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Day 1 of wrapping! going to the gym after this! Hmu if you wanna tag along! Also if you wanna go in this journey with me, kits are only 36 dollars or the gel is only 20!  message me or head over to my sight!  we also have shakes and shred kits!!! https://acti-labs.com/me/jordan-riley/  #workout #healthyliving #getthere #workmore #werkitgurl #gymtime #wraptime #loveit #lovelife #workouttime #meetatplanetfitness #letsdoit #comewithme
What a relief it is to have a lifestyle change and not just a diet. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 .  I hesitated in sharing this pic because I didn’t want people to think I’m advocating for eating pizza all the time. BUT after enjoying a night with my husband and some friends, I have a different perspective. .  I think it is SO important to see that you DON’T have to miss out on things that you want! You can still enjoy yourself and be healthy!! I’m not advocating for eating pizza every day, but I am advocating for 🍕Planning ahead 🍕Deciding What is really worth it to you and what isn’t?! 🍕Making healthy choices consistently! .  Listen, being able to make a meal plan, prepare for the week ahead, and knowing that I wanted to indulge one night this week... helped me to enjoy a pizza night WITHOUT GUILT, and not have a weight gain afterwards!! So instead of beating myself up for it, I told myself enjoy it, you planned for it. And guess what?! I’m back at it today! I get to make healthy choices again all day and all this week, and days to come. WHY? Because it’s a lifestyle and I’m happy with the changes I’ve made and I love building on them to make me the healthiest I’ve ever been.  QUESTION .  What’s your favorite indulgence???? 🍕🍫🍰🥗🍗🍔🌯🍩
Get pissed with your besties, ride a stair lift, listen to steps and kylie and then work the lips with some lipgloss. Having a great Friday. How about you? #chanel #lipgloss #werkitgurl #gaybear #champagnedrunk #chairlift #peemypants #steps #kylie #music #cheesypop #xmasdo #getbladdered
“Talking” to daddy ➡️➡️ Where has three months gone??! She’s growing so fast but we’re loving every minute of it. .
Are those 👀TREATS I smell? Gimme gimme!! I need some gainz for my butt rolls!🐶🍑😋😉😏#frenchiebuttfriday#frenchie1#frenchbulldoglifestyle#frenchie_corner#frenchie_edition#frenchie_bulldog#frenchie_feature#frenchie_bulldogllove#brunasrolls#frenchie_world#frenchie_photos#frenchie_lovefeature#frenchiebulldogs1#werkitgurl#buttrollsonfleek
Baby, I could be your doomsday. . . . #me #myface #selfiesfordays #selfie #whuddup #almostblonde #morelikeorange #werkitgurl
Inez is 18 yrs young and she’s wonderful. She’s also super fast and today, was the first dog in the pen and had time to run around and live her best at 6:45am life! 😍❤️🐾❤️😍 Follow: @inez.sung  #doglife #brooklyn #brooklyndogs #nyc #dog #dogstagram #doglove #seniordog #shepherd #happydog #seniordogsofinstagram #dogvids #dogvideos #dogvideooftheday #dogsofnyc #nycdog #werkitgurl #livingmybestlife #dogoftheday
Well-needed workout 🏋🏽‍♀️ after pigging 🐖 🐷 out today on donuts 🍩 and St-Hubert’s chicken wings at the office 🐄 🐳 #workout #gymmemes #werkitgurl #cardio #stairclimber #workoutplaylist #workoutmotivation #weights #squat #doyouevenliftbro
We shut it down 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #bbw #dance #danceislife #love #danceclip #music #yass #werkitgurl #youbettawerk #biggirlsarebeautiful #bbwgirls #ssbbw
@chappyfiene working his magic. #werkitgurl 📷: @nathhughesphoto
Day 4 challenge: #rainbow for @foxinflats #darecember #foxinflatsstyledare. Since red, blue & yellow are primary colours that make up all the colours in the rainbow, thought I’d do some #colourblocking. ♥️💛💙#coachpurse #unitedcolorsofbenetton #fossilwatch #vintagenecklace —————— Swipe 👉🏽 to see that earlier in the day I also wore the colours of the #🌈 to #spin and then #yoga class.  #werkitgurl #spinandyin @hotshopyyc #yyc #ootd #instapic #instagood #fashionista
I love you 😘😩 | #myworld #girlfriend #sheshot #shezza’shere#werkitgurl | @chloefarmerx
Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is gold... eeeeeooowwwwww..... *sorryihadto👅* #memyselfandi #selfie #mirrorselfie #pose #strikethatpose #werkitgurl #tshirt #favtshirt #michaeljackson #studiokemang #danceliciousbydinda #pacobodyandmind
Afternoon stream today. Hitting the gym this morning to make up for missing yesterday's session 😇 We're going to be playing Wolfenstein new order today! Let's punch some Nazis in the face! #twitch #healthandfitness #tryingnottobeafatass #werkitgurl #soontobebuff
All set for another day in the shop. It's so good to be busy and do something you enjoy doing. #work #workerbee #busybeaver #werkitgurl #barber #barberlife #barbershop @gentrygrooming_
Isn’t it ironic that I caught these two in the middle of a pretend lesson but the truth is that I learn from these kids every day?! .  I mean, today I was a mess. Stayed up wayyyy to late ➡️got up late ➡️ kids were whiny ➡️ made me angry ➡️ then, in the viscous cycle of it all, my daughter states in the middle of lunch “we forgot to pray- you start mommy”. And that was it. .  It forced me to stop scowling, quiet down, and take a deep breath. Saying Grace isn’t just to bless the food, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to remember to lean on God all throughout the day. Thank you God for giving me your little children to teach me to take a deep breath and lean on you. 💞
Braindead in Biddeford. #longdayattheoloffice #slingingselflove #biddeford #maine
Sometimes you have to be silly😂🤣😂🤣 I was silly editing and acting. #bbw #sashay #werkitgurl #music #beingsilly #naturalhair #beyou #beoriginal #lolclip #rupaulsdragrace #rupaul
I had a coffee mishap [thank you Mr. Toddler 😂] with my planner, and it was almost time for a new one anyway. I searched online  a bit and browsed through them at different stores. I have always been a huge Erin Condren fan, but I just can't justify $60+ for a planner again. I found this one at @michaelsstores and I LOVE IT! It is the Goal planner by Recollections and it is perfect. Monthly setups, clean weekly spreads, monthly and yearly goals and vision boards...it is EVERYTHING I wanted in a planner ♡ and it is super cute to boot ;) #planning #goals #goaldigger #boss #ladyboss #doterra #smallbusiness #doterraeo #dothebiz #werkitgurl #plannersgonnaplan #recollections #visionboard
Rocking my new Christmas hat #werkitgurl #christmas #model #gorgeous
When your baby won’t let you get anything done because she won’t sleep 🙄. She woke up 3 times within my workout time last night and made a 30 min workout drag out to be almost 2 hours 😱. .  But I’m so thankful for my girl gang that keeps me going and motivated! I know that in the years past, I never would be trying to get in a workout, on a Saturday night that I had all to myself. I know it would’ve been maybe some cleaning, but then binging on Netflix show #callthemidwife with some devilishly indulgent food since I knew there would be no hope of me keeping a healthy holiday season. 🦃🎄🥂🍾 .  But this year is different. Even though I’ve been having trouble with my thyroid and after having a baby, I was able to go a pound instead of up which is a HUGE difference for me! I also was able to gain a different prospective from those in my fitness community to be able to relax, enjoy the holiday with ALL the fixings but be able to keep up with my healthy habits. .  I’m looking forward to my next holiday group because I know that even while having times of indulgence I can still be healthy. 💚❤️💚❤️
Here’s my perfectly imperfect family.  We fail A LOT, but we grow every day. I’m reflecting on some of my life this week because I am so thankful for all that we have. However, rehashing some failures stings a bit, but is totally necessary. I want to be a better person, Christian, mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend. But I’ll only inch forward unless I go back and realize my failures. ————- Being ok with failing has been SO HARD for me to come to grips with. It’s messy, embarrassing, painful, and sometimes downright shameful. BUT, it is the most REWARDING, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and LIFE-GIVING practice I’ve ever tried. ————- I’d like to say that I started to do this all on my own- allowing myself to fail and looking at my failures and myself with compassion. But it would be a lie. ————- As part of coaching, it’s one of the foundational “rules” that you do personal development every day. Being a coach has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, do my daily devotional, make more friends, share my thoughts, share my life with others, try new things, and use different concepts in parenting. But my favorite by far, is failing. Because if I’m not failing hard, I’m not giving it my best. ————- What are some new things, big or small, you’re thankful for this year?
@emmaleebunton @spicegirls She looks amazing! XO #emmabunton #spicegirls #sparkleandshine #werkitgurl #emmabnowandthen 🤩✌️
This is where I am tonight. Be jealous 😘  @bobthedragqueen #pursefirst #bobthedragqueen #rupaulsdragrace #drag #werkitgurl
You know what stops me at a hard hault?? Comparison. And not just comparison of anyone, comparison of me myself and I. How do I do that? ————- 🍃Because I don’t want to see myself at every stage of progress. At every season of life. 🍂 I want to be at the end goal, right here!! RIGHT NOW!! ———- So my mind starts to wander to think- you should be doing better than this, further along, no mistakes, where you were before you had a baby.... but the truth is- I’m doing the best I can. I’m learning more and more through my growth as a mom, a leader, nutrition, a wife. And for once, I’m learning to let it go and just enjoy the journey. I’m not looking for sympathy, I know I’m hard on myself. I’m just trying to encourage others out there who might be struggling like me. ———— Have you ever done that? Judged yourself harder than anyone else could? Maybe it’s time you start to see the positives of where you are at, where you came from and most importantly WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Listen!! 👂🏼 I know it’s H A R D!! I’m going through it too! But so much growth can come from learning to celebrate yourself, your body, and even those positive thoughts you have from day. To. Day. ————- What are you struggling with today? I’m listening 🧡
Pre-Turkey day workouts are always so gratifying because I know when I go to stuff my face with food ... at least I got a solid workout in prior. 😬🦃 #giterdone #werkitgurl #bossbabe #makingmyownschedulerocks #coronadelmarbeach #bigcorona #preturkeyworkout
Just casually waiting for my gym-bae to meet me at the "bar" 🤣🍾🍷🍸🍹 @photosbyings its legday bisshh  #chooseday #lightisright #gymrat #fitnessjunky #mypassion #whynot #werkitgurl #legday #ifbb #wellness #dirtylook #ihatewaiting #lala #thelookonmyface
@smunnydesigns styles also come in tote bags. $10 each. Yes, only 10 bucks. Scoop these up pronto!! #frenchiesofinstagram #werkitgurl #torontopopup #torontogiftshop #vintagetoronto #oakwood #stclairwest #regalheights #thesix
Monday Motivation Week 1 Day 1 take 2. 20 minutes on the exercise bike and these exercises done for the day. I’ve blocked out time in my planner to help me stick with this better. It seems even when I have nothing to do after work I’ll still manage to not work out. If it’s in my planner I hope I’ll be more likely to exercise daily.  #novcbdchallenge day 19
Getting this holiday week started with this beauty! @emily_doyle_  #werkitgurl 🔥#hairandmakeupbyme #hairstyles #makeup #setlife #ecommerce #behindthescenes #ilovemyjob
Can not resist the shopping centre bathroom selfies when with my little diva 😜#WerkItGurl now this is #farshundarlings oh she makes me laugh! 😂 Love being a mama!  #mummyanddaughter @westfieldcarindale  #fashionista #babygotstyle #mymumsastylist #bathroomselfie #mumlife #selfies #mumandbub #matchingwardrobes #farshun #fortheloveoffashion #strikeapose #stylist #australianstylist #brisbanestylist #gcstylist #commercialstylist #stylist
Have I ever told you that this angle really accentuates your muffin tops, mother. #werkitgurl 💁🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Happy Friday, fam! What’s planned for the weekend? ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #mydogist #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #mydogiscutest #sendadogphoto #dogs_unity #australianshepherd_feature #aushepherds_feature #australianshepherdworld #yappypack  #aussiesdoingthings #barkhappy #igwoofs #bestwoof10k #dailybarker #buzzfeeddogs #instapuppers #thestatelyhound #excellent_dogs #dogsof #doglover
Just another reason why you should book in for a lash lift and tint! Only $65 @lushhairandbeautyrotorua 😍💙😎👀 #lashlift #naturallashes #nomorelashextensions #yasqueen #werkitgurl #lashesareeverything
#goodmorning #beautyroutine with @lorealmen ✅ Now let’s shoot! 📸
This is my little baby, I call her burbujas(bubbles) because she makes the cutest tiniest bubbles with her mouth while she’s just sitting, taking the world in🧡😍I love her SO much and couldn’t imagine life without her little chubiness beside me. . . I remember when I was in college and I would do everything for myself- getting my hair done, going out on dates, going on crash diets, getting the nicest new clothes. . . Now, almost EVERYTHING is about my kids, and this little one more so at the moment. I get my hair done so that I can make it decent before I have to run out of the house. When daddy and I go out on dates, we’re usually talking mostly about our little ones. The clothes I pick out have to easy to nurse in. And my diet? It has to be full of nutrients and for me and baby. . . That’s why now I’m looking for anyway to keep working on me. She did a number on my body, so I’m working hard to re-strengthen stretched out muscles and bringing back the muscles tone before I had to -take it easy-. . . I’ve found that when I have a “WHY” in place, it really helps me to push myself to make the best choices for my health. Do you have a WHY? . . That’s why I’m doing a week long group where you can get- 🦃 6 workouts to do for the week 🦃 Clean eating and easy meal plan 🦃 access to 600+ workouts 🦃 An inside look at how my fitness challenge 🦃 Some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes with a healthy twist!  It’s so simple and so fun! Let me know if you’re in by dropping a 🦃 below! Do miss out! We’re starting Nov 12th... (That’s Monday!!)
I had lost it tonight. ▪️I lost it with my 3yo- she told me I scared her after yelling at her when I had HAD ENOUGH! ▪️I lost it when my baby wouldn’t stop crying and drift off to sleep. ▪️I felt like I was LOSING IT when I had not had perfect nutrition once again. ▪️I want to loose it when I look in the mirror and I still see a prominent baby belly after 11 weeks. ▪️I lost the battle AGAIN with keeping up with house work. ▪️I lost the commitment I made again not to be late anywhere. . . So tonight when it was time to do my workout, I knew I was going to need some digging deep to get through it. I was tired from being at CO-OP all day and wasn’t sure I could make it through a workout. But I decided to push myself, to push play and do it anyway. Because, not doing it wasn’t going to make anything any better. It actually just continues to get worse when I give in. . . So I picked a workout called “Dig Deep”. And I did. Every time the trainer spoke, I let him speak right to me. Swipe ➡️ and see that move that totally got me. When he said THROW IT AWAY!! I threw those thoughts away. I threw away the negative thinking. I threw away the oppressive thoughts telling me I’d never be the woman who I’ve always wanted to be. Inside or out.  As cheesy as it looks, I gave that stand of victory at the end as a sort of claim of victory on A L L my goals!! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Never Never Never N E V E R!! . . What the trainer said rang true to me tonight! — “When things get tough, and you feel like giving up, THAT is where your journey begins. That is where you DIG DEEP!” . . Life is TOUGH!! I know it is. But giving up doesn’t make it easier. Never give up on your dreams, goals, or wishes. You’ll regret it every time, and most likely for the rest of your life.
Backlighting is good for errbody #werkitgurl
#covergirl #werkitgurl
As soon as we put these costumes on my girls, they believed they were princesses and you couldn’t change their minds even if you tried. I love their little hearts and how they look at the world with such wonder and without any boundaries for their dreams. There aren’t any boundaries partly because they don’t understand there are laws or physics at work in everyday life. But mostly I think it’s because they haven’t been influenced by what we’ve been trained to think or what has been impressed on us as the “norm” or “what’s allowed” or what “can/does/will happen”. .  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all went after our dreams without fearing that we *might* fail or that people may think we’re crazy? Why can’t we achieve a huge dream of ours? Something we’ve always wanted to do? Is it really because it’s impossible to do? Or is it because we don’t believe we can’t achieve it? .  What if you believed, without a glimpse of a doubt, that you would make it? That you could do what seemed unthinkable?! Would it make a difference? .  We can achieve whatever we allow ourselves to believe. If only we could have the mind of a child where there are no limitations, no boundaries, or anything to stop us. Because really, the only thing that’s actually stopping you is your limiting beliefs. . 🧡Believe in you, no one can do that for you. 🧡
Why did I never re-post this?! Always honored and humbled. @modaliza2 @rey_hairdresser @hairbycherryp @emilygualdoniphoto @iza.maka
Brazilians do it best!! #werkitgurl
They get it from their momma! #werkitgurl #jujuonthatbeat #dancingqueen
Working on the WiFi today 🌺
Went to get some Sunday night Pho 🍲 with my Mama. Turned down my street and what do I hear? “Can I pet your Boston!” That’s music to my ears! Then another lovely comes out of the bar ( she even left her drink she just ordered!! Hear that Mama, I CAN be first over that Tito’s fool ) And there I was, with Tina Marie @tiki_tattoodoll & Tiffany Marie @tat2doll1313 making some time with da Ladies!! Living My Best Life Woo Woo! .... and then I feel the cold blue steel daggers from up above on the pole.  Can’t get @cricket_the_bostonterrier too jealous, she does bring back the dolla dolla bills ya’ll. Thanks for being so COOL LADIES ❤️❤️❤️ CHUNK #werkitgurl #thepike #chunkloveshisladies  #bostonterrier #bostonterriercult #bostonterrieroflongbeach #tinamarie #tiffanymarie #hermosaave #chunkhappydog #longbeach
Besides my terrible looking hair I don’t want to post these pics because my head just wants me to think that I’ve failed, and should be embarrassed. That I should be embarrassed of mistakes I’ve made, that I keep making because of poor self control. But isn’t that what I always tell myself when things get hard? Not this time. This time I choose to do something hard and stick with it. ————- Just because I make mistakes, go to far, or get to relaxed doesn’t mean that I have to give up, it means that I dig deeper. ———- My next challenge group is starting today and I’m ready to dig deep, to start fresh. Again. And I’ll keep doing it again until I’m proud of more choices than I’m not proud of. ————- What’s something that has changed very much about me is that I realize every moment in life that im forced to make a decision is a chance for a fresh start. So it’s not just that a new challenge is beginning, it’s that I’ve decided to get my focus back on, and take one choice at a time. I’ll keep learning, pushing, and trying until I get it right. You can join me! If you have the habit of giving up, then I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. That you get the choice to start fresh every dang day. And I’m inviting you to start fresh with me. 🧡
Thanks for another amazing class, ladies! #dancewithsomebody #werkitgurl #zumbaclass
My new fave treatment! Lash lift & tint with brow tint 😍👀 Book in for a total lash makeover there are appointments available tomorrow 😃👍 #lashlift #lashtint #browtint #browsonfleek #yasqueen #werkitgurl #beautiful
About 8 years ago, I was looking for a way to get healthy... and failing miserably. I tried so many different diets but could not seem to stick with them. I didn’t know what to do or where to even start. You can see the difference just in my face with these two pictures- in the first I’m 8 years younger, no kids and I have puffiness, oily look, and pimples. Second picture, I found a HEALTHY DARK CHOCOLATE cupcake recipe that my family loves! I’ve found that food can either heal you, or destroy you slowly. . . ⏩⏩ Fast forward to January 2017. My friend had finally convinced me to join her accountability group. That was when I really started checking in with myself and the choices I make every day. I finally realized where I was making sooo many mistakes. I’m still not an expert at all this health stuff, but I can tell you now that - I know where to start, I have the tools to build a healthy diet, and I have a guide on how to exercise to make my body stronger. . . What if you didn’t wait until 🎉New Years 🎉 ? What if you started today or tomorrow with me in the next challenge group?? Imagine what difference it could make in your life. Let me know if you’re ready to make a change! I’m here to work along side you. 👭
I used to struggle every day to get my workouts in. It was a battle between my kids and I.- they wanted me to either play with them or put on a show for them just because the tv 📺 was on. And of course, as soon as I started my workout there they were, STARVING, and needed to be fed right that minute 🙄. But then it became routine, and they would ask me when I was going to get my workout in. Now they took the time to practice their independence and play beside me. But now, I get my workouts in consistently and see my strength building. ——— Now with a newborn to feed, I really have to watch what I’m fueling myself with. For one, the baby needs the best nutrition possible. And two, I need to be feeling good so I can take care of myself and my family. So that’s why I’m making this next challenge group all about nutrition! Who could use a fresh start and a new at nutrition? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ——— My next challenge group is starting soon, and I’m looking for some women who might need to get back into the good nutrition groove and make some incredible changes in their bodies! With this challenge Nourishing November, we’ll be working on getting stronger with mommy friendly workouts but we’ll also be getting back to the basics of fueling ourselves with ⛽️Super nutritious foods ⛽️proper portions ⛽️Dealing with temptations ⛽️Awesome Healthy recipes ———— If you feel like you could use a fresh and clean start and get back to feeling like you again, then this group is for you. 📲 message me! Group is closing soon!
I was never comfortable enough to let my belly out at the gym. I was way too self conscious. I didn't want people judging me. But ya know what? People end up judging no matter what you do/wear. So screw it! I have a little pooch that I'm still working on but hey, I made it to the gym today & worked pretty hard. So I'm gonna treat myself to chipotle😍 JUDGE ME.  #chipotle #backday #sweatyselfie #croptop #werkitgurl #judgeme
The woman I was on the right is much different than the one on the left. The difference is not just that I’m 9 months pregnant with my third on the left, but there are changes both physical and internally. Let me tell ya! ——— On the right I was hopeless- thinking I would never get back to liking my body. I was frustrated- that I couldn’t find a way to get my nutrition under control, because I honestly just didn’t know how to eat healthy. I had tried many different diets, but none of them stuck. I was disappointed- that I couldn’t find a workout program that would give me the changes I wanted to see so badly in. Then I found something, that has stuck with me for a year and 10 months now. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 ———- I’ve  changed from depressed and hopeless to happy and excited for the changes that have happened and the ones to come. ———— I won’t lie, I still get frustrated with how my body has been changed by pregnancy, but this time I know better. I know that everyone’s body is different and mine, takes time to recover from my big healthy babies 😏 I don’t worry like I used that I will have a body that is “ruined forever by pregnancy” because I’ve got both nutrition and exercise guides, a superfood treat, and support out the wazoo! I know that I can get back into the best shape of my life! Some things just take time🖤 ———- If you’ve ever felt the 🤰🏻 post pregnancy mommy stresses like me, im inviting you to join me in a journey that could forever change you! I’m starting my next challenge group Wednesday where we’ll be putting a heavy focus on nutrition because that’s where it’s at folks! Give me your favorite emoji or DM to get your spot!
I don’t always fish, I also play with cattle!! And boy do these ladies from Springside know how to work it. @springsidecharolais #werkitgurl #charolais #videoday #geneticedge
#duomodimilano #werkitgurl
I loveee getting pics from customers! Boston Blitzen warmer was even part of a fundraiser 🙌🏼
#werkitgurl #monarcbluboutique One Large left!  Drop a sold comment, email comments size to claim!
I need some pumpkin recipes stat!
Most of the days I explore it’s just me, my hiking boots, and my iPhone. Even though I work 55 hours a week I have made it a priority to be outside every single day I have off. It’s hard, I’m pretty much always tired, but it is incredibly worth it. Washington has so much beauty, I’m so fortunate to be able to explore all it has to offer.🌙 ————————————————————— 📸Shot using my trusty iPhone/Bluetooth tripod combo! 📍The road leading to Sunrise Visitors Center #pnwonderland #sheisnotlost #washingtonexplored #andshesdopetoo #getstranded
Friend: Are you getting enough sleep? Me: Sometimes when I sneeze, my eyes close - - #notalotterywinner #werkitwednesday #werkitgurl #wednesdayvibes #coffeeholic #coffee_time #zombiemom #helpmehelpyou #almostthere #imperfectionisbeauty #laughalittle #glossylids #glossylips
Looking at this collage of my pics makes me feel... 1. weird sharing this 2. Shocked at what my body has gone through in a relatively short time 3. Hopeful for a what is to come. . ————— I still have a long way to go for where I’d like to be both physically and mentally, but I feel excited about my journey there. . —————- A year and a half ago, I was frustrated with my weight and body feeling like there was never going to be a solution for *My* situation. As if I was the only one experiencing weight gain problems. I also was living through waves of depression, trying to be on good terms with my body- trying to love it, but not liking some things I saw in the mirror or in pictures. I was unhealthy- my face would breakout, I was bloated, puffy, low energy and suffered from sugar crashes from binge eating. . —————— Now That I’ve been more aware what I put in my body, I’ve got more confidence, strength,💥energy 💥 and less battles of hopelessness and depression. . ————— But the reason I’m posting this for accountability and to remind me and other moms that might be struggling out there that it’s ok to start slow, transformation may take a learning curve, but it’s allowed, and you’ll get there. . ————— If you need somewhere slow to start, join me in a fun 5 day Candy Crush challenge!! I’m starting Monday where I’ll be sharing sweet healthy desserts to help 👊🏽Crush the temptation of 🎃 Halloween 👻 candy and workouts that are only 10-16 minuets day long! Don’t wait until the 🍻 New Year 🥂! You can start now, just as you are 💝
When I was a new I was a new mom, my time was spent staring at my baby all day or spending my time with her at my leisure. Now, with my third child, it’s not that easy. ————— I know time is precious and I’m getting more and more conscientious about what I spend my time doing. I constantly have to work on triaging my tasks, wants and needs of the day. ————- I’ve also noticed with adding more kids to my life that I seem to loose a little of myself. I’ve been making it a point to give myself at least 10 min to do something I love, or do something for me. It doesn’t just keep me sane, I enjoy my days more and enjoy my time with my family more. Because sometimes, I don’t want all my life to be about my little pony and #colouring books. 😆 —————— Two of the things that I’m sure to make time for is my Jesus time and exercise for myself. I think it’s funny the similar effects both these can have on your life. They both can- 💥Calm you down and give you peace. . 💥Change your mood for the day. . 💥 Make you a stronger person. . 💥 Transform your life and the power to change those around you 💞 . But whether it’s 10 min or 40, do something for yourself that can change your life and possibly those around you too.
I love a good sale! There’s still some good stuff left!
Dora, the pineapple. I take my godmother duties seriously 🎃❤️🍍#doraface #happyhalloween #love #shelovesmesomuch #whippetsofinstagram #werkitgurl