest version and heal from they things they have to heal from and live a happy and healthy life, if in the process of doing that I become a brand, fine.  From this experience, I've learnt that: what the drive for perfection does is, hold you back, hold you back from living, hold you back from experiencing life where you are and as you are (the now) and learn the lessons you have to learn inorder to move forward and become better. The endless strive for perfection is your fear and insecurities manifesting themselves. Perfection isn't attainable. Perfection is stagnation. Perfection isn't authentic, it's a myth. Life only gets better in the process because of all the lessons you'll acquire and the opportunities you'll jump into and the ones that will come your way in the process. Life only gets better, not perfect. So move with the flow of life, learn your lessons, move forward. • • • • • • • • • • • • #selfloveiskey #selfvalue #selfawareness
Life is full of lessons I plan to learn as much as I can and to share with those in need! I love learning everyday but, more so, I love living! Celebrate life! Shot by my son @marcusg.official #blessedandhighlyfavored #lifeslessons #blackbeauty #jump #buzzfeed #worthyoflove #loveyourself #kryolan #wigtypes #prettywoman #look #icon #beauty #werrrkdotcom
you have this idea in your head that the only time you’re worthy of being loved is when you’re at your best.  you’re still worthy of being loved when you’re at your lowest.  you’re still worthy of being loved when you don’t want to go on anymore.  you’re still worthy of being loved even when you don’t love yourself.  you are a person and therefore always worthy of being loved  don’t you fool yourself into thinking otherwise. . . #cats #cartoon #tomandjerrymemes #findyourself #poetry #prose #writer #selflove #heartbreak #mentalhealth #womenwhowrite #poetryofig #instaprose #lovestories #life #selfcare #wordporn #instapoetry #worthyoflove #writersofinstagram #spilledink #poetsociety #cute #soulmates #naked #intimate #selfworth #lovers
Snow can be so amazing!
How we all should be. Not everyone belongs in our heart space. #protectyourheartspace #protectyourenergy #selflove #worthyoflove #loveenergy #bediscerning #thegatesofyourheart #selfloving #selfloveissacred #selflovejourney #youdeservelove #youdeservetofeelsafe  Repost @philgoodlife 🙏🏻💖
✨Things don’t start changing, transforming, and showing up in your life when you feel ready. It all starts happening when you feel WORTHY. Repeat that to yourself a few times. Hi 👋 here’s your invitation to join the #declareyourworth challenge. It’ll be 5 day challenge starting next Monday! Each day we’ll be covering a different area (relationships, health, career, etc) and declaring (with a post or video) your worth! We’ll also be checking in on if there’s anything you’re allowing in your life that directly contradicts that declaration. So are you in!?!? Comment below with “I’m in” or tag a friend who should join! Instructions are on the way, I’ll post them here or message me with your email ❤️✨
@positivityimprint_lifecoaching #positivityimprint_lifecoaching  #hvanderpuije Remember to appreciate all that is around you. Nature has so much joy to give us on a daily basis if we will stop to watch, listen, touch, taste, and smell. The gift of this awareness is that we stop worrying so much about what’s going on inside ourselves. It is the gift of the present.  Love and accept yourself as you are so that you are open to receiving love. Sure, you might want to lose weight or be more positive or more confident, but you are still worthy. You don’t need to prove anything to approve of yourself. Letting in love makes you lovable.  Don’t be too busy feeling sorry for yourself (or judging yourself) to make room for others’ comfort. Don’t be too stoic to accept help. Don’t beat yourself up, thinking that you have to pull yourself out of your own mess or that you must do the hard yards alone.  Allow yourself to be forgiven by others, and most importantly, allow yourself to forgive your own mistakes. You are only human.  #lifecoaching #worthyoflove #lifecoachingtips #dailyquotesforyou  #thankfulquotes #senseofdirection #positivemindset #emotionalintelligence #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes  #blessings #wordsofwisdom #wordsofencouragement #wordsofenlightenment #wordstoliveby #dailyquotes #shinebright #entrepreneur #positiveaffirmations #coach
⚠️WARNING ⚠️ The problem with #transformationtuesday pictures are that they focus on one area...our outside appearance! - Cool Karen, you learned how to eat salads and exercise (sarcasm aside I promise...). But what about INTERNAL transformation? That's hard to put in a picture. I wish we could see our brains in our two pictures. - They go hand in hand. When we change our *mindset* and systems and focus on hormones and gut health - usually an annoying side effect (sarcasm again) is weight loss, better skin, better sleep, more self love, etc. - So take out the elliptical & avocado bowls in transforming pictures. Yes! Nutrition & movement is like 80% of transformation! But the way to *keep* that weight off and our outsides looking and feeling sustained is by changing OUR BRAINS. 🌱 Our habits. 🌱 Our view of food. 🌱 Our Environment. - The cool thing? I can help with that. I have gone through these mindset changes personally and KEPT the weight off (once again...an annoying side effect of getting my stuff together) bcuz I fixed my brain first. Brain games are fun and all but not when they mess with our quality of life. - Reach out to me sister. I had a support team to help me get outa my spiralling funk. It's time for you to get out too. DM me and we will talk about a plan to HEAL your life and not cover it with a patch or supplement.
Embrace your season of new and unapologetically enjoy it!  You deserve it! #selfcare #selflove #motivation #encouraging #growth #love #worthyoflove #noholdingback #writers #writerscommunity #writing #writingcommunity #poetry #poetrybooks #openmic
I no longer want to feel ashamed when I want to get glam just for the heck of it and feel good about myself. I have hidden my entire life behind an insecure veil that says “Thank you” to compliments but does not believe them. I want to challenge my mind to really filter my negative thoughts about myself and shut that shit down before it manifests into an actual belief. Self-love is the most important because loathing yourself never allows you to accept love from anyone else. Are you actually loving yourself? #selflove #flawed #worthyoflove #brokenandbeautiful
Follow your heart ❤️ It is guiding you to love, passion, abundance and truth.....
What if I told you dating didn't have to be so disappointing? • What if you went on dates that were actually fun instead of dates that made you want to poke your eyes out? • What if you gave zero fucks if someone ghosted you because you knew they clearly weren't right for you anyway and they actually did you a favor? • What if you were able to communicate your expectations and needs so well that you became a master at weeding out the people who are a big hell no and more easily came across people who are a big hell yes? • What if navigating the important conversations and first s*xual encounters didn't make you nervous AF? • Well, my friend. You're in luck. Dating *doesn't* have to be hard. It can be *extremely* fun. You *can* get to a place of such high self-worth that you don't take it personally if someone can't meet you where you're at. In fact, you can get to a place where you're attracting fewer and fewer people who aren't in alignment with where you're at, and finally meet the one(s) who is/are. AND you can become so confident that all of the things that make you nervous about dating and entering a new relationship are suddenly a piece of cake. • But...you might need some help getting there. And that's okay, 'cause we're not taught this stuff and it's pretty damn hard to master by ourselves. Cue: me 🙋🏻‍♀️’Cause this shit is my JAM. • If you're ready for all of the above, I'm ready to guide you there. My clients leave my coaching programs as their most confident, fully expressed selves. They attract high-quality partners. They go after what they want — in partners, in the bedroom, in their entire life, because they have no doubt that they deserve it. • If this resonates with you and you're feeling lit the eff up about the possibility of all this and more, head to the link in my bio to set up a free phone consult with me. No pressure — just some time for us to get acquainted with one another, ask and answer questions, and see
✊🏾 Never forget. Who's gonna love the black woman forreal, forreal. #blackwoman #blackwomen #historyinpictures #historical #loveablackwoman  #bigfactstho💪💪👊👊👌👌✌✌👏👏😛😛😍😍😀😀😘😘😂😂😚😚😙😙😎😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #worthy #worthyoflove
One of the things I've learned over the years, is...nothing really worth it, is ever easy.  Life gets really hard sometimes. The struggle and conflict of daily life can be unbearable.  How many times do we have to start over, to figure it out?  Is somebody up there trying to tell us something?  Maybe it's time we surrender...and just listen.  Your life has meaning. You are worthy of being known and loved.  You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be the best YOU, you can be.  Maybe what you've done in the past, has been just enough to get by, to survive...to tread water.  Has it worked? Are you happy?  In order to have something different, you have to DO something different.  Sometimes you're afraid and that's okay. You still need to do it. Do it afraid. Eventually, the trembling will subside and you'll be okay.  Isn't it funny that when people get angry, they seem to be able to plow right through fearful situations? It's not necessarily anger, but...determination, that catapults, steamrolls you through anything standing in the way.  Think about these things.  Remember, hard is never gonna be easy. It WILL be worth it though...just like you...worth it.  Carry On and Begin Again!  #struggle #fear #conflict #worthit #worthy #worthyoflove #afraid #survive #love
How you Talk to yourself matters. Replace your negative self talk with uplift. I promise you’ll start believing more positive things about yourself. #worthyofevolving #journeytoselflove
Thai Curry Veggie Noodles with Chicken . 🌟Here is a recipe that I tried over the holidays🎄 with my family and it was a hit. To save time on prep, buy pre-spiralized veggies and shredded cabbage. . 🌟Full disclosure: my son would not have enjoyed this as shown. 🤫I mixed angel hair pasta with those veggies and he still got a great serving of veggies. . 🌟One more tip: make sure to use a rolling pin or meat mallet to bang the chicken 🐓 out to about 1/2“-3/4“ uniform thickness or it will take much longer to cook than shown. . 🌟Let me know what you guys think! 🤔I hope it’s a winner for your family too!
New day... new beginnings... #begreaterthanyesterday #valueyourself #justdoit✔️ #worthyoflove
💕✨🌟🧘‍♀️🙏💫🦋🐬☀️ #repost @emmanueldagherofficial with @download_repost ・・・ Be gentle with yourself. You're doing the best you can. If this resonates with you, tag someone you care about.  #selflove #selfcare #healing #happiness #empower #empowering #kindness #namaste #spiritualawakening #selfworth #worthyoflove #worthy #anchorlight #ancientteachings #beyourself #beyou #consciousliving  #goforthedream #lawofattraction #conceivebelieveachieve #lookfabulousfeelfabulousbefabulous #fabulouslife101
Kitchen is starting to feel a lot better and I’m only half way through but struggling to carry on now #mentalhealthawareness #konmarimethod #mentalhealth #cleanhomecleanmind🤗💆 #worthyoflove #selfcare
“And leave my greatest failures on display, with an asterisk... . . *worthy of love anyway”