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⚡️ Portada exclusiva de “Shazam” para la revista @totalfilm ⚡️ ¿Eres de los que espera esta película? (@wbpictures) . . . . . #shazam #totalfilm #dceu #solitary #lightning #movie #news #comingsoon #instagram #instagood #instalike #puertorico #vozdecine
Following 2017's successes and 2018's many ambitious failures, I challenged myself to come up with some fresh predictions for some of 2019's biggest releases. I'm already looking forward to reflecting on them this time next year!  5. Disney's live-action line-up will be met with various response: Dumbo will mark an upturn for Tim Burton's recent output. Like The Jungle Book, it will stand as a strong update on the original. Aladdin will divide many, although Will Smith's Genie will earn plaudits. The Lion King will play it safe, make a billion and mostly satisfy all.  4. Alita, Hellboy, Terminator and X-Men will have mixed-to-poor receptions, resulting in franchise failures. Tim Miller's Terminator may satisfy more fans than previous reboots, but it won't be enough. X-Men's response will signal MCU reboot talks by the end of the year.  3. Us, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Joker will be critical darlings. Peele and Tarantino will be in the thick of award season again, while fans will clammer for Phillips' Joker to also earn some recognition.  2. Avengers: Endgame will see a generation of comic book fans marvel at its hugely impressive finale. Avatar's box office crown may be threatened.  1. Star Wars: Episode IX will provide a trilogy finale featuring many ret-cons. Abrams Will steer the ship back into safer waters with less daring shocks. However, like The Last Jedi, the response will still be aggressively mixed.  On a side note: I'm sure Shazam! will be fine, too. I'm not that bothered to be honest.  Thoughts?  #totalfilm #disney #marvelstudios #avengersendgame #starwars #tarantino #jordanpeele #terminator
-REVIEW- #captainamericathefirstavenger (2011) directed by #joejohnston with #chrisevans #sebastianstan #hayleyatwell #hugoweaving & #stanleytucci Okay we're getting better now, Marvel is back on the right track with their movies, with the exception of one they keep getting better. In our first Captain America tale shows Rogers going from a feeble young boy to world saving super soldier in the heart of World War Two. Watching this again the beginning and middle aren't as great, though it has a tremendous ending, if the first 2/3 were more fleshed out we could've had marvels biggest origin hit, could've even been better than the film that started it all, or was this the film that started it all? We look back at this from 8 years back and it still feels new. It's the most colourful of the phase one films, brilliant cinematography and Johnston's directing is at his best here. This film is Captain America, it brings his heart, emotions, the fact he isn't an arrogant man unlike all the others and even has a bit more utility. It's the perfect story for him and Feely and Marcus carry his narrative perfectly in the next films they write together, then working closely with the Russos to develop Cap even more. Despite taking a while to get going, Cap finds himself even more a hero when he loses his best friend and must save the day once and for all, but on his own to be more to the point. Once the final act begins it is the most gripping sequence we've seen so far, it's saddening too, the film ends on a low and that's probably why it's stuck with me longer. - - RATING: 3.5/5🌟
-REVIEW- Netflix Watch #io (2019) directed by #jonathanhelpert with #margaretqualley #anthonymackie #dannyhuston Netflix is rolling out this apocalyptic thrillers every month, and to be honest I like them whilst not all are worthy of critical acclaim I have a soft spot for them. How It Ends and Extinction alike, they're all the same story of trying to get back to your family who are world's away. This time in IO, a lone female scientist is stranded on earth carrying out experiments on Earths ruined atmosphere whist everyone flew out to one of Jupiter's moons, IO, many years ago in the Exodus mission. She's there when the final ship will be flying off by earth and before this a man comes along to collect supplies and offers her the chance to be with everyone else. What left me feeling underwhelmed in this film was that it was all about leading up to an inevitable journey from Earth to IO so the characters can reunite with their family. Instead it's just Qualley and Mackie talking for 90 minutes with a surprisingly little amount of development, they discuss their families, why they are here and why they stayed on earth, but one day they were bound to find eachother alone on earth. Their talks do lead to to tender and heartfelt moments with lines such as "Do you think it's absurd to love someone millions of miles away?" to talk about how feeling world's apparent can effect you or "We're both looking for our own worlds" because they know they shouldn't be together. In the end, one must go and one must stay. However there isn't much emotional connecting felt in the ending scenes, does have some silly bit of symbolism too. I would've been interested in seeing the moon colony, or at least finding out what the film was leading up to. Like I said at the start, I do kinda enjoy these films, this cinematography was nice, the performances were standard, nothing special but if you want this story, go watch WallE instead. - - RATING: 2.5/5🌟
♨بودجه فیلم "شزم" حدود 85 میلیون دلار می‌باشد!♨️ #⃣ #dc #wb #dcfilms #shazam #magazine #totalfilm
SHAZAM ⚡  Protagoniza la nueva  portada  de  Totalfim  a  menos de tres meses del estreno de Shazam en cines, parece que Warner Bros. ya está lista para empezar la campaña promocional de la recta final. Un nuevo tráiler está en camino, y hoy tenemos nuevas imágenes publicadas por la revista Total Film...️#shazam #shazam2019 #dccomicslatinoamerica #dccomics #warnebros #ligadelajusticia #dcitas #zacharylevi #shazamfan #totalfilm #latino #honduras🇭🇳 #orgullocatracho #dcuniverse #cinemark #cinepolis #latinoamerica
EXCLUSIVA! Nueva portada de #shazam para la revista @totalfilm ¿Esperan esta película cinéfilos? 🎬🍿 #shazam #warnerbros #dcuniverse #zachlavine #totalfilm #postershazam
Al Pacino on the cover of Total Film magazine UK, 1997.  Two Al Pacino movies were released in 1997. Can you name both of them?  The ones pursuing advanced studies at @alpacinofilmfestival need to quote 2 dialogues from each of the movies.  Have a great weekend 🍾
Imágenes de 'Shazam!' por Total Film, estreno en abril. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #geek #shazam #zacharylevi #dc #dccomics #dceu #dcu #dcuniverse #asherangel #captainmarvel #movie #movies #dcmovie #warner #bros #warnerbros #warnerbrospictures #wb #totalfilm #billybatson #drsivana #doctorsivana #power #villian #comic #comics #magazine #set #pics #cinema
-REVIEW- Cinema Watch. #glass (2019) from #mnightshyamalan starring #brucewillis #jamesmcavoy #samuelljackson #anyataylorjoy #spencertreatclark & #sarahpaulson Glass is most certainly a mixed bag of a film, and it truly shows. Walking out of the screening some people seemed confused, others loved it and it seems a few were disappointed or torn completely. I'm not sure where I stand on it, after a 30 minute drive home I've attempted to compile my thoughts. Shyamalan connects together the stories of his strongest (Unbreakable) and one of his better (Split) films to conclude the story, a tale of how 3 individuals believe they are superhuman but not necessarily Heroes as you are lead to believe. Thankfully all the original cast members who featured in both Unbreakable and Split return for a bit of consistency, even the Shyamalan himself reprises his cameo appearance in Dunns home security store, despite it feeling so awkward. He's managed to write the characters well, we get an introduction to them all for those unfamiliar, and they all have a separate journey which our attention is brought to, though it is very clumsy. Taking an example halfway through two characters seem to be forgotten about, we get lost in all of the mythology Shyamalan and his big three have created and the promising introduction for both Joe and Casey is pushed aside until the climax. This leads to a slightly misleading title too, Unbreakable was the coming together of hero vs arch enemy and Split you could say was giving the big bad a time to shine, so Glass would have a focus on Jackson's Mister Glass. He is completely disregarded for a good part, then when he's on screen he's pushed out and just sits there, almost as if Jackson wasn't really fussed, or having any fun and he doesn't even shout the MF word. The focus is more on  the Beast emerging to fight the Overseer and it's just a part of Glasses breakout plan, as you're lead to believe. It's McAvoys performance of 24 different characters
My attitude to the #shazam movie was always “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Actually a bit giddy that it’s really happening!  In @ponysmasher we trust!!! #shazammovie @zacharylevi @smoregrace @jackdgrazer #totalfilm
-REVIEW- #fahrenheit451 (2018) directed by #raminbahrani with #michaelbjordan #michaelshannon & #sofiaboutella Lets face it, I knew this wasn't going to be that good to begin with and I was switched off before it had even began. Jordan and Shannon star as 2 men in a futuristic society as the opposite to fire fighters which kept made me thinking why aren't there any films with the focus on firemen? As they're the opposite they spend days burning book as a job, for most of the men this is all they know. In this film literature and books are banned, anyone known to have a book has them burnt, the owners are burnt alive with them. It feel we should've been introduced to this from the start, not even Jordan knows what he's doing let's be honest, like him we start at a loss and should connect at this point. We don't at all, at least I didn't. It's funny, you're also lead to believe he's the good guy, but in the eyes of everyone else he's deemed bad in the end. So where do we stand with our characters? We don't really find out more of the backstory/mythology as to why no one likes books. Confused from the start doesn't look good. Visual style is decent all being said, special effects aren't bad either. It isn't unwatchable but just isn't a good one at all. - - RATING: 2/5🌟
Who else is looking forward to Shazam?
-REVIEW- DVD Watch.  #moonlight (2016) directed by #barryjenkins with #trevanterhodes #naomieharris #ashtonsanders & #mahershalaali  The 2017 best picture nominees are a strong lot, one of the best in recent years in my opinion and here I am only just watching them? I see now why Moonlight won, why La La Land had all the hype but if I was choosing would've been Arrival. With that out the way let's get onto Moonlight. It's clear and explicit in what it's about, a gay black man growing up and coming to terms with who he is whilst being surrounded by not the best people. We see three stages of Chirons life, one as a young child, teen and then adult. The film flows chronologically which allows for an easy watch and for good development. Begging with Chiron as a child, he doesn't have stable family relationships but looks up to an older man who teaches him important lessons that help him throughout life, Ali's Juan doesn't feature on screen for long but his presence can be felt scattered across the film. From Chirons eyes he's the only who can understand and care for him, when he has a single mother who couldn't care less. We then jump to his teen life, at school where he's starting to come to terms with his sexuality. This has its problems and it's blatant what they are; it's challenging for a young Chiron and it's here where you can really connect with him and you learn the most of him. However it is bittersweet, we see he isn't the only one feeling this way and in a beautiful scene on the beach we find out everything. You can't say you've been in love if you haven't sat on a beach late at night discussing your feelings? Or is that just in the movies? Skipping to his adult life as a grown man with gold teeth (what's all that about?) He's reunited with the ones that helped him the most, not wanting to go into full detail but from Jenkins direction, writing and pretty cinematography you know the end result will be beautiful no matter what happens, it ends on a high
-REVIEW- DVD Watch.  #thor (2011) directed by #kennethbranagh starring #chrishemsworth #tomhiddleston #anthonyhopkins #idriselba & #natalieportman Looking back, especially at Thor, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was pretty good for what it was. A well directed and acted sci-fi/superhero film that took us to places out of this world and not just big cities. Now, eight years later I'm not feeling it as much, used to be one of Marvels better adventures. This said it introduces us to the sibling rivalry of Thor and Loki we've grown to love, it's honestly a key highlight in any film when both pop up battling about, really Thor isn't about Thor. It's more Loki's rebellious spirit that continues two films later and where Thor is just trying to make amends to straighten out what his brother had done. In this origin story Thor is banished to earth as he is deemed unworthy, he's unable to protect and get back to his home of Asgard so instead pootles about earth with a few scientists whilst Loki is causing mischief back on home turf. Thors journey is that he must again prove himself as the rightful ruler and to take down the Destroyer sent to, well, Destroy him as a little gift from his brother whilst protecting Earth too. It's this small combination that make Thor a better film, for its time especially but it's the past and boy it isn't as good now. In terms of visuals, special and practical effects they are bland and frankly pretty bad overall, and what's with all the canted angles in literally every other shot? Gets a bit tedious now n then. However it does show us something we might not see again, a God at his weakest and lost his powers in an unfamiliar world with a sole purpose to protect those around him, he's still a hero and worthy to be part of Marvels big three. - - RATING: 3/5🌟
Uniforme de "Shazam!" custou R$1 milhão e foram produzidos 10 deles.  Em entrevista para o site TotalFilm, a figurinista Leah Butler comentou sobre o figurino, que foi inspirado na fase dos Novos 52, os custos dele e quanto tempo levou para ficar pronto. "O traje exterior é um traje de spandex que passa por um conjunto de musculatura, e cada músculo foi esculpido no corpo de Zach para acentuar e realçar sua forma e tamanho." Sobre a iluminação do uniforme, ela disse: "Na verdade, há uma bateria na parte de trás - felizmente, temos uma capa para cobrir tudo ou não sabemos onde colocaríamos tudo isso - e ela é iluminada remotamente por um operador. Há fiação em todo o traje. É uma bateria recarregável AA de 26 volts. Dura cerca de duas horas com carga total." Sobre o tempo de preparo e custo do figurino, Butler comentou: "Levou 16 semanas para construir o traje. Nós tivemos que escanear o corpo de Zach e começar a construir o traje mesmo antes dele começar seu regime muito rigoroso - sua dieta e exercícios físicos. Cada traje custa, oh garoto, mais de um milhão? Temos dez trajes." Eita! Isso quer dizer que mais de US$ 10 milhões foram gastos apenas com o uniforme do herói! É de fato uma grande produção!
The finale to the LOTR TRILOGY. This was personally my favourite out of all 3. It has some of the most memorable scenes, that are unforgettable. I can watch this film on repeat. I highly recommend watching it in Extended Edition as it includes over 45 minutes of footage... . #moviewiseguy #mwg13 #mwg #movie #lotr
2 magazines for the price of 1, noice! @TotalFilm #totalfilm
2019 is too good to be true Total Film (UK) Christmas 2018 . #totalfilm
Portada exclusiva para suscriptores de la revista Total Film con Zachary Levi como Shazam en su versión cinematográfica, sosteniendo un cómic de la versión "The New 52!" de este personaje, en la que seguramente esta película basará su guion. La película se estrena en marzo próximo.  #dc #dccomics #shazam #zacharylevi #thenew52 #totalfilm
"Shazam!" - novas imagens mostram vilão e herói frente a frente  A revista Total Film divulgou um novo lote de imagens inéditas do longa, inclusive uma do herói de frente para o Dr. Silvana! Confira mais imagens em nosso site.  #shazam #drsilvana #zacharylevi #totalfilm #dc #dcmovies #dcu #dccomics #nerd #geek #cinema #cinefilos #canalbang
-REVIEW- DVD Watch.  #leavenotrace (2018) from #debragranik with #thomasinmckenzie #benfoster #jeffkober & #daledickey Another small indie film which caused a bit of a stir last year, plus 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!? What was I missing? Leave No Trace is the tale some filmmakers would struggle to deal with, but it's thanks to Granik (whose work I haven't previously seen) to tackle it head on that creates a pretty substantial and highly emotinal film. The story follows a girl, Tom who lives and was raised by her father in the forest ever since she lost her mother, they live a nice and quaint life which is soon disrupted when they are forced out by the park authorities, minor deforestation and the cops. Temporarily the pair live an urban environment, in a care home where they seem to be tested on their humanity? soon to learn this place and the people aren't suited to their way of life they are on their way heading out of the city to a place they seem even more familiar with. You could say this film is a slow burner, it feels long and it's quiet in tone but you're kept interested by the brilliant writing to the two main characters who present a great father/daughter relationship together on screen, and the performances from both are equally as good and captivating. It's the choices they each need to make that are best for themselves bring the most hardship, it's not happy and doesn't necessarily end on a positive note, I liked this, it's also the type of film we need from time to time because of this. - - RATING: 4/5🌟
Nueva tanda de imágenes de la película #shazam de la revista #totalfilm en la publicación de este magazine se confirma la presencia de los Siete Pecados Capitales. (aunque no hay fotos que lo compruebe)  Esta #pelicula se estrenará en abril  @wbpictures @wbpictureslatam #dc #dccomics #comics #movie #film #filming #great #cool #geek #geekandproud
-REVIEW- DVD Watch. #ironman2 (2010) directed by #jonfavereau starring #robertdowneyjr #gywnethpaltrow #samrockwell #mickeyrouke #doncheadle & #scarlettjohanson  This is the point the MCU had seriously dipped, 3 Films in there wasn't a clear beginning, quite like the state of the DC films right now, on thst note there's an ounce of hope. Iron Man 2 is forgettable and an unworthy sequel to the first, it picks up as Tony has revealed himself to be the worldwide hero but people are using his technology, recreating it in their own ways for all we can presume to create bad weaponry that rivals Starks. It's the coming together of the Drago and Hammer names that were enemies of Tonys father come back to strike him with a range of more advanced suits, but there is absolutely no motive to why, makes no sense. It then gets rid of the themes that made the first Iron Man a stronger movie and tries to be more political without knowing what to accomplish, it sends no message accross and has a plot weaker than the depth of the characters. It doesn't help that the female supports are more sexualized than they are in any other Marvel movie, a close second to this negative representation would appear in Age of Ultron.. It's here where the film thinks it's a bit too cool and doesn't suit the style, even the overall direction is weaker. Favreau doesn't bring anything as special this time around and that's probably because of how much fun he had in the film. Thankfully it isn't as big of a mess that The Incredible Hulk caused in Harlem. - - RATING: 2.5/5🌟
Reposted from @alexanderskarsgard_archive -  Happy Monday! New article/interview with Alexander Skarsgård for THE AFTERMATH in TOTAL FILM magazine (January 2019 issue) Total Film has an on-set exclusive with The Aftermath director James Kent and star Alexander Skarsgård. Here is Alex’s new interview: Q&A ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD How does your character, Stefan, fit into this story? It’s a frustrating situation for him because he’s a man who has lost everything. He was a very educated man, and he lost his wife during the bombings of Hamburg, he lost his job, his house. He feels that this British couple aren’t as highly educated as he is and that creates an interesting power play.  What attracted you to this film? There’s an abundance of World War 2 stories but a lot of them tell a very black-and-white story. It’s often the evil Germans and the good Allied soldiers. I’ve always been fascinated by what turned a country into this, how could this happen? The Aftermath is this love triangle drama, but set in a very geopolitical world, which was very interesting.  What was it like working with Keira? She worked with my father [Stellan] on Pirates [Of the Caribbean] 10 years ago! I was in LA auditioning and not working. I don’t know if she remembers, but we watched the Oscars together – I went with my dad to watch them with the Pirates cast and crew. But she’s incredible, and it’s been interesting developing this relationship, finding the tension between the two characters.  @TheAftermathMovie comes out in the UK on March 1, 2019 and in the US on March 15, 2019.  sources: Total Film magazine, article by Josh Winning, my transcription + digital scans. (Shazam is on the cover)  #alexanderskarsgard #alexanderskarsgård #skarsgard #skarsgård #theaftermath #theaftermathmovie #keiraknightley #jasonclarke #jameskent #rhidianbrook #totalfilm #stefanlubert #florathiemann #mcm #mancrushmonday #mustseemovies - #regrann
Happy Monday! New article/interview with Alexander Skarsgård for THE AFTERMATH in TOTAL FILM magazine (January 2019 issue) Total Film has an on-set exclusive with The Aftermath director James Kent and star Alexander Skarsgård. Here is Alex’s new interview: Q&A ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD How does your character, Stefan, fit into this story? It’s a frustrating situation for him because he’s a man who has lost everything. He was a very educated man, and he lost his wife during the bombings of Hamburg, he lost his job, his house. He feels that this British couple aren’t as highly educated as he is and that creates an interesting power play.  What attracted you to this film? There’s an abundance of World War 2 stories but a lot of them tell a very black-and-white story. It’s often the evil Germans and the good Allied soldiers. I’ve always been fascinated by what turned a country into this, how could this happen? The Aftermath is this love triangle drama, but set in a very geopolitical world, which was very interesting.  What was it like working with Keira? She worked with my father [Stellan] on Pirates [Of the Caribbean] 10 years ago! I was in LA auditioning and not working. I don’t know if she remembers, but we watched the Oscars together – I went with my dad to watch them with the Pirates cast and crew. But she’s incredible, and it’s been interesting developing this relationship, finding the tension between the two characters.  @aftermathmovie comes out in the UK on March 1, 2019 and in the US on March 15, 2019.  sources: Total Film magazine, article by Josh Winning, my transcription + digital scans. (Shazam is on the cover)  #alexanderskarsgard #alexanderskarsgård #skarsgard #skarsgård #theaftermath #theaftermathmovie #keiraknightley #jasonclarke #jameskent #rhidianbrook #totalfilm #stefanlubert #florathiemann #mcm #mancrushmonday #mustseemovies
-REVIEW- Netflix Watch.  #lalaland (2016) from #damienchazelle starring #ryangosling #emmastone #johnlegend #jksimmons #jessicarothe & #rosemariedewitt  After yesterday's review of Half Nelson where I mentioned I hadn't watched this, I then remembered it was on Netflix, so no excuse here.. La La Land is a film that everyone seems to love and it doesn't matter why, it is a beautiful film with a touching story at its centre, what's great is that you don't get at all lost in the plot despite whats going on around it. It follows an aspiring Actress and Singer, Mia (Stone) as she meets the talented and charming Jazz musician, Sebastian (Gosling) as their lives become one getting by in the arts and entertainment in Los Angeles as well as their troubling emotions they have for one another over the course of a year. What becomes apparent early on is this tale acts as a musical on screen which I don't usually take a fond liking too, the music is polarizing and addictive. You feel the need to tap away at the energetic Jazz pieces of just gaze at the screen absolutely mesmerized. This music acts out the story as a drug, the two main characters and everyone around them is an addict, it seems to be the only thing that gets them by which given the circumstances doesn't seem that good, seeing that the surroundings attract happiness, might just attract the wrong views, even if Mia probably doesn't wanna be a barista her whole life. These set pieces are directed and choreographed into absolute perfection, it probably took a few takes but the camera movements flow in a lovely manor and what's best is that everyone looks like they're having fun. What I loved the most was the astonishing cinematography and colour used, it's the heavy use of pinks and blues make for a gorgeous colour pallet, pure artwork, the aesthetics make Gosling right at home in such a stylistic piece of film. As expected the performances do not let you down, you can truly feel for the characters, which makes the
Oh, hey. What’s up? @zacharylevi is a superhero! 🙌🏽 #zacharylevi #shazam #theearthsmightiestmortal #totalfilm #dc #dceu #dccomics #thatsenoughhashtagsmethinks
Everyone’s talking about Avengers: Endgame, but the dark horse this year is Shazam! ⚡️ - (Also looking forward to Men in Black: International - my @shazammovie trailer and Thor and Valkyrie music video are on the way ▶️ 🕶🔨 🕶🗡) . . . . . . . . . . #shazam #shazammovie #billybatson #zacharylevi #davidfsandberg #davidsandberg #totalfilm #dcextendeduniverse #dceu #dceuforever #dceuforlife #aquaman #aquamanmovie #meninblack #meninblackinternational #mib #thor #valkyrie #thorandvalkyrie #chrishemsworth #tessathompson #thoredit #valkyrieedit #thorragnarokedit #instamovies #moviegram #moviestagram #instaflicks #instaflicksmovies #underdog @totalfilm @dccomics @meninblack @zacharylevi @ponysmasher @wbpictures @warnerbrosuk @avengers
-REVIEW- #halfnelson (2006) from #ryanfleck starring #ryangosling #shareekaepps #jefflima #moniquegabriela & #anthonymackie Ryan Gosling plays an elementary school teacher were he has a good relationship with his students, teaching them history, basketball and basic morals. He does have a strong teacher to student relationship with Drey who soon learns the secret that her teacher, Dan Dunne is hiding. Behind his job as a teacher, Dan is a struggling drug addict and after school one day, one of his students catches him. It's a nice little story, one that feels sweet and heartfelt that also touches on the theme of drug addiction and it isn't shouted right in your face, it manages this so subtly but does keep you reminded from time to time that the trusting protagonist teacher does have this darker side putting everything at risk. It could've been stronger is there was more consistency regarding the writing and the overall flow of it the film, because there were a few stages where it was a bit hard to understand or you find yourself at a loss. There's also the messy camera movements, It's never steady in the film and makes it so offputting to watch at times. All that was needed was more to the plot then you could've had a more memorable film. Of course Gosling is great as ever, funny how he hasn't changed at all in 13 years, this film also reminded me I still haven't seen La La Land.. - - RATING: 3/5🌟
SHAZAM ESTÁ CHEGANDO!  O Super herói apareceu na capa da revista Total Film, com seu ar debochado e preparado para a ação. Shazam chega as telonas dia 5 de abril de 2019.  #shazam #entertainmentweekly #totalfilm #stevecarell #margotrobbie #saoirseronam #legomovie2 #alitaanjodecombate #thepunishers2 #armiehammer #markwahlberg #dc #meninblackreturns #meionerd #geek #nerd #filmes
Shazam de #zacharylevi é destaque da nova capa da #totalfilm. . . .  #shazam#dc#warner#geek#drsivana
#shazam é destaque na capa da revista #totalfilm. O filme tem direção de David F. Sandberg. No elenco #zacharylevi (de #chuck), #asherangel, #markstrong, #djimonhounsou e #jackdylangrazer. Estréia 🎬 04 de Abril no Brasil.  #bollyecia #revista #magazine #totalfilmmagazine #shazammovie #shazambollyecia #cinema #cine #movies #films #heroes #dc #dccomics #billybatson
-REVIEW- Blu-Ray Watch. #bloodsimple (1984) directed by #joelcoen with #johngetz #francesmcdormand & #danhedaya Here we go, could the Coens debut feature possibly be their best, if not the top two or three. Coming out all those years ago back in '84 came this artsy, stylistic and genre bending  neo-noir thriller about a man who believes his wife is having an affair on him so he hires a private detective to see whats going on, and if it's as he suspects then to kill the man responsible. He's never killed before but soon develops a lustful taste for muder and confrontation. In terms of the tone, style and themes this film knocks the nail on the head, the combination are honestly perfect. This is uplifted by the cinematography and all over visual aesthetics of it, colour and lighting can be talked about a lot as well as being a pure beauty to look at. The characters are really well developed which is something I've seen more absence in their over filmography I've seen so far, you could understand them here and see where they're coming from, despite it being a bit violent in some places. In all honestly I enjoyed this film from start to finish and something ill be bound to watch again, but I wish it was longer! I wanted more from it. - - RATING: 4.5/5🌟
#shazam #totalfilm
-REVIEW- DVD Watch. #alpha (2018) directed by #alberthughes with #kodismitmcphee #priyarajaratnam #leonorvarela #natassianalthe #jenshultén & #chuck  Alpha is a film that sets out to do what it wanted to do absolutely perfectly, I feel it was what I wanted but not necessarily needed. It tells the story of how man found man's best friend, it probably isn't how it happened really because it was 20,000 years ago during the ice age! But we can presume something along the lines. On his first hunt, Keda (Kodi) is left, presumed dead after it went terribly wrong, however successful in their hunt the tribe make their way back believing he is dead, they even give him a nice send of ritual. The audience knows Keda is still alive and we follow him through the harsh environments back home. For the first bit of his journey he's closely followed by a pack of Wolves hunting him down, in a fight one is injured and left by the pack and this is where Keda see's himself in the wolf. Alone, Frightened, Injured and left by his family. He wants to make amends and cares for this wolf until she's safe again, but they need eachother and this wolf follows Keda, the help one another because the Wolf is a good hunter and most of all a good companion. I was pretty surprised by this film, it's a safe bet but it is a bit predictable, the boy meets beast tale but set in an Ice Age Europe, we've seen it before only they change up the ending a bit and it's a good ending that I wasn't really expecting. I also love the ice age period in earths natural history, there hasn't really been a live action edition so I'm very glad we have them, and seeing all the animals too is great from Wooly Rhinos Mammoths and even a Sabre Tooth Tiger! Other than the heartwarming story, the film has brilliant CG and absolutely gorgeous cinematography, the whole film was pure beauty as well as being cold and harsh, left you gripped. - - RATING: 4/5🌟
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#totalfilm divulga nova capa com #shazam! O longa chega aos cinemas em abril de 2019.
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Total Film ha revelado su portada para suscriptores del número de este mes, dedicado a la película “¡Shazam!”. El otro día veíamos la portada normal junto a un par de imágenes, y ahora tenemos esta otra portada donde tenemos a Shazam enfrascado en la lectura del cómic del personaje de la etapa New 52 de Geoff Johns y Gary Frank.  #shazam #totalfilm #dcflims #dccomics
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#peliculas Shazam: Nueva Imagen Oficial.  Warner y DC de a poco comienzan la campaña para su próximo estreno. @shazammovie @wbpictures.ar  Link en la bio⬆️⬆️⬆️ #shazam  #shazammovie  #warnerbrospictures #dc #totalfilm
A nova capa da revista Total Film destaca o ator Zachary Levi segurando uma revista em quadrinhos do "Shazam!". Veja mais notícias sobre o filme em nosso site!  #shazam #zacharylevi #totalfilm #dc #dcu #dcuniverse #dcmovies #dcfilms #dccomics #nerd #geek #cinema #cinefilos #canalbang
#shazam na capa da revista #totalfilm!
O minino lindu! A revista americana @totalfilm divulgou uma nova imagem da capa oficial da sua nova edição especial sobre o filme #shazam.  Dirigido por David F. Sandberg, o filme estréia dia 4 de Abril no Brasil.
Nueva imagen de cómo se verá SHAZAM ¿les gusta? #shazam #zacharylevi #totalfilm #dccomics #dcextendeduniverse
Nuevas imágenes de Shazam⚡ Síguenos en @dimension_cinefila 🃏para que puedas flotar con nosotros.🕵 Fuente:@totalfilm  #breakingnews #news #extra #noticias #dcuniverse #dcnews #dcita #zacharylevi #davidfsandberg #drsivana #wizard #billybatson #shazammovie #shazam #poster #jackdylangrazer #siguenos✔✔ #seguidores #followme #followers #liketime #likelike #likeme #warnerbros #totalfilm @shazammovie
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-REVIEW- Blu-Ray Watch. #hereditary (2018) from #ariaster with #tonicollette #alexwolff #millyshapiro & #gabrielbryne I think I went into this film with the highest expectations of one of the best recent horror films, something really frightening and even well made that doesn't rely just on suspense and jump scares. Unfortunately these high hopes let the film down to me, the story sounded interesting though. The Grandmother of the Graham family passes away (referred to as the Matriarch) and ever since the lives of the 4 remaining members begin to spiral badly, revealing a haunting family secret about their ancestry and past but more the terrible future they have now got to face. It sound dark, and it is, there's absolutely no humour and no light scenes to give you a break, it's just pretty much fear of the unknown from this point but still relies on the same old horror tropes to put accross the message, mild(ish) spoiler but seeing a younger person die in these types of films always messes with me, but I managed to let it go pretty quickly regretting I didn't because it was traumatic. It's definitely not as gripping as I was looking forward too, I've seen it compared to A Quiet Place a lot and I found that to be full on tension for 90 minutes and I think that is the better 2018 breakthrough horror hit but Hereditary didn't have this. Almost feels like it didn't want me to watch the film which is strange to suggest. None the less it relies more on symbolism to carry the message, it isn't too in your face with what it's suggesting but it really is too subtle to pick up on when you aren't really that interested in watching it. Generally it's a good film, well shot and directed from a man I don't think anyone knew until the films release and the score works as well. Again just needed to be a bit more broody and maybe a bit more graphic. - - RATING: 3.5/5🌟
Novas imagens de #shazam divulgadas pela revista #totalfilm. Estreia em Abril
#zacharylevi como #shazam na capa da revista #totalfilm. Estreia em Abril
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-REVIEW- DVD Watch. #searching (2018) directed by #aneeshchaganty starring #johncho #debramessing #josephlee #sarasohn and #michellela Jesus this is the first film I've seen in a while that has honestly left me speechless, I'm truly lost for words as to describe this film. I shall try my best... Searching caused a stir last summer, I'd seen the trailer a couple of times when I had went to the cinema and had no interest of seeing it all, whilst the concept of having the whole film shot on a computer screen seemed interesting and unique, just didn't appeal. After it had finished it's run of my local few cinemas and thanks to you fellow Instagram I suddenly wanted to watch it, my feed flowed with non stop with nothing but praise, it seemed like months for it to get DVD release here, well worth the wait. The film follows father David Kim as he leads an investigation on his computers, laptops and phones to find his Daughter, Margot who suddenly went missing one night with no trace, no explanation and no warning. On the screens we see his desperate search as he uses simple methods and how close he was to his Daughter to find out answers, simply hacking into her social media's to find answers and clues. It was a stessful and gripping film to watch from the start, non stop tension up until one moment where it didn't feel right at all, when they find the male suspect, the discovery felt really off and put me off finding out the ending, then it suddenly picked right back up again, twisting and turning to a premise I did not see coming. Along with seamless editing and a beautiful, quaint piano score only comparable to the start of Up (both were very similar amd equally emotinal) created a film with a fresh feel, a dramatic watch which leaves you one the edge of your seat and eventually breathless. - - RATING: 5/5🌟