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STILL SPINNING . . I gave you wings now you're flying away. How long 'til you come back to me? How long can I sit and wait? When will you right your mistakes? . . After completing last weeks homework earlier today and then sharing what’s been coming up for me this week on tonight’s call I was feeling really vulnerable and exposed. I wasn’t feeling the pull to journal but I’ve got a plan to do some writing tomorrow. So I just chilled out and did some other things (the human things, outside of the personal/self development/spiritual world things) but then I felt drawn to pull a card. I was going to only pull one, but two flew out and that’s what I went with. And my thoughts: okay universe, I hear you. . . Without going too deep with what I’m working on just yet: Speak up. Self care. . . #workyourlight #oraclecards #reading #candle #crystals #rosequartz #selenite #citrine
💎———————————————————————— The books and cards are out today ✨🦋 & i always make sure i keep a crystal on top. My beautiful celestite heart 💙 ———————————————————————— Celestite carries a gentle and uplifting energy that connects you to the higher realms. Celestite should be kept in a bedroom to alow Angels into the space promoting restful sleep and dreams. Celestite is a perfect stone to give to babies and children. Celestite alows you to communicate with your guardian angels. ———————————————————————— Since celestite has been in my home iv noticed signs, my angel wings move on their own and there’s noway people or my dogs go near them because they are in a corner of my room. I have non stop seen the number 11, which is an angel number. ————————————————————————All of my books and cards have been purchased on @amazonukonline ———————————————————————— #workyourlight by @rebeccathoughts  #lightisthenewblack by @rebeccathoughts  #bookoftarot by @starchildtarot  #goddesspower by @colettebaron_reid ———————————————————————— . . . . . #crystalchild #crystalhealing #earthchild #witchy #igdaily #oraclecards #followtrick #instantfollowers #crystalmagic #earthangel #tarotcards #moonchild #blogbabes #crystalcollector #1111 #dailytarot #dailyoracle #londongirls #celestite #lifestyleblog #londonblogger #oraclereading #moonology #angelsigns #crystalcommunity #crystalobsession
Today was all about restoring, holding space and serving. ⁣ ⁣ I hosted two workshops this afternoon, TWO! I am so unbelievably grateful to all the beautiful yoginis who came along and trusted me to guide them on a journey of rest and self enquiry. ⁣ ⁣ July’s Aroma Restore workshop theme was empowered. We explored Clove essential oil and it’s properties, and I spoke about being empowered by setting healthy boundaries, we completed an embodied self-compassion practice and we gently explored our bodies through a nurturing and nourishing restorative practice. ⁣ ⁣ Our August Aroma Restore has been sold out for quite some time now, so I have opened up the earlier time again, 1-3pm. If you’d like to secure your spot please get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment 🙏🏽
✨🌹Un des challenges de la vie est de garder notre cœur pur et ouvert quand le reste du monde (ou parfois nous mêmes) tente par tous les moyens de nous amoindrir en brisants nos rêves, en volant notre énergie et parfois en nous faisant du mal. Apprendre à accepter, à laisser les choses couler, apprendre à dire aurevoir à ce qui n’est pas bon pour nous, à laisser partir ce qui doit partir... Oui être humain est un acte courageux. La vie est pleine de pertes et de difficultés et nous devons accepter ces paramètres pour aller plus loin. La vie vous offrira aussi nombre de triomphes de d’aventures, elle est faite de lumière et d’ombre. Même si votre cœur a mal, laissez le ouvert, laissez le vivre ce qu’il vit. Continuez à vous battre, à aimer. Soyez reconnaissant pour le bien et les bénédictions que vous vivez, cela appèlera d’avantage de bien. La vie est un challenge et vous êtes le héros de votre histoire. Un jour, pas si lointain, vous comprendrez que tout ce que vous avez vécu était pour votre bien, que tout était nécessaire et parfait pour vous. Que tout était écrit pour une raison. Pas pour vous faire du mal, pas contre vous mais pour quelque chose de plus grand. Car le monde avait et a besoin de vous en passant par ces expériences. Un jour vous bénirez le ciel pour ce mal qui s’est transformé en bien. Cette poésie de la vie vous transportera, vous vibrerez très fort de gratitude et d’amour. Tout est pour le bien, tout va bien se passer. Gardez votre cœur pur et ouvert car sa mission est d’aimer come what may.🌹✨ - . . . . ✨Hello and welcome to all beauty and gems lovers on the official Instagram for Gypsy Sun&Moon Jewelry 💕💕✨🐚🧜🏾‍♀️ . All rights reserved picture & text @gypsysunmoonjewelry  Card @rebeccathoughts  Please Ask if you want to use content. 🌙☀️ . . - #gypsysunmoon #moonstone #chakras #moonstonerings  #moonstonejewelry #moonstonering #moonstone #rainbowmoonstone
The gorgeous Debbie is back from retreat and ready to move us ♥️ Tonight 5:30-6:45  Nia-Move to Heal.  Come connect with your body is ways we forgot about long ago, find movement that feeds your soul and oozes in love for your body. . . #yoga #yogaliving #namaste #healer #healtheworld #healourselves #love #selflove #workyourlight #yogaposes #igyoga #vinyasa #hatha #restorativeyoga #yinyoga #sivananda #nia #niamovetoheal #yogacommunitysiemreap #selflove #yogasiemreap #cambodia #seasia #yogaspacesiemreap #yoganidra
🕊Special Message for Gemini ♊️ Swipe 👉🏼. Msg 👇🏻___________________ Message —> Choose your priorities & Eliminate all distractions‼️ ♊️✨Carefully examine all choices before you chose one. You must be able to give your attention to what makes you feel most passion. Once you choose, you will see a plan of action will naturally unfold for you. 🙏🏻✨ The universe will naturally provide all you need to succeed, but you have to prioritize! You have way too many things going on at once and are spreading yourself thin. ⚠️ Set personal boundaries and practice self-care when and where needed. If you don't, you can easily get overwhelmed, and your power will become scattered and diffused. ⚠️Let go of all diversions that you've made so important. It's time to go to work on the priority you chose and let it flow. The practice of staying focused is in itself a meditation, and this is how you can best express the gifts of service you have to offer to the world and to your Creator. •  Only take what resonates 🔊 • 🕯These readings are geared towards a general audience, if this does not resonate with you, check your Moon, Rising, & Venus Signs. 🌌 🌟💫 • If this reading resonates with you, please like, share, & feel free to leave me a comment or DM 💌 I’d love to hear from you! 💓Those interested in a personalized reading geared specifically towards you, and your situation, DM or email me. 📩 • Trust the Universe ✨ Everything happens when it needs to happen. It’s  divine timing #workyourlight 🕯 🔮✨#love #lovemessage #spirit #lovewins #soulmate #tarot #zodiac #airsigns #gemini #soul #healing #heart #soul #daily #goodmorning #manifest #reading #oracle #zodiac
The perfect card for a Sunday ✨ ⠀⠀ “It’s OK to take a break and enjoy your creations. To take a moment from your busy schedule. To get off the treadmill of life. To appreciate and acknowledge all that you have created, achieved, released or experienced before rushing to the next thing. To be in the moment and enjoy where you are. To take a breath and regather your mind, body, and spirit.” - @rebeccathoughts
Love is a blindfold. Don’t let your emotions, and desires be the reason why you stay in toxic situations. Be strong enough to turn your back on what no longer serves a purpose or helps you reach or stay vibrating at your highest frequency. The most accurate advice is ALWAYS to follow your intuition. If you have to ask, if you have to research, if you have to investigate, if you have to sleep on it, the answer is “something’s Off”. Don’t ask a question if you are not ready for the answer. Don’t expect others to love you, respect you, and value you, If you are willing to settle for less than you are worth. The moment you walk away from something or someone because it doesn’t serve you, not only are you boosting your self love, but, you are also sending the right message to the other person. You are saying “my self love and self respect will not settle for you and your ways! I’m better off without you!” If they agree, they will change their ways without you having to ask and their actions will show the change! If you have to explain and ask why they should value and respect you and treat you a certain way, then obviously they are not seeing your worth! Walk away from those that are dimming your light! You are beautiful, powerful, strong, and WORTHY of EVERYTHING not bits and pieces! 💕💓✨ Trust the Universe ✨ Everything happens when it needs to happen. It’s  divine timing #workyourlight 🕯 🔮✨#love #lovemessage #spirit #lovewins #soulmate #tarot #zodiac #airsigns #scorpio #cancer #pisces #heart #soul #witch #witchesofinstagram #manifest #reading #oracle
You have been working on your abundance and manifestations recently and you’re about to reap the rewards. You have been given a blank slate and a new beginning in your life. You’re now deciding what do you want to do with the rest of your life? Is this the career you really want? Are you following your soul journey? Is this the right relationship that teaches me how to grow as an individual and inspires me? This is the time to figure out what you want and don’t want coming into this new beginning. It may be difficult to continue with old patterns or toxic behaviors that feel low energy at this time. Only good things are going to come with you into the future If you take the leap to really leave the past behind. Leave behind people that aren’t serving your highest good and aren’t on your level. The people around you are very important in shaping your experience in life so be very careful with who you let in your energy space. Being alone is not being lonely. It’s actually extremely empowering and way better than having a bunch of friends or people around you that you can’t trust. It’s time to really think about what you want and don’t want and take the physical approach to getting rid of it. Figure out what is holding you back in every area of your life because your new beginning is here once you reach up and grab it🦄
Daily card - 9 of swords  The card is encouraging you to unbound yourself from anything that’s holding you back, keeping you trapped and tied up whether that be negative thoughts, self doubt, negative people or situations. What is keeping you bound at the moment? Is it negative or positive? Can you move on to better things, can you grow or becoming a happier freeer person staying bound where you are? It’s time to break these bonds, chains 🔮🔮🔮 #tarot #dailytarot #dailycard #tarotreader #workyourlight #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #tarottribe #taroteverydamnday #psychic #psychicreader #intuition #empath #spiritual #spiritualawakening #clarity #guidance #believe #love #picoftheday #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #believeinyourself #beyourself #loveyourself
❤️ Week ahead collective reading ❤️ . . . Get ready for a bumpy and tumultuous week, yall. This second half of mercury retrograde may be really difficult for some of us. It seems that many of us have gone inward and have created a shell around us for protection and is subconsciously protecting us from the disruption that may occur in the near future. The disruption card in this deck is the equivalent to the tower card in a traditional tarot deck, so prepare yourself because anything is possible. Remember to concentrate on things that light you up and not bring you down. Watch shows that make you happy, listen to music that lifts your spirits, call people who make you smile. The flow of life will become more balanced once you surround yourself with people and things that light you up, not drag you down. Once you come out of this dark period you will have reached a new level of vibration and you will realize all the hard work was worth it. Lean on your beams of light. ❤️ . . . #spiritualawakening #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #healing #healer #woundedhealer #energyhealer #energy #energyiseverything #wicca #wiccan #pagan #shadowwork #universe #blessings #tarot #oracle #tarotreading #oraclereading #selfcare #selfhelp #selflove #mercuryretrograde #astrology #tarotspread #workyourlight #psychictarot #goddesspoweroracle
"What would nourish me today?" My Inner Light replied, "Share your voice. Come out of the cave. You have something to share that people want to hear." 🌹♥️🌹 I am launching the MEET YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL COURSE soon. SIGN UP at the website.  CLICK THE LINK ON THE BIO and choose "course". Be the first to know. 🌹♥️🌹 🌺I accept the Magick🌺 🌞LIVE YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH 🌞 ♥️Soul Truth Readings♥️ ♥️Counseling & Courses♥️ 🌹Love|Money|Career🌹 🔮Goddess|Tarot|Angel🔮 ⏬CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO⏬ ~ @mama.lilith ~  Your Soul Therapist 🌛🌝🌜 {#mamalilith} {#mama} {#lilith} {#philippines} {#tarotreader} {#witchesofinstagram} {#witch} {#bohemian}{#pagan}{#priestess} {#soul} {#truth} {#living} {#women} {#Empowerment} {#womenempowerment} {#love} {#money} {#career} {#goddess} {#tarot} {#angel} {#divinefeminine} {#divinemasculine} {#ritual} {#photooftheday} {#instagood} {#workyourlight} {#guardianangels}
"My Inner Light, what would you like to bring to light today?" My Inner light replied from within, "This is a whole new beginning. Cut the chord. Cut the slack. Run away. Don't look back. Go forward. It's okay. You deserve a brand new day.  Take the love. Make it move. Let your Soul  Live in your groove. It's all in. No going back. Cut the chord. Cut the slack." 🌹♥️🌹 My inner light can rap lol. It is waning moon today. Sunday too. perfect to release and let go of the past. 🌹♥️🌹 🌺I accept the Magick🌺 🌞LIVE YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH 🌞 ♥️Soul Truth Readings♥️ ♥️Counseling & Courses♥️ 🌹Love|Money|Career🌹 🔮Goddess|Tarot|Angel🔮 ⏬CLICK THE LINK IN THE BIO⏬ ~ @mama.lilith ~  Your Soul Therapist 🌛🌝🌜 {#mamalilith} {#mama} {#lilith} {#philippines} {#tarotreader} {#witchesofinstagram} {#witch} {#bohemian}{#pagan}{#priestess} {#soul} {#truth} {#living} {#women} {#Empowerment} {#womenempowerment} {#love} {#money} {#career} {#goddess} {#tarot} {#angel} {#divinefeminine} {#divinemasculine} {#ritual} {#photooftheday} {#instagood} {#workyourlight} {#rebeccacampbell}
See there is this extraordinarily beautiful thing that happens when you stop, when you stop focusing on all the things you don’t have, when you stop putting all your energy into activities and people who don’t fill your entire heart with purpose, when you stop living in this “why me” mindset. When you give up control and I mean literally let all the control go you realize that so many things you thought were necessary for a happy life are absolutely NOT what it’s about. It’s not until you let go of this need or longing for so many different things or people to be the ONLY way you can be happy, that it all falls into place. As soon as you don’t NEED external things, or money (like most people desire, thinking this is where happiness is), that you start to experience this spiritual fulfillment and this mental freedom. THEN this magical thing starts occurring everywhere you turn, all those things you once thought you needed for happiness are consistently being presented to you, one after the other. So the lesson here my friends is get to the point where you don’t need any of that “stuff” to be happy and the true happiness is all within YOU yourself and everything else comes so easily so fluidly. TRUST for real just trust. ✨
#workyourlight #oracle #pillaroflight #magic #astrocoaching @marianasab_ 💕👌🏼
Time to sift through patterns that are no longer aligned with our soul path. The contracts, vows, and agreements made in past lives may be released now. 💜 • • • #alignment #oraclespread #soulpath #intuitive #metaphysical #journey #workyourlight #rebeccacampbell #oracle #metaphysicalbabe #witch
“i’m not skinny enough to be a coach” -the words i sent to my team a few days before we left for indy. i was sucked into a spiral of self doubt, and then something AMAZING happened.  my team stepped TF UP in reminding me how i am SO much more than my body and how i’ve been able to inspire SO MANY people on my journey regardless of what i look like. i looked around at our annual coaching event and i saw women of ALL sizes. i had a come to jesus moment that coaching isn’t about shrinking yourself or teaching others to shrink themselves, but rather to build a community where EVERYONE is welcome and where we are all working on our own journeys together.  i’m not a coach because i want to be skinny. i coach because i want to start a revolution against society’s notion that you need to work out to lose weight to be accepted by others. i coach because i want to help women fall in love (or back in love) with movement because it enhances their lives. i coach because i want to teach women to appreciate their bodies for all the amazing things they can do regardless of it’s size.  and most importantly, i coach to be an example that health isn’t a size, a diet, a number on the scale, or an exchange of calories in/calories out. if you’d like to work with me to do the same, the link in my bio is only a click away 😘
These things that are going on in your life....they are for your expansion. They are for your growth. I know they feel like they are cracking you open...and guess what they are...but for your greatest good. For your expansion. For your growth. For showing you more of who you truly are...and leading you from who you’re not. This weekend, while you’re resting and integrating what you’ve been learning, know you’re stronger than you think you are, tougher than you thought possible, and your ascent is amazing to watch. ✨✨✨
Here's a thought: Settle for MORE. 💥⠀ ∆⠀ How often do you find yourself playing down what you REALLY want? Allowing yourself to settle for less when what you really want is MORE?⠀ ∆⠀ Here's what I know to be true:⠀ 💥 You are here to experience this life fully.⠀ 💥 You will never get the full experience if you decline all that is offered to you.⠀ 💥 You absolutely can say Yes.⠀ 💥 You absolutely can say Yes, AND I'd also like some More.⠀ ⠀ Because you deserve More. You deserve everything you desire. It is 150% ok to want, to ask, & to go get it yourself without waiting for permission.⠀ ∆⠀ You can HAVE more. You can BE more.⠀ Settling is about lowering the bar on your desires.⠀ And as a Visionary Woman with heart-centered ambition, settling is not part of your big plan. ⠀ ∆⠀ Plan for More. Ask for More. Create More. Raise the bar. 💥⠀
Este é um momento de mudança, onde qualquer coisa inautêntica não pode sobreviver mais. Por isso pare de tentar manter tudo junto, simplesmente deixe ir.  Desapegue-se de situações instáveis e tenha fé, porque os tempos difíceis serão os seus momentos decisivos. 💟  #rebeccacampbell #workyourlight #oraclecards
Empaths and highly sensitives (HSPs) are very in tune with other peoples feelings and emotions. They can intuitively sense and absorb the energy of those around them (including plants, animals, etc) and some may even take on the experiences of others. Very intuitive, empaths and highly sensitives are excellent at reading body language and picking up on the intentions of others. They not only see/feel everything you say, but also what you don’t say. Because of this gift you will find these people have a very high level of compassion. They love to help other people because they can feel the pain of the world... literally!  A physical empath will absorb another’s physical ailments/symptoms which can be very exhausting and down right draining. It is essential for empaths/HSPs to incorporate a self care routine to recharge their energy and ground themselves. Meditation, energy work, sleep, spiritual baths, connecting to Mother Nature are just a few examples of ways to clear unwanted energy from your own energy field. Grounding work helps connect with yourself. Knowing oneself is important for an empath to distinguish their own feelings vs. those of others.  I also want to to mention boundaries. Sensitives often struggle with boundary issues, putting their needs last and having a hard time saying no - even when they’re drained. Establishing healthy energetic boundaries can be one of the most helpful things to do when part of your mission is to be in service to others! Empaths, please take care of you first so you can properly take care of others 💗 This card was pulled today as a reminder to ALL (esp. highly sensitive/empaths) that may be feeling the energy shifts quite intensely. Yes, we absorb the vibrations of those around us but we can also pick up on the whole collective energy. If you’re experiencing heavy energy at this time, keep in mind that what you’re feeling may not always be your own. Everyday people are choosing to heal and evolve and it can be
Trust your intuition. The way the imagery in these two cards line up is nothing short of uncanny. The card on the right is from the Soulcards deck. They have no meanings or messages other than what the reader interprets them to be. The card on the left is from the Work Your Light deck. Two separate decks, one reading. These cards were pulled completely at random. When the universe wants to drive a message home it will succeed in spades- you only need to look and listen. 🌙🌹💖 . . . . #oracle #oraclecards #soulcards #workyourlight #lightworker #shadowworker #cardreader #oraclecardreader #readersofinstagram
Random musings... Lotus flowers are one of my favorites. Their roots pull up nutrients from the mud below and what you see floating on the top is the miraculous result. ⠀ ⠀ It’s really such a metaphor for where we find ourselves at in life sometimes. Deep down trapped in the mud, but somehow finding a way to use the bad stuff as energy... as fuel to become something quite spectacular. ⠀ ⠀ #deepthoughts #musings #lotus #lotusflower #workyourlight #timetobloom #soulupgrade #raiseyourvibration #raiseyourvibe #uplevel
✨THE RETURN TO LOVE✨ This Self-Love Oracle Deck is here to guide you to remember the love you are. A tool channeled from the council of light ✨🌸💗 . Link in the BIO if you are interested in getting your own deck ✨👆
WORK YOUR LIGHT ORACLE By: Rebecca Campbell  Art by: Danielle Noel  Use these cards for meditation, confirmation, instant guidance, inquiry cards, action cards, activation cards, for writing, or with any other EMPOWERING process you like.  KEEPERS 🌎OF 🌍THE 🌏EARTH  You are not alone. Ancient Ancestors stand beside you. The KEEPERS 🌎OF 🌍THE🌏 EARTH acknowledge the work that you have done already and are ready to work through you. Is time to increase your capacity to receive support in the physical realm. Call upon the KEEPERS 🌎OF 🌍THE 🌏EARTH to help you with your mission. " I am Open to receiving a whole new level of support for my life and my work and  I call it in now. (Request) ... thank you, thank you, thank you. " 🧘‍♂️DIVINATION IS PREPARATION 🧘‍♀️ 🙂Don't forget to Subscribe, Like👍 and Share with your Family and Friends🙂 ☆🕯 Contact me to schedule your life chat reading. I do all types of Spiritual Work, a consultation is Required before any work is done for a client. 🕯☆ 🧘‍♂️🌎🌍🌏🧘‍♀️ PREGUNTAS PARA EMPODERAMIENTO Use esta carta para la meditación, para escribir o con cualquier otro proceso de EMPODERAMIENTO que desee.  GUARDIANES 🌎DE 🌍LA 🌏TIERRA  No estas solo. Ancestros antiguos están a tu lado. Los GUARDIANES 🌎DE🌍 LA🌏 TIERRA reconocen el trabajo que ya as hecho y están listos para trabajar a través de usted. Es hora de aumentar su capacidad para recibir apoyo en el ámbito físico. Llama a los GUARDIANES🌎 DE 🌍LA 🌏TIERRA para que te ayuden con tu misión. "Estoy abierto a recibir un nivel completamente nuevo de apoyo para mi vida y mi trabajo y lo llamo ahora. (Solicitud) ... gracias, gracias, gracias. " 🧘‍♂️DIVINACION ES PREPARACIÓN 🧘‍♀️ #nelsonsoracles #tarotreadersofflorida #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadings #tarotdeck #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotspreads #tarotreading #tarotcommunity #workyourlight #tarotcardoftheday