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Summer is a state of mind & I am always in that summer mindset ☀️😎☀️ Maybe that’s why I love Catalina Island so much. It feels like a perpetual summer vacation here from the moment I get off the ferry. ⛴ Life is just easy & breezy here. • Growing up in VT my nearest beaches were Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Catalina definitely has that feel- but mixed with Mediterranean waters, Hollywood history & lots of bison! • If you are in need of a summer getaway, this magical isle is your answer. My latest blog shows how Catalina is for EVERYONE- adventurers, luxury seekers, families, nature buffs— link to the guide in profile & stories 👊🏽 • • • • • • #catalinaisland #visitcatalinaisland #avalonharbor #voyagersincatalina #catalina #summergetaway #travelmom #weekendgetaways #california
Nothing like enjoying a coffee with the sand between your toes, am I right?! ☕️ . . . . If you’re visiting Catalina Island, be sure to grab a coffee from @catcookieco before taking a morning stroll.  Tip from Claire: grab a fresh churro, too, while you’re at it! 😋 . . . @catalinaexpress @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber
When was the last time getting there was half the fun?! 🤗 . . . . Getting to Catalina vía the Catalina Express was a highlight of our weekend adventure!  I mean, guys, the ferry ride over is actually really fun!  The seats are comfortable, the ocean view is great, plus, they have a snack and drink bar! 🙌🏻 Claire loved looking out the window searching for dolphins, fish and seagulls! 🐠 . . . . @catalinaexpress @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber
I spent a fun couple of weeks with the all new 2019 #lexus #ux 250h #fsport. This is their compact crossover #hybrid #suv, in the F Sport trim with the Performance Suspension and other upgrades. . I have to say, it's a really fun little #car, with room for 5 and a bit of cargo and it really does deliver the build quality and Driving Experience Lexus is known for. Also you get their great reliability, meaning this thing is going to go hundreds of thousands of miles without any problems. . You can see my full review and drive video of the 2019 #lexusux on my YouTube channel. . My big #germanshepherd Hans also really liked it. It's excellent for trips to the #dogpark.
Looking back over my photos, I still can’t believe that a place like Catalina Island can be part of LA County but feel so much like the Med which is in fact so far away you can’t just take a boat there from my home in West Hollywood.... . Seriously, if you’re planning a trip to Southern California but you want something a little different, even though my experience to the island was hosted and of course they want me to tell you to @visitcatalinaisland - I’m telling you because I think you should visit. It’s a fun place that’s very special in ways the mainland just, isn’t. . (Not that I haven’t grown to love LA, because I have!) And now that it’s settled you should visit, you have a few options on how to get there. You could be very baller, but maybe not so environmentally-friendly and you could take a helicopter. Or, you could do as we did and take the @catalinaexpress out of Long Beach to Avalon. An upgraded ticket in the Commodore Lounge includes one free Bloody Mary or glass of Champagne and priority boarding. They’re famous for the Bloody Mary in certain circles. And I can attest to it being quite delicious! . No matter how you get there, maybe get there this year. This view will greet you as you pull into Avalon’s harbor and what you do from there is up to you. But since it’s the 100th Anniversary of William Wrigley Jr. buying a controlling interest in what is now the Catalina Island Company - there’s more to do this year then there ever has been before. And if they can’t help you enjoy Catalina, there’s always the @catalinachamber & @catalinamuseum plus a very friendly crop of locals who are like islanders the world over, the kind of people you want to sit and have a drink with, full of good stories. There’s just something about Island life! 🌴☀️🌊 . . #voyagersincatalina #visitcatalina #visitcatalinaisland #wrigleycentennial #visitcalifornia #catalinaisland
Oh yes, enjoying #pizza in #rome at one of my favorite #restaurants there, IL giardino. It means the garden and it really is a rooftop #garden Atop The #luxurious Hotel Eden. . I'm planning a return trip to Rome, it's one of my favorite cities in the world to visit. I love the intense mix of delicious food, amazing history great culture and Fascinating People. . You can see videos from my past adventures in Rome and #italy, including videos of many of this Sensational meals I had, on my YouTube channel.
The view of Avalon harbor from The Inn at Mt. Ada is the best on Catalina Island.  The Inn is the former home of William Wrigley, yes the same guy who owned Wrigley Field and the chewing gum company.  This year is the Wrigley Centennial celebrating 125 years of their legacy on the island.  I was fortunate to get a tour of his former mansion turned guest house. The amount of history in this place is insane.  My fellow Chicagoan Shawn pointed out the history from original chairs to @chicagocubsnation baseball gloves from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.  The Cubs use to have spring training on Catalina Island back from 1921-1941 and 1946-1951. @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress  Could you live on an island year around?  #gocubs #wrigleycentennial #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #voyagersincatalina #escapewithnate #worldwidenate
Did you know that the word ‘casino’ does not actually denote a place of gambling? Or at least it didn’t until quite recently. When Catalina Island’s Casino was commissioned by William Wrigley Jr, the word in Italian simply denoted a place of gathering, a meeting place for entertainment and dancing. Wrigley intended it to be THE place for entertainment and dancing on Catalina Island. And it was! Benny Goodman earned his reputation as the “King of Swing” in the massive top floor ballroom which is surrounded by the columned portico in this photo that offers 365 degree photos of Catalina Island, the town of Avalon and the Bay. Cecile B. DeMille once screened his latest films in the Wrigley’s private viewing room at the Casino. The green rooms hosted Errol Flynn, Cary Grant and more. Even now, the Avalon Theatre on the ground floor still shows first-run movies nightly at 7:30 p.m. and while the latest tech plays those movies now, the projection rooms still house the original state-of-the-art equipment that was installed in the early 1900’s to usher in the era of talking pictures under a ceiling of the most stunning Art Deco murals completed by John Gabriel Beckman. 24 karat gold stars add to the feeling of Hollywood glamour that still seems to infuse the whole building but they’re mere icing on the cake when you consider all the history the Casino has been a part of since it was completed on May 29, 1929. It was then, and still is, one of the most important buildings on Catalina Island & I really enjoyed learning about it through my hosted ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour with @visitcatalinaisland. 90 minutes flew by way too fast for me and I was glad I’d opted for the longer tour over the 45 minute version. I could have lingered up here for 90 minutes alone. From where I took this photo, I could even see bright orange Garibaldi fish swimming in the deep teal waters of the Bay and a lone seal poked its head out as if to say “hello 👋🏼”. 2019
*Not a yacht in a fishing village in Europe...but close 😉 @catalinaexpress  #hometownadventures #visitcatalinaisland #losangeles #voyagersincatalina @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber 📸 @kirstenalana #thetravelmusela
I saw on my previous posts about Catalina Island that a lot you were surprised Cali had islands. Now, the next question is how do you get there?  You can take a boat or fly by helicopter but we all aren’t balling like that!  The boat option is taking the @catalinaexpress from Long Beach.  The 1.5 hr ride goes by fast and if you book the Commodore Lounge you get a drink ticket.  It’s a nice way to toast a bon voyage!  #tt #voyagersincatalina #escapewithnate #worldwidenate #catalinaisland #sailing #pacificocean  How often do you sail on any type of sea vessel?
Taking pictures of other people’s homes + cars since ‘09 😬🤷🏽‍♀️ // Spotted this Catalina cutie while cruising around @visitcatalinaisland in our golf cart and obviously couldn’t resist a picture {or two}, especially since cars on @catalinachamber are a rare sighting {only a few are allowed on the island + the current waiting list to have one there is about 18 years 😱}! @catalinaexpress #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #voyagersincatalina
island oasis 💦 • • Paddling through some of the deepest, clearest waters to this sandy white beach at Descanso Beach Club. The rugged, natural beauty of this island is breathtaking, but I was drawn to shore by the reggae beats drifting over the waves... I found my tropical paradise right here in California 🏝 • • • • #voyagersincatalina #gopro #goprotravel #kayaking #goprogirl #adventure #islandtime #catalinaisland #islandadventure #kayak #catalina #nakedplanet #thewanderingtourist
How are you spending your #sundayfunday, laying around or doing something active?  Kayaking from the Descano Beach club was the perfect activity to burn off the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich and Buffalo Milk cocktail I had for lunch. 🤤  #voyagersincatalina #escapewithnate #worldwidenate #catalinaisland @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber  Where is your favorite spot to kayak?
CATALINA ISLAND BLOG POST IS UP! 🌊 You’ll find a step by step itinerary with links to everything we did and more.  Activities for everyone (babies/toddlers/kids & adults). Where we ate lunch & dinner (even what we ordered). Where we stayed. How we got there. Everything. Even photos of the trip that I haven’t shared!  Seriously the perfect escape with your family, adventure with a friend or a romantic couples getaway.  Head to the link on my bio to read all details and if you have any questions about the itinerary or activities, comment below!  So, when are you going to Catalina? Now you have zero excuses. I made the planning for you 😊 Comment below who you’d take!  @VisitCatalinaIsland @catalinachamber  @catalinaexpress  #sofiaskylartravels  #voyagersincatalina #catalinazipline #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #pavilionhotel #catalinaaerialadventure #avalongrille #wrigleycentennial #catalinaislandgetaway #catalinaislandtrip #catalinaislandbound #discovercalifornia #californiafun
During my hosted press trip to Catalina Island, I checked out two options I can recommend for you in terms of places to stay when you @visitcatalinaisland. Both are bookable via their web site. . The first, represented by the first photo in this carousel, is Mt. Ada. The former home of William Wrigley Jr. and his wife when they were on the island in the 1900s, it receives the first light each day and the last. I think it has the best view on the island and room reservations come with an embarrassment of riches in terms of added amenities; such as a complimentary golf cart for the duration of your stay (normally $50/hr), complimentary golf at the island’s course, a credit at the island’s spa, in town dining credit, a 24 hour complimentary Butler’s Pantry with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks, two meals a day and so much more. It is a @forbestravelguide award winner and a true gem of a property that I’ll be booking for a special occasion trip to Catalina if I have my way. . Right in town, less than 100 steps from the beach, is The Pavilion Hotel, represented by the second photo of what looks like a tropical oasis. This motel-style property, meaning you enter the rooms from outside, is laid out a lush garden. It has a fire pit for maximum warmth factor on those cold nights when you still want to hang out with the friends you travel with as well as nightly wine & cheese hour complimentary for all guests. I had conversations with quite a few staff members and watched them always treat guests with the utmost kindness. It’s a very friendly property with a location ideal for those who want to be right in the heart of it all. . And they’re both just a short ferry ride away from Los Angeles on the @catalinaexpress. Thank you @catalinachamber for hosting the #voyagersincatalina together with the above named entities this week. As always, and particularly when I’m not paid, all opinions are my own! . . . #visitcatalinaisland
Sip + sea // When you can simultaneously sip on wine + see the sea🍷🌊 Basically, it’s my ideal evening sitch, and it just so happens to be possible at the #pavilionhotel here on Catalina Island! Oh, and did I mention that the wine is complimentary during the hotel’s nightly wine + cheese hour!?? I meeeeaaaan....🙌🏽😍 @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #voyagersincatalina
I’ve been living in L.A. for 8 years and finally went to Catalina Island for a quick getaway. The city of Avalon isn’t that big but location is always key, and the hotel is literally steps away from the beach.  The omelette station and tub of @nutella during breakfast were clutch in the mornings.  #pavilionhotel #voyagersincatalina #escapewithnate #worldwidenate #catalinaisland  Have you been to Catalina Island?
When you can simultaneously sit at a fire pit and look at the beach...que rico👌 ☀️🏖 ——— #hometownadventures #pavilionhotel #avalon #visitcatalinaisland #voyagersincatalina @visitcatalinaisland @catalinaexpress @catalinachamber #thetravelmusela
Bye Catalina ✌🏼 it’s been amazing. As you can see, Sofia is sad to leave too, haha.  After 10 years living in LA I finally made it to the island, it’s so easy to get here with the @catalinaexpress (about an hour ride) and it’s SO CUTE I really don’t know why I hadn’t been here before. But we will def be back soon!  Traveling with a 14 month old is no joke, her motto right now is “can’t stop, won’t stop”. She hates to be held, and when she has to be held she is constantly squirmy which makes her extra heavy. She wants to RUN everywhere, but still can’t be independently walking around the street yet so you have to run after her (#cardioallday). She wants to touch anything dangerous (can’t keep my eyes off either) and she won’t sit down at a restaurant for longer than 10min.  HOWEVER I would not trade the travels for anything else in the world. And you can’t stop us, MUCH more to come and I’m SO excited.  Traveling gives me life, gives Sofia so much to learn from, she gets to explore ALL day from the world (best kind of learning) and gets to discover completely new things than what she sees at home. She gets a break from her regular routine and most importantly, we get a kind of time together that I don’t get anywhere else. It’s quality time. It’s family time. And most importantly, it’s memories we are building and it’s what life is all about.  Main tip for wild toddler mamas: pick baby/toddler friendly destinations, with plenty of activities, and Catalina is definitely one of them! 🥰  Ps: yes, the Pavilion hotel also provided us with a crib/pack and play and is super baby & kid friendly. And it’s at the most convenient location. In the middle of it all!  @VisitCatalinaIsland @catalinachamber  #sofiaskylartravels  #voyagersincatalina #catalinazipline #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #pavilionhotel #catalinaaerialadventure #avalongrille #wrigleycentennial #catalinaislandgetaway #catalinaislandtrip #catalinaislandbound
Why is everything just better on an island? See ya later mainland🏝 • • This tropical oasis is the Pavilion Hotel, located right on the water in the center of Avalon. I’ve stayed here twice and it is perfect for someone like me that wants to be able to walk to everything & have a crisp, beachy place to home too (also daily complimentary happy hour is a nice touch🍷) • I still find it hard to believe that a place like Catalina exists. Only 4000 people on 42,000 acres, it is has so much nature, so much charm & so few people! I become more smitten with it each day.  @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress • • • • #catalinaisland #channelislands #quicktrip #californiatravel #californiatrip #travelgirl #avalon #visitcalifornia #travelblogger #travelmom #catalina #pavlionhotel #visitcatalinaisland #hotelsnob #californiaweekend #voyagersincatalina #islandgirl
What has European architecture and looks like a mini Riviera but happens to be in the USA? One of the Channel Islands! They are like a long string of irregularly shaped pearls laying off the coast of California varying in size and differing greatly in terms of development or lack thereof. It’s difficult to say which is the most well known since it depends on who you ask I think. But it’s Catalina Island, once known as Santa Catalina, that I spent time on this week at the invitation of @catalinaexpress, the @catalinachamber & @visitcatalinaisland on a press trip put together by my friend @kelleyferro to celebrate the #wrigleycentennial which is 100 years since William Wrigley Jr. fell in love with the island and purchased a controlling interest in what is now the Catalina Island Company. . Through a variety of hosted experiences and a tiny bit of free time, I enjoyed discovering the incredibly rich history of an island that has less than five thousand full time residents and less than 900 full size cars. The primary mode of transportation on Catalina is golf cart or electric smart car and it was on a self-guided golf cart tour that I discovered this home to the immediate thumping of my heart. I was in love. Turquoise is basically my favorite color — as it always reminds me of the ocean — and I loved it against the white in a style that was so reminiscent of my beloved Europe. This looks like a fusion of places I’ve seen in Spain, Italy and France. All of which seem to be present on the island in one form or another. So while my heart sometimes mourns being farther away from those countries now that I live in LA instead of NYC, this week, the longing was lessened by Catalina’s sublime charms. That charm and so many stories to come all this week. Can’t wait to share! . . . . #visitcatalina #visitcatalinaisland #visitcalifornia #catalinaisland #santacatalina #europeanvibes #houseportraits #voyagersincatalina
Hi girls, we are here 👋🏼😂 Sofia seriously has the cutest mannerisms. Her personality just melts everyone around. She couldn’t be more kind, friendly, flirty, funny, thoughtful, generous and wild.  We had lunch at @descansobeachclub the cutest beachside restaurant and bar in town (PS: if you stay at The Pavilion Hotel like us, you have free access to this Beach a club). And then went on an Undersea Expedition and saw Catalina’s abundant marine life. So fun.  As you know Sofia hasn’t had the best night sleeping week (although last night was the first night that she “just” woke a few times and went back to sleep, the “usual”, instead of just wanting to start her day at 4a like this whole past week 🙄) so we opted for these lower pace & toddler friendly activities, although we have not stopped since we got here! So much to do.  It’s funny because they say kids slow you down... I feel like she gives us SO much more energy, even on tired days. I guess because we have no other choice than to keep up with her 😜 toddler energy is no joke.  My outfit is by @shopreddress & Sofia’s is by @lillemons  @VisitCatalinaIsland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress  #sofiaskylartravels  #voyagersincatalina #catalinazipline #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #pavilionhotel #catalinaaerialadventure #avalongrille #wrigleycentennial #catalinaislandgetaway #catalinaislandtrip #catalinaislandbound #discovercalifornia #californiafun #travelingfamily #familytravels #familygetaway #travelingfam #travelingtoddler #babyjetsetter #babytraveler
Catalina: the most un-LA place in LA. Cars and traffic is not a thing, but island time is. Bells chime from the hillside every 30 minutes, a fishing boat floats by, people toodle around on golf carts with their dogs, past shops that look like Main Street, USA. All this, only an hour ferry ride away from LA madness. (No really, this is part of LA county). 🌴⚓️ ——— #hometownadventures #losangeles #catalina #visitcatalinaisland #voyagersincatalina @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress #thetravelmusela
Woke up, had early cozy breakfast by an outdoor fireplace at the Pavilion Hotel (where we are staying at) and went off to explore Catalina Island on a golf cart!  We drove along the coastline and explored the hills of Avalon, stopping at every scenic outlook with breathtaking views like these 😍  And yes. Catalina Golf Cart Rentals offers a car seat option too! Sofia had a blast.  Up next is the Wrigley Centennial 125th anniversary tour to learn about Catalina’s historic venues and attractions, this time, a narrated tour on bus.  Followed by lunch at Descanso Beach Club - which is what you see right behind us on the photo. A private beach with clear waters and white sand!  Many more activities after lunch. Follow along on stories and don’t worry, everything is being added to the Catalina Highlight and a blog post with a step by step itinerary and links is coming too!  Definitely a must do getaway if you are in #socal!  My romper is by @shopreddress  @VisitCatalinaIsland @catalinachamber @catalinaexpress  #sofiaskylartravels #voyagersincatalina #catalinazipline #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #pavilionhotel #catalinaaerialadventure #avalongrille #wrigleycentennial #catalinaislandgetaway #catalinaislandtrip #catalinaislandbound #discovercalifornia #californiafun #travelingfamily #familytravels #familygetaway #travelingfam #travelingtoddler #babyjetsetter #babytraveler
The most stunning lunch views at Blue Water in Avalon, featuring my iced tea 🙃 Came to Catalina Island with #voyagersclub and man I forgot how cute this island is. Sometimes an excursion into your own backyard is just the ticket... ——— #visitcatalinaisland #traveljournalist #islandlife #voyagersincatalina @visitcatalinaisland @catalinaexpress @catalinachamber Thank you all! #thetravelmusela
Ahoy Catalina! ⚓️⚓️⚓️ I set sail for one of my favorite islands on @catalinaexpress today! This momma is taking a midweek escape to the islands 😎🥳⛴🏝 • If you haven’t been to Catalina Island, I’d highly suggest that you add it to the #bucketlist. It is truly special. This is my second time, and that same feeling of overwhelming happiness engulfed me the minute I disembarked. It is a summer playground-all year round-and the main hub of Avalon is a little utopian beach town. The island is not little though, Catalina actually has the longest untouched coastline in all of California! (+ wild buffalo 🐃!?) • For those of you wondering, yes I left my little 💙Aurora back home, but she already got a few presents today from mommy. It wouldn’t have worked to bring her this time solo, but next time, she is coming with me! I notice now how kid friendly it is here! • I’m traveling with the #voyagersincatalina, and am super inspired by all the other amazing creators here too. If you are curious, I’m posting all of our adventures in my stories 😉 • • @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber #catalinaisland #visitcatalina #catalinaexpress #getaway #channelislands #weekdaytrip #travelgirl #travelmom #californiacoast #catalina #momlife #californiatravel #onaboat #everydayadventures #travelblogger #visitcalifornia
On board and headed to Catalina Island with the @catalinaexpress to spend a couple family days exploring!! Its my first time visiting and I’m so excited!  It was a stressful morning getting everything done (work, packing, baby, last min details) and making it to the boat on time, especially after almost a week waking at 3/4am 🤪 but SO ready to enjoy the getaway!  Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing everything we are doing (including tons of kid/baby friendly activities that are fun for everyone). Any recommendations? Things we can’t miss?  @visitcatalinaisland @catalinachamber  Hat by @shopreddress  #sofiaskylartravels #voyagersincatalina #catalinazipline #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #pavilionhotel #catalinaaerialadventure #avalongrille #wrigleycentennial #catalinaislandgetaway #catalinaislandtrip #catalinaislandbound #discovercalifornia #californiafun #travelingfamily #familytravels #familygetaway #travelingfam #travelingtoddler #babyjetsetter #babytraveler
A favorite moment from earlier this year... when I got to visit @visitcatalinaisland with a whole crew of lovelies. Starting with the @catalinaexpress, we were whisked away for a two-day getaway... such an incredible experience! . . . I spent many years in LA before making it to Catalina. I can’t believe it took me so long! It’s now one of my favorite quick getaways from the city. if you haven’t been yet... get on it! We are currently in the middle of the slower season... which is even better! Less crowds = more magical. Pro tip: Stay at the Pavilion Hotel. It rocks! 🏖 . . . . #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #islandgetaway #catalina #catalinaexpress #watersports #socal #losangeles #thingstodoinla #cali
It’s Friday. Let’s Sail-a-brate. 🙈⚓️ • • #groan Haha sorry!  But I do have to share another one of my favorite Californian destinations: Catalina Island. It is a Mediterranean beach town meets Cape Cod meets an East Coast Boardwalk. I totally 💙 it & can’t wait to go back! • • • • #catalina #avalon #california #summertravel #weekend #sailing #sailboat #avalonharbor #sail #islandlife #californiadreaming #tgif #travelgram #voyagersincatalina
Summer may be a state of mind, but if it were a PLACE, I think it’d be Catalina Island. 🏝☀️😎 Summer has always been my favorite and I cannot wait to take my summer baby here! ☼ 48 Hour Island Guide episode is live on Youtube & DirecTV. Hit the link in profile or stories! ☼ Thx @darinainwanderlust for being my Instagram GF/ kayak buddy! 💪🏼👯‍♀️ • • • • • #summerishere #kayak #catalina  #catalinaisland #voyagersincatalina #kayaking #descansobeachclub #frogrock #weekendgetaway #summerready #travel #visitcatalina #travelvideo #travelgirl #socal
Memorial Day Weekend is here! Where are you going? Let me live vicariously through you bc I am NOT going anywhere—except maybe the hospital 🤞🏼🤱🏼—but this might be the only time that I am okay with it. 😉 ☼ In honor of Summer (aka the best time of the year🌞) and #memorialdayweekend, I had to take a break from #babywatch2018 to share one of my recently discovered FAVORITE places in California! It feels like summer all year round on Catalina Island— actually, it feels like summer in the Mediterranean!  I shot this pic in March & yes, I was swimming in that turquoise water then. 😎 Just an hour off the “mainland,” Catalina felt like a world away. Perfect for a long weekend, day trip or in my case, a #babymoon! ⏅ Cannot wait to take baby girl there! See for yourself in my @GoPro video of 48 hours on this island 🏝 episode link in profile & stories! • • • • #catalina #californiadreaming #catalinaisland #mdw2018 #socal #getaway #longweekend #gopro #goprotravel #avalon #travel #avalonharbor #summer #tgif #travelvideo #goprogirl #weekend #voyagersincatalina #voyagersclub
Dreaming about that afternoon in the #spa with my #daughter on #catalinaisland 🧞‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️💝 #wellnesswednesday @visitcatalinaisland #voyagersincatalina #islandspa #islandlife
Back to that day on #catalinaisland checking out the #catalinacasino with my #voyagersincatalina #crew.... so fun, click the #linkinbio to read all about it @visitcatalinaisland
#new #ontheblog #today 5 things I learned about my #daughter @visitcatalinaisland #aerialadventure #course We had such an incredible experience, click the link in bio to read! #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #treetop #familytravel
“Ever been to the Island Spa on Catalina? 🌴🌴 This is their beautiful fountain that greets you as you walk inside for a treatment! The details on those tiles... incredible. You really feel like you’re in another country when you’re on the Island. “ . . . #repost @askaconcierge  #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #islandspa #islandvibes #islandspacatalina #visitcatalina #visitcatalinaisland
Ever been to the Island Spa on Catalina? 🌴🌴 This is their beautiful fountain that greets you as you walk inside for a treatment! The details on those tiles... incredible. You really feel like you’re in another country when you’re on the Island. . . . Want more? Check out my video on Catalina that I posted this past week! Link is in the bio!  #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #islandspa #islandvibes
“From the Pavilion Hotel to taking a tour of the Casino to the famous Island Spa, there’s much to do if you’re looking for a relaxing island getaway. And let’s not forget about the food! No trip would be complete without exploring some of the great local restaurants. There’s much to discover on Catalina! So watch on and start planning your relaxing island getaway.” Repost from @askaconcierge . #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #visitcatalina #visitcatalinaisland #catalinavideo #askaconcierge #pavilionhotel #catalinacasino #islandspacatalina
#imadethis 🎥 #djimavicpro #travel #voyagersincatalina #travelvideo  #traveltips ・・・ Aaaaaahh! On our last video we discovered all the fun activities you can do on Catalina Island if you’re an Adventure seeker, but this time we focused on relaxing and exploring the history on this small, yet notable island. 🏝 From the Pavilion Hotel to taking a tour of the Casino to the famous Island Spa, there’s much to do if you’re looking for a relaxing island getaway. And let’s not forget about the food! No trip would be complete without exploring some of the great local restaurants. There’s much to discover on Catalina! So watch on and start planning your relaxing island getaway. (Full video on YouTube! Link in bio!) • • • • • Video by @ninodgordeli  Special thanks to @visitcatalinaisland and @catalinaexpress! #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #visitcatalina
Aaaaaahh! On our last video we discovered all the fun activities you can do on Catalina Island if you’re an Adventure seeker, but this time we focused on relaxing and exploring the history on this small, yet notable island. 🏝 From the Pavilion Hotel to taking a tour of the Casino to the famous Island Spa, there’s much to do if you’re looking for a relaxing island getaway. And let’s not forget about the food! No trip would be complete without exploring some of the great local restaurants. There’s much to discover on Catalina! So watch on and start planning your relaxing island getaway. (Full video on YouTube! Link in bio!) • • • • • Video by @ninodgordeli  Special thanks to @visitcatalinaisland and @catalinaexpress! #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #visitcatalina
Journey to Frog Rock! A few weeks back on Catalina Island I I realized I love California so much cuz even during “winter” you can get away with kayaking in a tank top! @ecspinelli and I took this little paddling adventure out to Frog Rock with Descanso Beach Ocean Sports to work on our vitamin D levels. It’s definitely the best way to get new perspective of the island plus spy on seals as they splash around in the waves. Do you like kayaking? #voyagersincatalina
ICYMI: I had so much fun on Catalina Island w/ @catalinaexpress + @visitcatalinaisland. Check out my Catalina highlights to see everything you can do on the island + click link in bio for my FULL itinerary. #voyagersincatalina #epicjourneycontest
Catalina Island reminds me so much of the Mediterranean. Who’s been!? 💁🏼‍♀️ ___________ The more I travel, the more I love observing the similarities between places in different parts of the globe. At one point during my recent trip with @visitcatalinaisland, my friend @atwjustin brought out pictures of the coastline of Croatia to compare just how remarkably similar it looked to this little island just off our coast in Los Angeles. It was my first time exploring Avalon and it’s surrounds, which is so charming even during the cooler months of the year. Such a good reminder that adventure doesn’t have to be thousands of miles away, it can take place right in your own back yard. #voyagersincatalina
“Escape Los Angeles this Spring Season” for quieter town feels, like Catalina Island, Ojai, and the Central CA Coast. Article now on Resident Magazine. Link in BIO 👆🏽. Flashback to zipping along in Catalina Island...Can you spot the “Casino” by the water? Where have you zip lined? My 74 year old mom just zip-lined in Kauai!!! #travel #laescape #catalinaisland #ziplining #voyagersincatalina . . . . . . . @catalinazipline #adventuretravel #residentmagazine #travelwriter #travelpic #travelgram #losangeles #islandlife #linkinbio #ojai #slocal #travellife #travelholic
Shoutout to @angie_ivelesse for being my travel buddy on this trip! Thanks for being down for every adventure that has come our way! 👯‍♀️ Take a look at my Catalina highlights for a sneak peak at what we’ve been upto + check back tomorrow for a full itinerary of my trip to Catalina. 📜#VoyagersinCatalina 📸: @kelleyferro
So spread your #wings and #leap... I got you. 💗💗 #mom 😍😘 #consciousliving #voyagersincatalina #parasailing #catalinaisland @visitcatalinaisland
I can’t get over how GORGEOUS the water is on this island! I want to know where you have seen the prettiest water?! Check out my Catalina highlights for more on what to do here! 🐠 #voyagersincatalina
It sparkles in all the right places 🏝 🌊 💫 . . .  from @lalascoop -  We made it this am to LA’s Island - Catalina Island and not for the Catalina wine mixer 😂 but just one hour from Long Beach on the @catalinaexpress with #voyagersincatalina for 2 nights for some major exploration and fun! #travel #explore #travelgram #catalinaisland #escapela . . . . . #catalinaexpress #visitcatalina @visitcatalinaisland #islandlife #op #sailboats #travellife #travelwriter #harbor #harborlove @roamingenthusiast #adventuretravel #travelholic #traveladdict #regrann
There is sooooo much fun stuff to do on Catalina Island! . . A few weeks back I went to Catalina Island (via the @catalinaexpress), and got to do all sorts of fun activities. Parasailing, the Aerial Adventure Course, and the East End Adventure Tour were all highlights of the quick two-day getaway. Watch above for a little taste of the fun activities you can find yourself getting into on Catalina! You ready to go yet? I know I am! . . I AM obsessed with our newest video!!! 🏝We did something a little different, so I hope you like it as much as I doooooo... full video on YouTube! Link in bio. . . . . Video by @ninodgordeli (my forever plus one! 😉) Thank you to @visitcatalinaisland for putting together an awesome itinerary!  #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland
I HIGHLY recommend taking an East End Adventure tour to explore Catalina Island. The two-hour open-air expedition takes you to the ridge tops + the rugged canyons. You may even spot bison while cruising along! Check out my Catalina highlights to get a feel for what the tour is like. 🔥#VoyagersinCatalina 📸: @bear5713, the best guide ever
The answer to last week’s quiz is Catalina Island! Believe it or not, Santa Catalina Island is just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. How beautiful is this sunrise?! Keep an eye out all week long as I show you what there is to do on the island 🌅 #voyagersincatalina • • • • • • • • • #catalinaexpress #catalinaisland #travel #wanderlust #ilovetravel #postcardsfromtheworld #traveldeeper #travelling #trip #traveltheworld #igtravel #getaway #travelpics #wanderer #travelphoto #visiting #travels #travelphotography #california #sunrise #wearetravelgirls #visitcalifornia #travelabout #worldnomads #adventure #sheisnotlost #traveldeeper #cnntravel #epicjourneycontest
Please come back later... I’m dreaming of Catalina. Good news is we will be sharing our first video of our trip later this week! 🌴 PS: How is cute is this Do Not Disturb sign from the Pavilion Hotel in Avalon? . . . @catalinaexpress @visitcatalinaisland  #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland
Happy Friday! Can you guess where this crystal clear water is that I’m exploring? HINT: It’s an island 🌴 Check back next week for the full itinerary 😉#VoyagersinCatalina 📸: @angie_ivelesse • • • • • • • •#wearshewandered #travelabout #worldnomads #sheisnotlost  #traveldeeper #iamtb #travel  #thattravelblog #dametraveler #thediscoverer #travelgirlsgo #iamatraveler  #gohypetravel #suitcasetravels #darlingescapes #travelgirls #girlsthatwander #igersofficial  #wearetravelgirls #traveldeeper #travelling #trip #traveltheworld #igtravel #worldnomads #traveldeeper #descansobeachoceansports #catalinaisland #catalinaexpress
Catalina vibes... 🌴🌴 Full video coming soon! . . . Drone work and video by @ninodgordeli  #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #drone #islandvibes @catalinaexpress @visitcatalinaisland
Flying through the weekend like weeeeeeeee! Have you ever been parasailing? . . A few weeks back I went to Catalina Island (via the @catalinaexpress), and got to do all sorts of fun activities. Parasailing was one of the highlights. I don’t know how I’ve never done it before but it’s a crazy feeling! It’s calm and relaxing, but when you look down you kinda freak out because of the height. Anyway, I can’t wait to go back and have another adventure on @visitcatalinaisland. . . Shout out to @ninodgordeli for grabbing this shot with our @gopro . We didn’t have an extra hand strap, so any slip of the grip this bad boy would have fallen into the ocean! Nino, you’re a trooper! . . #voyagersincatalina #catalinaisland #catalinaparasail
Every time I visit #catalinaisland my must do adventure is #ziplining! Having done the #ziplineecotour three times, I can honesty say it never gets old. • This heart-pumping tour will take you zipping down 5 lines throughout #descanscocanyon with picturesque views of the #pacificocean. The #ziplines range from 500 feet to over 1000 feet in length. Speeds can get up to 30 miles per hour at heights 300 feet above ground. It’s a 2-hour adventure that will satisfy your thrill-seeking needs, but surprisingly is also educational. Along the way the knowledgeable guides and exhibits at each platform educate visitors on the history, topography and ecosystem of the island. After zip lining on #catalina three times, I still learn something new every trip. • Check out more adventurous ways to @visitcatalinaisland on my #travelblog at atwjustin.com • link in bio • #atwjustin
Isn’t this just the cutest little courtyard? And major bonus points for the fire pit!🔥 OH, AND HAVE YOU HEARD? My first blog post of the year is up and it’s all about my stay at the Pavilion Hotel on Catalina Island. 👉🏼 Head over to www.hautetravelworld.com now or just click the link in my bio to check it out! @visitcatalinaisland #visitcatalina #voyagersincatalina 📸: @superd7373
One of the best ways to explore #catalinaisland is above water... high above by #parasailing! Although it may appear scary, parasailing is actually a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of #catalina 800 feet above the ground. • Check out more adventurous ways to @visitcatalinaisland on my #travelblog at atwjustin.com • link in bio • #atwjustin