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The road have given us a new perspective on life. It has shown us just how much more is out there. Here are a few more pictures from our hikes over the last few days. Yesterday, we hiked Arches National Park in Utah. A few days before that we met up with some friends from back home who were also traveling through Page, AZ. We enjoyed catching up and explored some beautiful slot canyons together. Get outside and explore!
Even in the coldest of mornings, darkest of nights and wettest of days, you always make me feel right at home 🌄🚐⁣ ⁣ Safe and secure, the perfect team capable of any challenge that comes our way ❤️⁣ ⁣ What inspires you to travel? To push boundaries and learn something new?⁣ ⁣ #freeyourlifetravel⁣ ⁣ #vanlife⁣ #southaustralia⁣ #highlands2hammocks⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #sunrisebeach #sunrisecouple #sunrisekisses #sunriselovers #sunriselove #sunrise_shotz #sunrise_sunset_photogroup #sunrise_sunset #sunrise_pics⁣ #seeaustralia #exploreaustralia #southaustralia_pics #ig_australia #southaustralia_pics⁣ #vanlifecontent #vanlifetravels #vanlifegoals #vanliferevolution #vanlifemoment #vanlifeadventure #vanlifeblog #vanconverionstories
This photo perfectly captured our day. We started in the desert of Utah hiking Delicate Arch in Arches National Park then finished the day in the Colorado mountains. We feel grateful to have experienced so much of Arizona and Utah but we’re beyond excited to get back to the cooler weather the mountains have to offer.
Hace un año nos tuvimos que conformar con ver el #matterhorn de lejos por falta de tiempo y de equipo de montaña apropiado 😩 .  Este año uno de nuestros planes es comenzar a formarnos en técnicas de alpinismo y seguridad en la montaña, 🔗🗻 y quién quita que así algún día podamos volver al Matterhorn y no quedarnos mirándolo a lo lejos, sino poder acercarnos y ponerle las manos encima 😄😍 ¡Qué vivan los sueños! . #thevanpackers #vanpackers . . #swissalps #visitswissalps #switzerland #visitswitzerland #roadtrip #alps #alpsmountains #alpsroadtrip #zermatt #vanliferevolution #vanlifeexplorers #vive_montanas #veranobarrabes #tgspirit @inpirineos @esolympus #vanlifers #vanliferseurope #iamtb #comunidadviajera #bcntb
Feeling the burn, in two senses of the word 😂 -  Lloyd and I will readily admit we have an unhealthy relationship with portion control, ie, we have no self control. Especially when it comes to sweet food. After dinner, we will easily polish off an entire packet of biscuits, or accidentally eat our way through two bars of chocolate (like last night...)! So when we aren’t hiking, or city visiting, we’ll whip out our latest additions to the van, 2 kettlebells and some resistance bands and do a little workout. It’s normally only 10minutes because ceebs, but it makes us feel like we deserve the sweets, and that’s all that really matters 😂
A good day starts slowly and with breakfast in bed. 🚐 The last two days we took time off the computer and went away with the Van. Was good to get out of the city and almost back into our old routine of living full-time in our home on wheels. Soon a new adventure will begin, but uñtil then we embrace our time in Austria! 😍@weiss_photo_vid #vanlife#vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #vanlifers #vancrush #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifegirls #vanlifememories #vanlifediary #vangirl #vanlifeproject #vanlifeculture #vanlifeadventures #boholifestyle #hippiespirits #vanlifecommunity #vanlifegirls #campervanculture #netflixandchill #campervanster #campervanadventures #parkedinparadise #vanliferevolution #vangirlsdaily #womenontheroad #sunsetvibes #vanlifememories #vanlifetravels #builtnotbought⁣ #summerishere
No Pricks Allowed. . . This rug might be my favourite purchase for the van yet! • Sometimes I feel like I have to be everybody’s friend. Here’s a truth, I don’t. Neither do you. Do you ever feel you have to? Pressured to be someone’s friend, doesn’t that sound toxic. Sometimes people come in and out of your life. Sometimes they come in for a little while and never return. Sometimes they come to teach you things. Both good and bad.  Lately I’ve realized it’s best to have a group of friends that makes you feel nothing but the good feels. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you should be friend-ly to everyone. • Have people ever made you feel less than? Have people ever made you question who you are? Have small minded people ever talked negatively about you behind your back? Truth is, people are probably going to get caught in that act.  People are going to try and bring you down. THOSE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE. Those are the pricks that are not allowed in our safe spaces.  If I could I’d buy this rug for each and every one of you, just as a cute reminder. To keep the pricks out. . . 💋 • This van is my home, our home. My safe space, our safe space. I’m taking a big Canadian step here in saying... “I am so not sorry that there are no pricks allowed here.” • 🌵 • Can you relate with this real-ness?
Ett måste för oss är våra batterier. Utan dem hade vi inte kunnat varken kyla ner våra matvaror eller tillaga vår mat. Efter att ha fricampat ett par dagar har vi nu insett att våra bodelsbatterier kan hålla igång vårt kök under 3-4 dagar vid normal användning så som matlagning, tv-tittande, lampor osv. men ändå ha 50% batteri kvar.  Skulle vi vara mer eftertänksamma och verkligen ansträngde oss skulle vi med ganska stor säkerhet kunna klara oss runt 10 dygn utan att koppla upp oss på en elstolpe.  Solcellerna som vi hade planerat att installera hann vi inte med inför den här säsongen, så det är verkligen tur att vi har den batteribanken på ca 500Ah vi har.  Stort tack till Banner Batteries som hjälpt oss med detta, utan er hade vi fått leva mycket mer eftertänksamt och utan samma komfort! Det är verkligen en trygghet att inte behöva oroa sig speciellt mycket för hur mycket man spenderar och med kommande solpaneler så kommer vi förhoppningsvis att vara helt självförsörjande! 🙌🏼 . . . . . #vanlife #vanlifediaries #homeiswhereyouparkit #projectvanlife #vanlifers #vanlifeexplorers #vanconversion #homeonwheels #vanlifemovement #vanlifedogs #parkedinparadise #vanlifeproject #vanlifeeurope #vanlifemagazine #vanlifejournal #vanlifedistrict #vanlifedreams #vanlifesweden #vanlifesverige #vanlifeculture #vanlifesociety #vanlifeadventures #vanlifecommunity #vanliferevolution #vanlifestories #svenskavanlifers #bannerbatteries #bannerbatterien
The warm Arizona weather has us cooking a lot more outdoors and we are loving it. We truly have enjoyed finding places to park and make food/sleep for the night. Everyday we have a new backyard!
Great day hiking at Springbrook and finish off with a Bacon & Egg roll  #springbrooknationalpark#vanlifers#roadtrippin#roadtripaustralia#ourroadtrip#campervan#vanlifediaries#vandwellinglife#vancamping#vancamper#vwcampervan#vwcamper#vanlifecampers#vanlifeexplorers#vanliving#outcamplife#homesweetvan#homeonwheels#vanlifeadventure#campovans#vanliferevolution#vanlifeideas#vwcampervan#roadtriplife#roadtrip##ourhomeonwheels#vanlife#vwlt35camper
Hey, Hi! Let's go! We are back on the road!  You know whats one of the best things about being self employed? You can decide when to work or where to work (at least most of the times). Our original plan was to go on a little trip last weekend, but then the weather wasn't on our side. It was pouring down and so we stayed in Salzburg and worked online. Now, that the sun is back - we packed our backs, stuffed Sunday up with yummi food and left the city. 📸@weiss_photo_vid  #vanlife #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #vanlifers #vancrush #vanlifeexplorers #campervan #vanconversion #camperlife #vanlifeproject #vanlifeculture #vanlifesociety #vanlifeadventures #vanlifegermany #vanlifecommunity #campervans #campervanculture #campervanmagazine #campervanster #campervanadventures #campervanning #campervantrip #vanliferevolution
TIA 🙌🏻 Setting up camp as the sun goes down in the most epic spots! @the_africa_month ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⠀⠀ 📷 Photo by @ amysnicholson ↟ Visit our website for more inspiration to break away today ✌🏽
another successful @vanlifediaries gathering in the books. these are really special now, 4 years later, as they've become a sort of family reunion for some of us that started this journey and met in the woods so many years ago. the connections now span worldwide. so good to see everyone again and make new connections ♡ love you all and grateful for you
El monte Cervino o Matterhorn, símbolo de toblerone, frontera natural entre Italia y Suiza, quinto monte más alto de los Alpes con sus 4478m. Y desde luego desde esta vista impresiona pero nada tiene que ver a la imagen que aparece en el famoso chocolate. Así es que aún estando en "Europa" notamos que nuestro punto de vista suele ser muy diferente en comparación al de aquí.  A nosotros, esta experiencia nos está permitiendo abrir nuestra mente y conocer Suiza a fondo. . Y tú, cuando viajas te gusta conocer tu entorno y mezclarte? O eres más cohibido y te quedas observando?
It was slow going but Ernie managed to pick his way along the 4wd trails to Grizzly Reservoir. Our reward? This incredibly special spot for the weekend #thevanabondtales #grizzlyreservoir #aspen • • • • • We set off from Denver early Friday afternoon to get a head start on the weekend rush. Clearly we forgot to take into consideration Coloradans fervent worship of the outdoors. By the time we trundled into this remote campsite four hours outside Denver, every last site was taken. Thankfully we were able to carve off a little space for ourselves.  What a spot. Hiking, paddling, sitting by the fire or simply staring in awe at the mountains it was a magic weekend. • • • • • #thevanabondtales #wanderlust #instatravel #instago #travelbug #travelblog #traveladdicts #passportready #exploreeverything #vanlife #vanlifers #vanliferevolution #homeonwheels #ontheroad #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifeadventures #parkedinparadise #vanlifediaries #overland #overlanding #vanbuild #vandwellers
The Grand Canyon was beautiful. We arrived Saturday afternoon and walked the rim trail, taking in all the different lookout points. We later joined a group of other campers to watch the sunset. It is quite amazing that people gather, sit and watch nature’s beauty. Yesterday morning we hiked into the Canyon and gained an entirely different perspective. Nature is neat.
This PROPOSAL was FOUR years ago 🤗!! This sweetheart (Joe) proposed to one of the most surprised people to ever get proposed to....ME (Kristyn)! 💍 . . We were 5+ years into dating & I truthfully didn’t care about a piece of jewellery to show how much we loved each other. . Since I had no idea, & Joe also knew I was not interested in planning a wedding...with the help of @triciavictoriaphoto we got married 2 months & 3 days later! . The thing that stands out the most to me that day is not the ring itself (although it was pretty adorable, he took my sister to a jeweller to design one from the random things I had said over YEARS), but it was all the thought he put into it: Joe saved every month for one year (for the girl who could care less how much a ring cost 🙄). He planned it for 4 months after designing the ring, he asked my Mom and Dad in a carefully orchestrated dinner date where he swapped places with my sister 🥰 (she told him to make sure he told them she wasn’t coming when he showed up at the restaurant instead of her), got two dozen roses 🌹 that made a trail from a big sign that lead to a poem he put onto a slideshow, decorated a gazebo with curtains, lights, candles, flowers and hired @paulwoidamusic to be the final surprise who serenaded us with my favourite song 🎶 (and then he ate dinner with my family/played us songs all night while we danced) and I repeatedly shouted “this is the wedding” ...and then later he also sang at our wedding (that Joe convinced me to have after we ran away to get married just the two of us first) a couple months later. . I’ll never forget the feeling that day. Joe and I don’t buy material gifts for birthdays or Christmas. We like to instead celebrate anniversaries and reminisce + enjoy each other’s company.💕🥰🤓 . Basically, it’s moments and experiences that connect us, not the things that we buy. Wow, this got long. Sorry, not sorry. #forus
Choosing our backyard every night has its perks. We wake up most morning and talk about how in awe we still are about everywhere we have been.