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This is a 1955 356 Pre A Speedster  A stunning restomod, this beauty is another jewel from the @thornleykelham workshops.  Close inspection reveals the gorgeous and correct 'beehive' tail lights and the early dashboard layout incorporating only two main dials and a small oil pressure guage.  In the restomod tradition it has been sympathetically, invisibly (to the casual observer) and subtly upgraded to meet modern driving conditions.  For me, this is the way to go if your budget can stretch to meet the figures these artisans rightly command for their outstanding work.  It has all the desirability of the period coupled with the performance and driving characteristics we require from our modern cars.  Perfection.  Like it?. Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars. Please also tag a friend who you know will also enjoy these short bios.  #porscheporn #aircooledporsche #porscheclassic #porschegram
From 1966 to 1969 the Ford GT40 won the 24 hours of Le Mans four times, consecutively! This included a 1-2-3 finish in 1966.  Looking for at least a partial return on their vast investment, Ford added a road-going version to the hugely successful  GT40 line-up in 1965. This was the fastest roadgoing Ford, ever!  Lightly sanitised for the road, the tech side of this beast is immense!  It has a 4.737ltr/289.1 cubic inch, mid engined, longitudinally mounted, naturally aspirated, 90º V8 engine with a cast-iron block and head.  It has two overhead valves per cylinder,  Holley four-barrel carbs and is driven via a 5 speed manual ZF gearbox.  The engine delivers 306bhp/228kW @ 6,000 rpm and a strong 446Nm/329ft lbs of torque @ 4,200 rpm.  With a fibreglass body, rear wheel drive, discs all round and weighing in at only 1,061kgs/2,339 lbs, she is capable of stellar performance.0-60mph in 5.1seconds and 0-100mph in 12.7seconds, going on to achieve a top speed of 250 kph/155 mph all while your fear-clenched buttocks rest mere inches from the tarmac beneath.  This is the 1969 Ford GT40 MkIII.  With only seven made, DWC 8G now resides in the Ford  Heritage Collection.  Small changes were made for the road car. Wearing more flamboyant curves and a more exotic exterior design, a slightly detuned engine and wire wheels, this was a race-car tamed.  Roadgoing versions gained carpets and other trim. Door locks were added, as were sill badges and Ford lettering on the nose. Gone were the racer’s ventilated seats, though, and the battery was moved from the cockpit, now a ‘passenger compartment’, to the engine bay.  The sill-mounted rubber bag-tanks were replaced by stronger but smaller aluminium tanks. Foam was pumped in, wherever possible, for added safety and sound deadening. Additionally, the complicated serpentine exhaust system was replaced freeing up a small space for luggage. However its location above the engine guaranteed that whatever you'd place there would be
An intoxicating blend of elegant Italian design and unrestrained American power.  This is the 1968 Iso Grifo GL 365.  It was made in limited numbers between 1965 and 1974 to compete with the Ferrari and Maserati GTs of the period.  It utilized a series of American engines and components,  supplied by Chevrolet and Ford, to ensure performance and maximize reliability.  It has a 5.4ltr/327ci OHV Chevrolet V8 Engine with a single Four-Barrel Carburetor, making 350bhp/268kW at 5,800rpm which was good for a top speed of about 163mph/262kph  It is driven by a 5-Speed Manual Transmission with 4-Wheel Independent Suspension 4-Wheel Disc Brakes and is front engined with rear wheel drive.  Its fabulous understated styling was created by my favorite, Italian, Ferrari 250 GTO designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, at Bertone, while the mechanicals were the work of the gifted Italian engineer Giotto Bizzarrini who had such a major impact on the most iconic racing and road cars of the period.  What a combination!  For context, average cars are currently going for about US $350k with the best correct and concours examples fetching nearly $500k  I love it. You?  Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars. Please do tag a friend who you know will also enjoy these short bios.  #giugiaro #americanpower
Porsche legend, 356 Speedster #vintagecardreams #amazingcar #porsche #legend #356speedster #iagree
This is the ex Graham Hill 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.  This iconic model was produced between 1962–1964.  The '250' in its name denotes the displacement in cubic centimeters of each of its cylinders; 'GTO' stands for 'Gran Turismo Omologata', or 'Grand Touring Homologated'. For homologation, Ferrari was required to produce 100 units of the model, but Enzo succeeded in convincing the FIA ​​that the GTO was little more than a slight update of the short wheelbase model, despite the fact that, in many respects, it was a brand new car.  Ultimately, #ferrari only manufactured 36 units.  There is so much interesting stuff to tell you about this car, and there is plenty of info that has not already been posted about it, but not wanting to bore you I'll pick just one interesting point of which you may not be aware.  The exposed metal gate defining the gear shift gate pattern on this model was originally designed to protect the gearbox from over-forceful changes by excited drivers during the heat of competition. It was this metal gate that then went on to become a Ferrari tradition and became a much loved feature of its road cars, until being replaced by steering- column mounted paddle shifters in the 2000s.  It monstered the competition from Jaguar and Aston Martin, in period, and has gone on to become the most desired model for collectors.  It is considered the series which most completely embodies the Ferrari racing ethos.  For context, when new, the GTO sold for $18,000 in the USA.  On August 25, 2018, RM Sotheby's sold 250 GTO Chassis No.3413GT for $48,405,000 incl buyers fee at their Monterey auction, representing a new record for most expensive car ever sold at auction.  In June 2018, a1963 250 GTO set an all-time record selling price of $70 million.  Undoubtedly this will be the first car to sell for $100million... just give it a couple more years.  Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars. Please do tag a friend who you know will also enjoy these
One of only 188 '2,300' models built between 1931 and 1934 this, for me, is the 'poster-boy' for classic cars.  This is the 1932 Alfa Romeo 2300 Zagato Spider.  Initially, Alfa Romeo announced that the 8C was not to be sold to private owners, but by autumn 1931 Alfa sold it as a rolling chassis in Lungo (long) or Corto (short) form, with prices starting at over £1000. Using The Bank of England's inflation calculator this equates to almost £77,000 in today's money.  The chassis were fitted with bodies from a selection of Italian coach-builders such as Zagato, Touring, Castagna, Pinin Farina and Brianza, even though Alfa Romeo did make factory bodies themselves.  Other chassis were elegantly dressed by coachbuilders such as Graber, Worblaufen and Tuscher of Switzerland plus Figoni of France.  On track it was driven to many victories by some of the motor racing greats such as Tazio Nuvolari and Lord Howe . Enzo Ferrari himself raced an 8C 2300 at the Circuito delle Tre Provence, taking second place in 1931.  This model dominated a variety of racing events. It had four consecutive wins in the 24 hours of Le Mans; two wins at Spa; three consecutive wins of the Targa Florio; three wins in the Mille Miglia and a Grand Prix victory at Monza.  Whilst Bugatti's Type 35 is acknowledged  as the most successful racing car in history, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 ranks a close second.  Like it?  Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars. Please also tag a friend you know will also enjoy these short bios.  #alfaclassic #alfaromeoclassic #italiancars
What makes this Ferrari unique and extra-especially desirable?  This is the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheel Base (SWB) California Spider.  It has a front mounted longitudinally positioned 3ltr 60° V12 with a single overhead cam per bank which creates a heady 277bhp.  It is rear wheel drive and driven through a five-speed manual gearbox, supported by independent front suspension and a live rear axle, and is reigned-in by disc brakes all-round.  Arguably one of the most coveted cars in the world, unquestionably one of the most chic convertibles of all time, and certainly among the most expensive, this example was aquired by its current owner in 2013 and has been given a full restoration back to its elegant and original Grigio Scuroa bodywork complemented by its rich red interior.  Have you worked it out?. No?. Well look again... it is right-hand drive!  More precisely it is the only California Spider ever produced in right-hand drive.  It was ordered in right-hand drive by its original Italian owner because he wanted to race it and he believed, rightly so, that right-hand drive was the correct spec for a racing car.  Most serpentine racing-tracks race in a clock-wise direction, so this clearly makes sense.  If you look at all the period Bugattis, you'll notice they too are all right hand drive... for this very reason.  What is even more curious, in a time when wealthy buyers commonly configured Ferraris to their individual whims and requirements, is that no other buyers from Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong or Japan, where they all drive on the left hand-side of the road, thought to follow his example  and order a steering wheel more conveniently located for their local driving conditions.  After changing hands (and colours) a few times, it was owned for an incredible 46 years by Denis Ziani de Ferranti, a very private man when it came to his cars. So seldom was this car seen in public that even today, many Ferrari aficionados are completely unaware of the
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Putting you in the drivers seat of the Le Mans winning Jaguar C-Type.  It's the 1950's.  Can you feel it?. Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars.
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One of only approx 50 produced.  Built between 1948 and 1953 it was brilliantly successful on-track. This was due to its excellent handling and its powerful and reliable Bristol, 2ltr, in-line, six-cylinder engine.  This is a 1951 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica.  Originally this model was named "high speed" and "competition" but in a nod to the racing success of this model at its Le Mans debut in 1949 and its class wins at the 1951 Targa Florio and again at Sebring in 1952, it became known as the Le Mans Replica.  It was a Frazer Nash tradition to name their models in honour of their sporting successes.  Don't be confused by the term: Replica. It is a genuine, Frazer Nash, factory built duplicate of the original car, built in-period.  For collectors and historic racers, #frazernash is a much beloved and highly respected brand. Think in the region of over £250k to get your hands on one of these small, potent, rare and highly sought-after racers today.  Looks like a lot of fun to me!  Like it?  Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars. Please tag a friend who you know will also enjoy these short bios.
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Cream of the Restomod E-Types.  It took between 4000 and 5000 man hours to craft.  This is the prototype Evolution E as recently seen at the #cityconcours on the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company earlier in June.  There are any number of well known companies up and down the UK upgrading E-types, in varying degrees, to make them more driveable for the new millenium. You can spend anything from about £350k to £1million for your perfect car... but few can match #evolutionetypes for quality.  Lets face it, these toys are for the 1% of the 1% and at £650k a pop, this company is priced keenly for this segment and is set to become the go-to vendor.  Chatted with them at the show and when I asked them to show me the engine they revealed what can only be described as automotive jewellery, as you can see from these pictures.  Oh for a lotto win... What do you think?  Please FOLLOW if, like me, you love classic cars.  #etypejaguar #restomods #blacklistlifestyle