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Time to get that Tuesday focus on! Don’t forget to start your day with a beautiful cup of coffee from your favorite Cafe!
Do you know goron tula fruits aids fertility?  Do you know it also cures and prevents infection?  Do you know it is an aphrodisiac?  Do you know it boosts the secretion of sperm in men?  Do you know it helps with liver problem? ...amongst other health benefits.  With only 2k, you can get 10 pieces of goron tula fruits. Shey it's awesome? Oya, call my phone number: 07082078629 or send a message. You can also send a direct message here or click on the link in the bio to reach me on whatsapp. #herbalway #tuesdayfocus #detoxpearlz #tuefocus #focusonfibriod #consistency #achievement
So, I got a call from a lady some weeks ago and she told me how she had fibroid and how big it was. She told me how she had tried so many things and even gone herbal.  Hmm. I was just there, listening to her and answering her with my tiny voice. Then she said she came across my page and decided to ask how the pearls works. So, I gave her the amount of cleanses she'd get and the amount of steam bags she'll get too. We agreed to a price and of course, she got a discount. Then she said, "I don't think these pearls would remove this fibroid o! It's big. And I think the pearls can work for infections and all of that, not for fibroid". And that's how I didn't see her again o!  But then, I told her it's not true. Consistency and positivity does all the work. You may not even have to try too hard. Just follow the rules and be regular about it. You'd achieve your required results.  Look at what one pearl dragged out of someone o! (please swipe) And she didn't have any infection at all. She just wanted a cleanse. And these came out of her. Like, look at it closely. Imagine if it was fibroid. Don't you think the pearls are capable of breaking down the fibroid into smaller bits and dragging it out like this?  Please o, don't look down on my detox pearls.  And yes. Detox pearls can remove fibroid. If you are consistent and you follow the routine. It's not magic but with time, it does the work.  Please come o, let's help cure that stubborn fibroid.  4,000 naira only for a cleanse. #fibriodremoval #herbalway #tuesdayfocus #detoxpearlz #tuefocus #focusonfibriod #consistency #achievement
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Are you focused??? Focused on the goal? Focused on the team?  If you are not focus the team and the goal you are wasting your time.  Build your network. Put in that extra time.  Whatever doesn’t match with your priorities list get rid of it. It’s a leach in your life. It’s robbing you of the time and most important focus of your goals.  1. Create a list of priorities. 2. Only do what is on the list.  As my friend Joe Nitti says, “Plan the work, Work the Plan.”
Read Till End👇  Sometimes back I listened to @pastorpoju shared how he had a problem with light and it took forever for the repair man to come fix it.He would hit his leg, and some days stumble just in an attempt to get something from that room..Overtime he got used to the darkness.. The story shared got me remembering  how the walk way to my kitchen doesn't have a bulb and still yet I always manage to find the slippers without stumbling no more.. Today I tell you, QUIT THE DARKNESS..Don't get used to it..Change your entry if you have to. Go around if need be..Tweak your plan, re-structure, restrategize, reach out for help, get mentored, re-affirm positive declarations, download tutorials if you have to.. Do something but never get used to the darkness.. Refuse to accept it as a norm, it can't stay that way for so long.. How would you keep operating below your cost? For how long would you keep assuming overhead cost?  Why won't you make sales?  How would you keep treating customers badly?  To what end??? Please don't get used to the darkness fellas.. N:B @pastorpoju repair man finally fixed the light issue..I also, got back a bulb in my walk way too😉😉.. I'm Christine.. Your favorite solution provider.. It's Tuesday... Focus! #tuesdayfocus#lagosbusinessowners#entrepreneurship#lifestyle#focus#thechristine_brand#triciabiz#ifedurosinmietti#teach#startups#brands#executiveliving#bosslady#strategist#saleswoman#sales#95chick#digitalmarketing#marketing#solution #christine#businessmums#mumsofinsta #hustlersquaresgang#bizwimz#growthexpert#
Yesterday the girls and I had the opportunity to give back and say “thank you” to a group of people who were such a light in our lives at a dark time. • It’s been just over 2 months since we said goodbye to a very special man in our lives.  It was a rough journey not only for him and the pain he endured but for his family walking along side him.  Nothing really ever prepares you for saying goodbye to a loved one even though you know the time is expiring.....but we have hope that we will see him again in heaven.  I’ve been wanting to do something for the staff and nurses, for every hug, for the comforting words, for just being present, even if that meant just sitting quietly with family.  They were a light in a dark time. • You never know how you impact those around you.  We all are struggling with something.  Hug someone today.  Send a kind word.  Put your phone down and be present.  Tell your loved ones you love them.  Be a light in someone’s darkness. ❤️
💫BELIEVE when others are doubting 📆PLAN when others are playing 📚STUDY when others are sleeping 👍🏻DECIDE when others are delaying 🗒PREPARE when others are day dreaming ✅BEGIN when others are procrastinating 👨🏻‍💻WORK when others are wishing 💷INVEST when others are wasting 👂🏻LISTEN when others are talking 😀SMILE when others are frowning 🥰COMMEND when others are criticising 🚀PERSIST when others are quitting
She didn’t want me to take her picture.  This was actually the 6th one because she kept looking up and yelling “stop it”, but how could I resist?  She was reading to her baby doll and my what a story she was reading...what an imagination!! I wish I had recorded her sweet story. • It got me thinking as adults, we lose that imagination somewhere along our journey.  Whether that’s in middle school, high school or college, we stop dreaming, we stop living.  We stop enjoying the little moments.  We rush, rush, rush to the next thing, meeting, appointment, task, job, we forget about the little things.  We forget about our imagination, our dreams, the things we get really excited about.  We get comfortable and we forget about the important things. • Take time to imagine, to dream.  After all, you were given a dream to fulfill for your life.  Go after it. ❤️ LB
Zvednutí 60kg pomocí dračí vlajky.. Stabilizovat se a držet!! 🤸‍♂️👌💪🐒 #workout #calisthenics #bodyweight #bodybuilding #exercise #dragonflag #60kg #gratefulalways #keepgoing #fitness #fitaddicted #tuesdayfocus #focus #picoftheday #gym #core #absworkout #abs #crushed #czechrepublic #czechman
Happy Birthday to my better half!!! So grateful I have you to grow through life with.  You are a blessing to me.  May I always honor you and strengthen you.  Love you always! ❤️ **You know I love you cuz I let you drive my car. J/k.
#lesaviezvous  L'ananas est utilisé en cosmétologie dans les masques visage, soins, exfoliants car c'est un fruit qui possède des actions purifiantes, exfoliantes et apaisantes. Ses actifs naturels sont excellents pour les peaux mixtes, grasses, sensibles, car ils nettoient et purifient en douceur tout en respectant la nature de la peau et des cheveux.  #tuesdayfocus #comptoirdesmonoi #haircare #skincare #cosmetics #polynesie #polynesianbeauty #hair #beauty #life
Will you do me a favor? Open up your calendar right now and check out May 16th through 18th. If you’re free on those dates, maybe it’s a sign that you’re meant to join me outside Boston for Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE! Details by copying this link into your web browser:  https://www.truefocuscoaching.com/tmbc-live/ #tuesdaymotivation #truefocus #signup #tuesdayfocus #tuesdaythoughts #boston #joinus #productivity #timematters #timemanagement #may #may2019 #bootcamp #live #joinme #registernow #calendar #timemattersbootcamplive
#tuesdayfocus  Une huile de Monoi à l’ananas, original non? 🌴 Clique sur l’image pour commander ton exemplaire 😉  #comptoirdesmonoi #polynesiefrancaise #skin #skincareroutine #hair #hairstyle #beauty #cosmetics
Found this gorgeous spot to sit down and get some work done. Quiet corner, WiFi, a special berry tea and some great music 🎶 #tuesdayfocus  #powermom  #mommaboss
Tuesday focus!!! 🧐  Come see us for the best skincare in town. $3️⃣0️⃣ Facial Friday’s  Or 2️⃣ for $7️⃣9️⃣ Facials and add-one like our 24K Collagen Pads for only $10. And so much more.  Visit our website for a list of all our facial treatments. Customized to give you your best glowing skin. ✨  Jadorebrowsorlando.com 💻 407.704.2568 📲 #orlandoesthetician #orlandoesthetics #jadoreskincare #tuesdayfocus
Today’s Client focus is on @beautyonthego_ng ! Your number 1 source for everything beauty and makeup. In this video @opsydaisy28 shows us the best tips and tricks on treating blemishes and getting healthy / radiant skin! —————————————— #k21media #k21productions  #beauty #makeup #skincare  #beautyvideos #production #lagos #lifestyleinfluencer #videoproduction #filmmaking #vscofilm #shortfilm #beautyfilm #lifestyleblogger  #tuesdayfocus