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Exercise: how many of you weave exercise into your daily routine? I need it almost every day or else I go a bit crazy! Tell me what you love: yoga? Swimming: F45? Pic via @nourishingbubs
Monday - it’s coming. What has your week got planned? I’m working on a website redesign for a client - a huge job but can’t wait to see the results down the track! Have a great week. πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️
I concur. Friday’s rock. Have a great weekend! Pic via @customtan (who is always delightful 😘)
Midweek flower explosion- beautiful pastel phalaenopsis orchids - my absolute fave! Enjoy. Pic: @rapsimobrides
Who else feels this way?
Do you have questions about how your business could benefit from using a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Or maybe you just want to know what a VA does? Ask me here. πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Ride and shine! May your coffee be strong and your week successful! Pic via @pinterest
End of school holidays is nigh! Back to order and routine tomorrow. Have a great week!
Last day of holidays 🏝 I will miss this office! #vaaustralia #adminonline #adminonlineaustralia #bestjobever #freedomandflexibility
When you’re jet lagged, confused, it’s still school holidays and you can’t remember what you were working on two weeks ago! Image via @google
Constantly feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day?  Why don’t you delegate some tasks... free up sometime for yourself!! * * * * * * #vamelbourne #vaaustralia #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #ladiesinbusiness ##virtualassistant #virtualassistants #va #solobusiness
The view from my office this week... I love my job working from home but I love it that little bit more when we are away 🏝 #vaaustralia #adminonlinebrisbane  #bestjobever #adminonline #freedomandflexibility #tangaloomaisland
Aloha! Still in Maui and loving every minute of downtime.
Repost in support of small businesses - Check the board of Sunrise Pixel, @sunrisepixel πŸ‘ Have a break from work :) #vacation #holidaytime #outofoffice #familytime #metime #restandrelax #breaktime #break #travel #ilovetravel #smallbusinessowner #va #valondon #valosangeles #vaaustralia #virtualassistant #losangeles #london
Pics 2-3 original design  Pics 4-5 newly created content . . Another example of a spontaneous chat about changing up posters and pictures! Starring @mitimemassage . . Avoiding flowers, lotus flowers, stones and candles is hard if your line of work is massage. Darn hard. Michelle has a beautiful business in Matlock Derbyshire, which until now had Instagram and Facebook as a platform to casually promote her massage studio. . . Whilst the flowers were nice - she was keen not to have things too stereotypically girlie! Self care is universal and her work is definitely valued amongst male and female clients! Her business doesn’t really have a logo (still doesn’t) so it’s easy for it to not stand out against the bigger players. . . As per usual I asked what she liked, saw for the business - and it was clear this was one of those πŸ¦„ unicorn rare opportunities for a crazy amount of input. I did ask if she had a fave colour or a studio colour and she said ____ (revealed in pics). It’s not the same shade as the brand who is known by their colour, but it’s fun to day dream of a luxurious collaboration haha! . . Notes; I immediately had in my head ‘line art massage’ for this. I had that vision for it - with line art graphics for additional posts. Finding/purchasing the graphic was amazing. The fact it’s a guy in a massage promo makes my day. My guess is it’s not a common choice but immediately isn’t as girlie. Font is pretty stock standard for me, I’m a serial user of the old serif and handwriting duo πŸ˜‰ . .  What do you think? 😌
Sometimes simple is best πŸ˜‰ . . Gearing up for another festival in December with a goal of getting the instagram @perthveganevents to 2000 followers to see in the new year!
See ya Sydney and aloha Hawaii! @virtualassistservices is taking a much needed break for a few weeks! See you back on deck mid October 🍍🍍🍍 pic via @michbroadbent
Hands up πŸ™ŒπŸ»β˜•οΈ
Happy Monday! I have two days left of work then....Hawaii! So jamming in as much as I can today. Hope you smash your Monday to-do list.