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This is the exact reason why i don't vote! It's all about money. It's a business corporation. The people who form propositions and the candidates in the voting corporation all take the people's voices an money away from them. Your vote cost thousands of dollars. If not, millions of dollars for your vote. They do nothing for our land & country at all but make things worst than it already is. You have to make a difference. Not someone else making a difference for you!  #america #americanpeople #americansociety #country #usa #unitedstates #unitedstatesofamerica #voting #vote #voterregistration #voter #treason #treasonsummit #media #business #corporation #jailtime #blackpeople #whitepeople #whitepeoplebelike #blackpeoplebelike #nationalities #latino #latina #worldwide #international #internationally #blackcommunity #partisan #controversy
Trump is a discarded red cap filled with diarrhea, sadly drifting down a flowing gutter as the rats and cockroaches solemnly watch it bob past in the American twilight.
Trump is a dirty sock between slices of moldy white bread which Al’s Diner advertises as the Russian Iron Fist Enema Special. Don’t order it, no matter how hard the little shirtless cook with the latex gloves stares at you.
Here I go, about to lose more followers, like I've got enough to spare 😀 So, Trump publicly apologized to Kavanaugh at the public swearing in ceremony, and claimed Kavanaugh was "proven innocent", which, beyond any doubt whatsoever IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL LIE . There's no debating this, no matter how you feel about the Supreme Court appointee, he was NOT "proven innocent" , because there was no trial to find or prove anything, and there's been no official finding of the Judge being guilty or innocent of anything . 😒 This is after President Pussgrab earlier in the day said that the accusations against Kavanaugh were a hoax, another of his unhinged conspiracy theories which he routinely pulls out of his orange ass. Keep in mind just last week Trump called Dr Ford's testimony "compelling", then at one of his fist pump rallies over the weekend ridiculed her testimony, again, blatantly lying about what she said under oath. Not that he disagrees with her, he just lied about her actual words. What the hell is wrong with this man ? 😒 It's amazing how he continually demonstrates that he has no regard for the truth, that he'll lie about virtually anything, matters large and trivial, yet still rants about "fake news" , when HE is the source of fake news on a daily basis. 😎 AND he calls the protesters ( mostly female) a "mob" , but refers to white supremacists Nazis as "very fine people" . 😒 Sorry. Next time around, it's back to music, books, movies, cats and food. 😿 #imranting #rant #trumpisajoke #trump #impeachalready #impeachtrump #hesadumbass #fuckmaga #fuckingidiot #liar #trumplies #trumpliesmatter #treasonsummit #presidentpussygrabber #presidentpussgrab #voteinnovember #stopkavanaugh
Trump is a greased Ken doll that your creepy nephew is always playing with as he writhes around on the floor in front of the television that never stops playing Fox News. “Cletus,” you say, “why is your Ken doll GREASED?” But he doesn’t respond because now Hannity is on and Cletus begins to emit a low, breathless moan. The greased doll is no longer in view, and you don’t want to know where he’s put it.
#wethepeoplegotothestreets🇺🇸👊😡😎 @Regran_ed from @mercurial_era -  #repost @mtzm2018 ・・・ #wethepeopleonthewatch🇺🇸 #wethepeoplegotothestreets🇺🇸 #wethepeopleweimpeach🇺🇸 #wethepeopleweirate🇺🇸 Regrann from @james75501119 -  #protest #impeachtrump #votenexttimemillennials  RepostBy @impeachnow: "It's time to do the same” #stopnormalizingtrump #gopcongressfail #gopcorruption #resist #votethemallout  #occupylafayettepark #impeachtrump #traitor #treasonsummit #fucktrump #notmypresident #doit #justdoit" (via #instarepost @AppsKottage) - #regrann - #regrann
1. 260. 835. Today’s news: . US Secretary of State Pompeo meets with NK Kim Jong Un to discuss detail of denuclearization, second summit. #treasonsummit . Bureau of Labor Statistics reports growth in non-farm payrolls and drop in unemployment to lowest rate since 1969. #labor . CA Federal judge issues injunction against WH stopping revocation of “temporary protected status” for thousands of immigrants. #keepfamiliestogether . FDA orders manufacturers to remove certain flavoring compound chemicals from food. #safe . FEC reviews contributions to Beto O’Rourke campaign, finds “excessive” spending, outside US contributions. #citizensunited
Trump needs to be taken out. Of office. In handcuffs. Dead or alive.
Trump is a human feces soufflé that your grandma keeps trying to reheat in the microwave and the stench is so bad you’re pretty sure it’s going to follow you both into the grave.
Trump is an unrelenting downpour of dirty dildos, slapping and bouncing off the pavement by the millions, the rumble of smacking latex filling the world in a wet roar like the crashing of surf on the rocks. Will the storm pass, or will it last forever? One upside: unlimited free dildos!
Trump is a deep-fried, herpes-infested moose cunt that your grandma slaps down on your plate and tells you it’s a calzone, but you’ve been around the block a few times, and you know there aren’t many things that fit into the Venn diagram overlap between a Moose Cunt and Even More Disgusting Garbage, but Trump is one of them.
Trump is a rotten pumpkin with a hole in it that all the drunk-ass rapist bros pass around at the backyard kegger ‘cause if you ignore the awful stench and the squelching sound it feels almost like the real thing.
Trump is a pile of slithering worms in the bottom of your toilet bowl, and you’re not sure if it came out of you or if someone has been sneaking into your place to shit live worms into your toilet. Both possibilities are troubling, but the main issue now is getting that mess flushed before those worms squirm their way over the rim and take over the whole house. Dark times.
Trump is an evil whisper from the back of a dark closet where the skins of flayed senators dangle from wire hangers in the haunted darkness.
Trump is a wig in a blender.