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Someone said to me the other day: Stripping isn’t what it used to be ... No it isn’t... and that has HUGE measurable effects on the take home pay of the average stripper.  I emphasize “average.” The average stripper does not have a physical description.  She comes in many shapes, sizes, and hair colors.  She may be a knock-out with a perfect body, but lacks sales skills.  She may be a wide-eyed newbie who relies on the “wanna dance” approach.  She may have 5 or more years of experience, but was cursed with early success and easy money so she never really had to learn the trade. She can sell dances on nights when it’s “good” but not on nights that are “bad.” She attributes her “good” nights to luck, and validates her “bad” nights by making sure everyone else is having a “bad” night too.  She worries about there being too many girls, and changes her outfit constantly hoping that she will will do better something different.  Sound familiar to anyone?  There is nothing wrong or bad about being average.  I myself, was an average stripper for the first few years of my career. I started in the late 90s Dot Com Boom which many refer to as the Golden Age of Stripping.  Once the Dot Com recession started, it clicked in my head that every night there will be an entertainer who banks, and another who can’t pay back her house fee. Walking up to someone and asking “Wanna Dance” didn’t work.  So I began to I take every opportunity to become better than average.  My first step was taking the original DancerWealth  sales course in Las Vegas. It opened my eyes to the power of sales psychology.  Thank goodness because I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it through the two major economic booms and recessions. I banked a lot of profits during the real estate boom of 2004-2007, and squeezed everything I could out of the club during the banking crisis of 2008-2009.  We’ve had roughly 8 years of economic expansion, it’s time
You can’t just be fine and be a stripper u gotta know how to fight too I see  Video Credits @sedgriff  #fuckwrongwitchu #fanmailtvnews📰📰📰