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#thevintagefashionchallenge Day 22: Reading & Researching 💋 As someone who not only regularly wears vintage, but also sells vintage clothing, I’m regularly researching designers, fashion trends by era, fabrics, and styles, to name a few. I feel like I still have so much to learn, and every item I add to my shop (or purchase for myself) teaches me something new. One of my favorite resources for vintage clothing is https://vintagefashionguild.org/ The site features a vintage label search and fabric guide, as well as resources for vintage hats and lingerie.  Have a favorite site you use for vintage clothing information?? Tell me about it in the comments! ♥️♥️ . . . . . . #vintage #truevintage #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #1930sfashion #1940sfashion #1950sfashion #1960sfashion #1930s #1940s #1950sstyle #1950s #1960s #fashion #style #vintagefashionguild #research #eras #vintageclothing #favric #fashiontrends #designer #whatimreading #vintageseller #vintageclothes
Faire ce qui nous rend heureux, comme Giulia :-) @theblondepipes 🧡🎈💫 . . Just do what makes you happy, like Giulia ! . . #womanrider #womenwhoride #motorcyclegear #vintageclothes #ridingapparel #womanonwheels #vintagebikes #custombike #jumpsuit #behappy #justdoit  Credit: @ste_427  and bike @gallerymotorcycles
[ #다즐링빈티지라인 ]🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙 *블랙 링클원피스🖤// *퍼플 벨벳 도트 원피스💜 *모든 빈티지 상품은 단일 상품입니다 *구입 및 문의는 선착순 디엠으로 진행됩니다
Going to be adding a lot of heat to our Depop page every day from now on.. Link in our bio 👆🏻
1950's FOREMOST 5pocket denim pants‼️ 実にビンテージらしい色落ちをしたフォアモストの5ポケットデニムパンツになります(^^) 両耳仕様なのも嬉しいポイントです(^^) リーバイスだとギャラ入XXと同じ時期のモノです(^^) #vintage#vintageclothes#vintagedenim#vintagelevis#501xx#foremost
Humpday waiting for Friday. All weekend ready in my @shophenri.co threads and two of my fave rugs from the newest batch. I’m shooting these next week so I can get them up on the shop! Either of them calling to you? Im loving the blush coloring on both of them, yep yep!🌸
Super cool 82’ Dolly Parton tour raglan. I LOVE this shirt. Likely going to keep it but if ya got anything similar as far as tour/band tees of this value and rarity then hit me up!
Twin peaks (1990 - 1991)
Vintage Nike long sleeve only $35!! This polyester treat will have you sussed for many occasions and for this price you can best it! Follow the links to find out more!
New linen, cotton and woolen finds 🧺
day 7/5: I’m living in a fantasy world and I don’t want to leave. - inspired by: @trendylookbooks & @broke4ngel
About last Sunday @frea.vintage.secondhand pop up shop🎡🎢 We had so much fun, loud laughs and loads of unique and carefully selected secondhand clothes 🔮 Wear vintage, be cool and love nature 🌱
day 7: stay motivated and love what you do.
day 6/5: I’m heading in the right direction and it’s only going to get better..
day 5: if my mind and curiosity wasn’t as powerful who would I be today! - (part 2)
day 4: it’s okay to not know what the future holds even if you're strong right now you might become weak a day later. - (part 1)
day 3/5: ripped the simplifications wide open... - (part 2)
day 2: simplify the river because it’s all you will ever want and have. It may be selfish but that selfishness could save your life but the lives of the people around you - inspired by: @hoodprofet
day 1: walking the ethereal river  I’ve always wanted to be creative; I’ve always wanted to be loved and enjoyed but it’s not that simple because no one can really love you as you can. - inspired by: @made @dmahdnes