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Name/Age; Rosemary Pond, 7 years old Physical Appearance; I have bright pale blue eyes. My short curly blonde hair bounces on my shoulders a I walk. I'm rather short for my age, standing 4'2. I always carry my stuffed animal with me. I only have one coat and one outfit but it keeps my warm.  Characteristics; Im come off shy right away because I've experienced trust issues. But if you make an effort to know me, I'll recognize that and like you. But Im not afraid to slip away from you if you break your trust Weapon; My throwing knives, or sword Back Story; I lived on a farm with my daddy and older brother. We were the happy little family everyone loved. But eventually my brother went off to war so it was just me and daddy. He taught me everything there is to know about farming, and what plants you can and can't eat. After I mastered that, he began teaching me how to throw knives and use a sword. I was getting pretty skilled with the knives when the apocalypse began. We survived together for a while on the farm, but it was eventually breached. Daddy saved me by throwing me into a closet and locked it tightly. I snuck out the trap door a while later and saw the sight no child would want to see. Her own father roaming the farm ground as a walker. I tried to kill it but didn't have the heart. I escaped the farm with only one pair of clothes, my stuffed animal my father gave me, a locket, and the knowledge I was given. Now I stay in the woods of Maine alone. Just trying to find something who will care about me again. - #twdcharacters