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Allotment Update:  Maggie and I spent a few productive hours at our allotment today.  I planted two rows of De Monica Broad Beans which followed on from Octobers planting of two rows of Imperial Longpod (and precedes December planting of Aquadulce Claudia), as you may gather from this we like our Broad Beans 😁and, if that's not enough I plan to plant Imperial Green Windsor in the spring, these are really nice and they are a heritage variety which I prefer to grow to keep the old varieties going 👍. I also planted today 6 Joan J Autumn Raspberry Canes to go with 4 summer fruiting and 3 autumn fruiting canes alredy planted.  I guess that we like fruit as we have also planted 3x gooseberry, 2 x blackberry and a blueberry bush; plus I have just ordered 2 x Appletini apple trees which only grow to 6ft.  I recall asking @stephaniehafferty what I should grow and Steph replied "grow what you like to eat" which is sound advice.  We only started cultivating our plot in June and it was very much a case of 'clear and plant' just to show that we were doing something (really for the benefit of adjacent plot holders a the allotment committee) now we can really get down to a 'plan' for the 2019 harvest 🤔  Whilst I was doing the planting today Maggie has been busy lifting the carrots (even though I planted late we got hit by carrot fly so, learning from our mistakes, we will definitely net them next year); Maggie also cleared a lot of ground of weeds .... not sure yet whether to plant green manure of leave open for the frost (suggestions would be appreciated 😁). Maggie also did the routine jobs like pruning the lavender around our newly established wildlife pond (sounds a bit pretentious but it actually only an upcycled kiddies sand pit but it does exactly what we wanted 👌 . . 💠💠💠💠💠💠💠 If you are considering getting some seasonings for your store cupboard don't forget that you can use code my MIKE20 @jdseasonings to get a 20% DISCOUNT off of your