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Really enjoying the #tedsummit in #edinburgh 🤯 thank you for having me again @ted. ♥️ #tedster #ted #tedtalks #ted2019 #tedtalk #tedsummit2019
My first open mic last night @openflamenyc! Great show with talented artists! #brooklyncomedy #queercomics #openflamenyc #comedy #brooklyn #nyc #bushwick #standupcomedy #openmic #xanax #publicspeaking #tedtalk 📸: @toe_knee_withan_eye
Today on my podcast ( @no.ops.podcast ) , we interviewed one of my childhood friend @normalppl_scareme . I am so proud of him. Two kids from the hood in Jersey who seen more than they needed to see, but used that as a fuel to get better and give back. • This is Crescent Lane. This is us being more than what society tried to tell us we were. • I can’t wait until you all hear his story!! 🤯😩😍😳
I still remember my first few public speaking gigs.  I was 35 pounds heavier and super insecure. I had (and still have) a habit of saying "like" and "um" every other sentence.  But I started to get asked to speak a lot to groups on women's empowerment and community building.  I couldn't turn down an opportunity to share something I was so passionate about. And the more I got the mic passed to me, the more I learned about public speaking.  If you want to stand in front of a room and captivate an audience, you have to have something worth saying.  You have to have a message that is different from anyone else. You have to challenge the way people think.  You have to inspire with a battle cry or call to action.  Getting up on stage is just 20 percent of speaking. Refining your message, writing your speech, pitching yourself and becoming known for thought leadership takes strategy, killer writing and confidence in the story you want to to share.  This year I am committed to getting women on Tedx stages because I know the power that comes when you speak your truth and show up.
WAAASSSSSAAAAAAA😝🤘🏽 I swear @_mrybak360_ was in this picture... . . . . #bravosix #going #dark #i #honestly #cant #be #fucking #bothered #i #really #wanna #sleep #yk #but #lets #not #anyway #thanks #for #coming #to #my #tedtalk
Family, have y’all watched @nalodarling’s #tedtalk yet? If not, go watch that thang! (Link in bio) We really want to hear from you, so drop some feedback in a comment if you got it! Love all around! . . . . #bgm #blackgirlmasculine #masculinity #masculine #masculiminality #lgbt #lgbtq #qtpoc #tqpoc #queer #bisexual #nonbinary #trans #intersex #gay #lesbian #qwoc
Ever wondered what it takes to get on the @TED stage? TED’s incredible team of curators spoke to @fastcompany about what they look for... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “We’re not interested in chasing headlines. It’s about thinking about what’s underneath the headlines and what is useful for the long term.” - Helen Walters, TED’s head of curation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Loved this @TED Talk by @ghettogray ✒️ @lizsegran #tedtalk #ted
On my way to Aba, series of things happened that was a follow up of intentionally placing myself in certain circles. Within 48 hours, my life literally changed and it made me see why it was important to keep sharing with others on how to go from obscurity to significance. There is a science to this thing, if you follow it, it works always.  In this part of the world, we are quick to think that without a known name, family wealth or connections we are born with, we won't go far.  It's a LIE.  I shared five tips to move from obscurity: Preparation, Grit and Consistency, Seeking knowledge, Execution and Expansion. Let me explain more on one of the tips I shared on Saturday at my #tedtalk - "EXPAND". With great blessing comes great responsibility.  Remember the practical session we all did in school on how a seed germinates. We were always so excited when the stalk starts to show up. Imagine that after a few days, you see a full grown apple on the stalk, what do you think will happen? You are right. It will snap because the stalk has not developed capacity. A ripe apple is a good thing but a ripe apple on a tender stalk is a disaster.  As you choose to grow, opportunities would come your way and you'd have more ideas. The concept of expanding means, you must have started producing results in the particular area of your need (business, career, education). You need to be able to reflect and decide what you need to build your capacity and operate at a higher level per time  Do you need to get more education in that niche, Courses, Masters or PhD? Get it.  Do you need to be an ACTIVE registered member of certain international bodies? Do so.  Do you need to speak at certain International conferences in your niche? Do so. It is not difficult, if your heart and where you're going needs it, do it.  I'm sure you get the drift. Capacity is what helps you to withstand the weight of your blessings. Otherwise, when it comes and you're not equipped, you will snap under the weight.
#summer means #holographic #nails... #thankyou for #coming to my #tedtalk! #nofilter 🌈  Wearing #cosmic #fate by #colorclub & #succulent pictured is a type of #jadeplant called #gollum.
Many advantages come with you following through with pursuing your dreams and goals.  Besides, it's easy to stop, but for you to be, do, and have more, you cannot only dream big. You have to follow through.  By following through you get to experience what success feels like, you'll be positioned you to be more influential, you'll feel more motivated, but even more than that, you'll get to experience opportunities that were not even on your immediate list of things to do.  To remind you, it's not the genius ideas you have that makes you successful. What's going to help you to create the life you want, is your execution, the taking of actions, and by you following through and not only when it's convenient.  Remember, it's easy to stop, but if you want to achieve your goals, you have to keep pushing forward no matter what. ________________  POSITIVELY SHAPING THE FUTURE  #empoweringblackmales #goingbeyondlimitations #breakingpreconceivedbarriers #paytheprice  #transformation #tedtalk #blackexcellence @goingbeyondlimitations #youthempowerment #moneymastery #bebold #leadership #goingbeyondlimitations™ #educators #changethenarrative #tedx #motivation  #sacrifice #motivation #believeinyourself #expectations #striveforgreatness #hbcu #unstoppable #thoughtleader #mentorshipmatters #courage #blackmaleempowermentblueprint
Raegan Sealy @raegansealy feels like words, music, and the stories we are able to convey through them is the root of raw human connection, and what sets us apart from every other species. Graduating from De Montfort University with a BA in Creative Writing and from The New School with an MFA in Creative Writing, Raegan is a poet, rapper, and singer who still finds time for the million side hustles that pay NYC exorbanate rent. Obviously she is passionate about writing and performing, but just recently she was given the opportunity to talk about her experiences with the power words have to heal trauma in a TED Talk, linked in bio.  She loves spending time with her family but doesn’t get to do that often as they are still back in England. She sometimes feels like an escape artist of sorts, living in one place only so long before deciding it’s time to move on. After four cold winters she feels it’s time to escape New York soon, and hopes that LA will be the next stop for her. We asked her what is her best memory, and Raegan told us that she doesn’t focus on pivotal moments too much, as it’s easy to fall victim to “fate” that way instead of taking charge of your destiny. Never feel like you had one chance and you missed it, and hope and hard work are renewable energy sources. Speaking of renewables, sustainability is simple for her. “Are you living and using and creating in a way that is damaging the environment, economy, and other people, or are you giving for what you get, innovating and scaling positively?  Raegan, you have a warrior spirit that proves to the world the pen really is mightier than the sword. Never stop 🖋️📜✊ . . . #rustandfray #talentedtuesdays #sustainability #sustainablefashion #ecofashion #ecofashionista #bethechange #poet #rapper #singer #tedtalk #tedtalkalumni #tedx #upcycle #upcycledbags #upcycling #slowfashion #ecochic #artofvisuals #runwayfashion #vogue #vegan #veganbags #veganlife #veganfashion #recycledfashion
This Thursday (link in bio) join Erinn Dhesi @10mmballpointpen in How to Find Your Future (Queer) Girlfriend! This (faux) TED talk will give you the best practises you need to find your future queer girlfriend online. From analysing captions to photos, Erinn will ensure you have someone to bang by the next Pride festival.
My new reading “Who Killed Changed”. There are 13 Suspects. Who do you think is the killer?  1. Culture 2. Commitment  3. Sponsorship 4. Change Leadership Team 5. Communication 6. Urgency 7. Vision 8. Plan 9. Budget 10. Trainer 11. Incentive 12. Performance Management 13. Accountability
#discount Tickets Now On Sale #tedxbocaraton – Theme: Rethinking #relationships - Saturday, October 26, 2019. Tickets start at $60 each. DON’T WAIT, PURCHASE NOW! ⁠ Starting in August, tickets will increase every month by $10 leading up to the main event.⁠ Details on www.LivingFLA.com .⁠ .⁠ . #tedx #tedtalk #bocaraton #tedxbocaraton2019 #livingfla #tedtalks #entrepreneur #speech #publicspeaking #keynote #toastmasters #brightertogether #tedxtalk #successminded #motivation #inspiration #motivationalspeaker #keynotespeaker  #love #relationshipgoals #marriage #life #selflove #relationshipadvice #relationship #family #florida
I gave my first TEDx talk a few months back and it’s finally available online! (Link in bio 👆🏻) It’s a discussion about how innovation is actually a key ingredient of innovation (or said another way, significant positive change). We tend to look at the hard things in our lives as something to rid ourselves from, to avoid. But it’s actually going through these things that gives us access to dramatically different results. It’s short, only about 13 minutes, so check it out and would love to hear your feedback.  Please share it with others, I appreciate the support! And most importantly, what would it look like to create your own MacGyver moment? — hashtag #macgyvermoment and spread the word
All my life whenever something got hard I would always quit. Tough baseball practices, confrontations, tests, and jobs. If I did something two, three or four times and it didn’t pan out I would quit. That’s a quitting mentality. It doesn’t have to be like that. Who cares if it takes 50 times to finally get it right or to walk on a @tedxfarmingdale stage. Do it and have an endurance mentality. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— #canthurtme #goalsetting #successgoals #mindset #mindsetiseverything #tedtalks #mindsetmatters #tedx #mindsetchange #mindsetmastery #tedtalk #successmindset #successminded #successhabits #speaker #gratitude #accountabilitymirror #accountability #hardwork #tedxspeaker #faith #faithquotes #honesty #honest #takeaction #inspirational #marriagegoals #marriage #marriagequotes
If not now, then when? ••• You’ve probably seen or heard that multiple times, but did you actually answer the question after you read it? ••• There has to be a day when you decide to stop making excuses for yourself and do what you want to do. If your goal is to get back into the gym and get active again.. then start today! Every day you don’t go is one less day of progress. What do you want out of your life in 5 years? Are you taking the steps to reach your goals and be successful? There have been so many times I put off starting something and regret it down the line. I could have been so much farther! If you don’t start now, your biggest regret will be that you should have started sooner!! Take a leap of faith, get uncomfortable, and put yourself first. Whatever you have been contemplating doing, this is your push and I’m telling you to just do it!! ••• Thank you for coming to my ted talk  #ifnotnowthenwhen #justdoit #startnow #changeyourownlife #pushyourself #getuncomfortable #tedtalk #livingmybestlife #riseandgrind #arbonne #dreamjob
Yesterday I spoke for 20 minutes about ASMR to about 900 corporate (it) people! It went really well I actually enjoyed it a lot. It was tough for me considering that I am recovering from a burnout. Today I feel super tired, but it was worth it. It gave me a sense of purpose and confidence. It has been 3 years since I've started my ASMR youtube channel and I am just as passionate about ASMR as the day I started my channel! #loveasmr #vintsymposium #tedtalk #sogeti #passion #asmr
Baby bunnies are ridiculously cute. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
Ohhhh boy 😂💀 - - do we need to do another podcast on this ??
Going Outside Isnt Important - Important Is The Ppl Your Outside With 🏁 #themarathoncontinues🏁👑 #onlythestrongsurvives🏅  #nipseyhusslemotivate #poweredpartnerahip #incarceration2incorporation💰 #networking  #drsebibook #filming🎬  #tedtalk #7inthebox #bounceback #glowup #chimes #universal #thebrands #otss🌍 #lof🔥 📽: @cesilg @mrgphotos1
Join us for TEDxBellandur in Bangalore on August 25,2019.  Book your tickets now for early bird offer : https://insider.in/tedxbellandur-aug25-2019/event  #tedxbellandur #becausewhynot
Great surprise waiting for us when we came home after another 8-9 hour drive from Dala-Järna! A book from one of the most impressive human beings I have ever come across. The great photographer Giles Duley. Who´s jokes and personal story are on two different levels. His jokes, non-existant, but his personal story one of the greatest of our time. Read more here at  http://legacyofwar.com/. I was honored and happy to share a room with him whilst visiting Nekton Mission at the Seychelles. His story and work need to be shared. It is that important. He is also a great inspiration for me right now, when I am prepraing for what could be my last big Expedidition. It is tougher than I imagined. And thinking of how he deals with life, gives such perspective and inspiration. Thanks Giles, let us get you to Sweden now!  @gilesduley #legacyofwar #gilesduley #icanonlytellyouwhateyessee #photography #conflict #war #photographer #kensingtontours #nektonmission #inspiringpeople #tedtalk
#ideasworthspreading Community Consciousness. @lot_xi 's humble beginning started in an up-cycled shipping container in West LA with a mix of fashion and all things handcrafted. From this space, they evolved into an urban apothecary with a wide variety of hand-made body care products made from fresh ingredients, sourced from local farmers and they pride themselves in supporting other entrepreneurs. . . At it's heart, @ted is about storytelling and @tedx_official is all about inspiration, ideas and community. TEDxComptonBlvd captures those who live, work and serve the community surrounding Compton Blvd.
NUNCA TE RINDAS  A los 40 años, las águilas se refugian en un lugar seguro y allí se sacan las plumas, el pico y las uñas, ya no le sirven, y esperan que crezca un nuevo pico, nuevas uñas y un nuevo plumaje. Este acto manifiesta su poder, su capacidad de renovarse a sí misma a pesar de los años , del tiempo, de las circunstancias . Las águilas vuelan sobre las tormentas, atraviesan las dificultades, y no sólo las atraviesan , las traspasan y llegan a un cielo calmado. Y cuando los cuervos las molestan vuelan aún más alto, adonde ellos no llegan. Nosotros podemos hacer lo mismo, volar sobre la gente tóxica, sobre aquellos cuyo único interés es molestar y no dejar que traspasen las alturas. Cuando el halcón pelea el águila no pelea porque ella es sabia , sabe que él es mucho más fuerte , sabe con qué y con quién tiene que pelear. Por eso vuela hacia el sol, porque sabe que el halcón no soporta su luz . Si tu éxito molesta a alguien es porque esa persona no puede disfrutar de un éxito personal, y además ,porque tu éxito le habla de su fracaso . ¡Vuela sobre los tóxicos !! Empieza una nueva semana volando muy alto donde nadie te detenga el éxito es tuyo.  #serchcoach #coaching #lifecoaching #inteligenciafinanciera #prosperidad #abundancia #yosoyamor #yosoypaz #buenavibra #vibraalto #metas #lider #elsecreto #cambiandovidas #tedx #tedxbogota #tedtalk #yosoycoach #servicio #ser
okay quick little rant so whew get ready ladies and gents 😌💅🏼 why, just WHY!? why do people feel that it’s okay to body shame and hate and make people feel even worse about themselves ESPECIALLY when they’re already insecure enough as it is? like these boys do so much for us and work hard for us and you have the AUDACITY to call zach fat? call daniel ugly because of his tooth gap? blame jack for the reason the band is gonna break up just because he has a freaking child? really? wtf is wrong with you people! you may not know this or understand this but the boys do see EVERYTHING that gets said about them and they do see all the hate they get so why don’t we just stop all this shit and appreciate them 🙄 like for fucks sake they’re the sweetest people to ever exist and calling them names just isn’t right. if you wanna hate them, you can easily hit the unfollow button and stop following them. it’s that simple. thank you, next 😘 {plz plz tag the boys}{also plz plz plz share and post it to ur stories ty} . . tags; @whydontwemusic @jonahmarais @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @jackaverymusic @imzachherron @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @seaveydaniel @corbynbesson @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic @gabbieegonzalez @kaycookk @tatedoll @beautychickee @beautychickee @tatedoll @kaycookk #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #danielseavey #zachherron #jackavery #explorepage #explore #rant #tedtalk #whydontwemusic #whydontwe #wdw #wdwmusic
***MY TEDx TALK VIDEO*** 😍😍 PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUR-E_1EMew Back in the spring of this year, I had the privilege of being on a stage, without an instrument, telling my intimate story of songwriting and death. I still though had my voice, my poetry, and a topic I am deeply familiar with: Life & Death. My intention: to tell the story of how singing about death has impacted my life. Not always has it been easy, but singing & songwriting is a major source of health, freedom, and inspiration throughout my life and psychology. My talk tells some deeply personal things that many folks may not know about me, I was anxious to share such stories, and still feel an ounce of fear to share this, but the story has been told, and it’s time to share it. I hope you find inspiration in this, and feel empowered to sing and sing out about what matters to you. Many many thanks to all the other speakers who shared the stage with me sharing their inspirations, their fears, and their always incredible stories. I love humanity, I love being human, and being a part of such an event helps me have faith in all of us. “I sing about death because it empowers my life, what do you sing about?”
Week 30 - TED Talk - Hajer Sharief - Howto use family dinner to teach politics  一個簡單方法讓小孩明白政治。  #仲可以幫助家庭溝通 #對小孩自身也有幫助  fb: @go30daychallenge  #30daychallenge #三十日試煉 #onetedaweek
It's been a few months since my last blog post, but #15 is a big one... This involves 3-4 KEY lessons from @garyvee that you can transfer to your life or career as a Magician. Click the link in bio to get some knowledge 🧠
“You’re one decision away from a totally different life” @melrobbins it was an honor to interview you. So honest and kind hearted. While I was researching and getting all the details about her, she knew information about me. Wow! Mel’s new show is going to be life changing to millions of Americans. #8nn @8newsnow #fivesecondrule #5secondrule #tedtalk #melrobbins #melrobbinslive This is Mel’s last live speech @shakleehq @themelrobbinsshow #themelrobbinsshow
"The Future of Us serves as a reminder that I share the same responsibility as all of my peers for the development and growth of society, especially in areas which I'm passionate to change. We're in an unprecedented time where discussions of mental health and awareness have been so prominent. While it's hard for young people to feel like they could make a difference in terms of pushing for policy or major societal changes, I believe in empowering individuals to be more open and candid about their own feelings." . Vivien Yap is a songwriter and a poet. Making her musical debut as part of 2017's Noise Music Mentorship Program under the tutelage of Sara Wee (53A), Vivien has since been named by Spotify as one of this year's top local acts. In 2018, she self-published a book of poems 'Can You Hear Me Now?', using poetry as a medium to open up about her struggles with mental illness. With writing and music being central to Vivien's struggles, she hopes to help youths struggling with their mental health through candid storytelling and personal anecdotes.  Join us on 14 Sept to hear our speakers' stories! Link in bio!
Changer de vie pour sauver le monde : découvrez le TED Talk de Jérémie, co-fondateur d’ITmakeSense 🌍  Entrepreneurs et salariés : prenons conscience de notre impact pour faire face à nos responsabilités sociales et environnementales !
A good speech is a conversation with your audience. And so when you and I work together, we have a conversation. I get to know how you really use language, and then I write with that in mind. Let's have a conversation.  #conversation #speechwriting #presentations #keynotes #tedtalk
// Spilling the yogi tea // Let’s start with my name Savvy, it’s short for Savannah- like the desert 🐪  Speaking of tea, mint is my absolute fave and I drink it by the gallon!  I teach yoga part time whilst also working at @thegardeneatery and @lululemonuk🍋  I became a yoga teacher because it brings me so much joy to help elevate people and to add lots of zen to everyone’s busy lives✨  I first started out as a makeup artist and worked in the beauty industry for about 9 years. I still do bridal makeup now but only for very special people in my life 💄  I love to relax in my new bath with a lots of Epsom salts, candles and sometimes a glass of red 🍷  I’m always the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave (known to drag everyone on there with me) 😂💃🏽 My classes include RnB beats, lots of essential oils,nuggets of wisdom and space for you to reconnect back with your breath 🧘🏻‍♀️ &&& my biggest goal in life is to do a TED Talk @ted 💥  Photo credit to the lovely @moonstone.yoga.holly ✨
Thanks for coming to our TED Talk 🎤💥😂 We were so stoked to chat with the D&AD New Blood Academy today and give them our SECRET TIPS on how to work the ad industry, how to secure internships, and how to network like the bosses they are! Hope it was helpful guys-we had a lot of fun. Thanks D&AD! 💛  @booksandquiet ☆ If you're looking for inspirational speakers.... well you know where to find us!👌 ☆ Now we are enjoying our ice cream and celebrating this hot weather ☉
📸 :@_blackboxphotomx-  #tedxmérida #tedx #tedtalk #tedxenmexico #merida #mexico
Tap ❤️ if you’re choosing to be happy today  Life is interesting, we get to choose who we are every single day  looking at any situation you can choose to be happy, choose to be sad, choose to be mad  nothing wrong with any of those emotions  Just remember, it’s your choice • #speaker #tvhost #businesscoach #motivation #success #vancouver #empowerothers #tedx #tedxspeaker #tedtalks #tedtalk #author #bookstagram #business #ideasworthspreading #womeninspiringwomen #madeformore #onpurpose #womenempoweringwomen #hustlersophisticate #datedidwhat #entrepreneur #dream
Motivation. @karencivil  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w8EkqBkT0-M&feature=youtu.be
#tedxpune2019 #tedtalk #tedxstmirascollege #tedx #ted #tedxspeaker #tedxindia #tedxpune #tedxyouth #tedxgateway #tedx #pune #motivation #inspiration visit our website for more details www.tedxstmirascollege.com
"Imagine if that was the best compliment you ever received 'Wow you are really normal.'" Rosie King, an imaginative, smart, funny 16-year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder poses this scenario while addressing the obsession we have with normalcy.  _____________________________________ In this funny and uplifting Tuesday TED talk, King calls for us all to celebrate our uniqueness. [link in bio] _____________________________________  #tedtalk #asd #autism #teletherapy #uniqueness #advocacy #individualism #diversity #inclusion #ideasworthsharing #motivation #tuesdaytedtalk #dct  http://bit.ly/2XOFS5P
Informative, educational and inspiring, #tedsummit 2019 gathers together leaders, thinkers and innovators representing 84 countries for a week-long journey of discovery. What #tedtalk has had the most impact on your life?
Get #inspired and act from a space of true #desire! Give the action an exciting meaning. #love #lawofattraction #abundance
_________________________________  قیمت کتاب با تخفیف ٣٠ هزار تومان ___________  تا به حال خودتان پرسیده اید که چرا ویدیوهای سایت TED TALK در روز بیش از حدود 1.5 میلیون بازدید دارد و دلیل این همه موفقیت سخنرانی ها در چیست؟  نویسنده  Carmine Gall در کتاب Talk Like TED حدود 500 سخنرانی TED را عمیقا مورد بررسی قرار داده تا عنصر مشترک موفیقت و تاثیرگذاری همه آن ها را شناسایی کند و به مخاطب خود ارائه دهد. کتاب "TED" مناسب برای تمام کسانی است که می خواهند مهارت سخنرانی خود در جمع را تقویت کنند و یا انگیزه را در کسانی که به هدایت نیاز دارند بیدار کند. این کتاب بسیاری از رازهای موفقیت در یک سخنرانی را به صورت کاملا تحقیق شده و تخصصی به شما آموزش می دهد تا با اعتماد به نفس بالاتر و شهامت بیشتر بتوانید در تمام سخنرانی و ارائه های خود به نتیجه دلخواه برسند.  نویسنده و روزنامه نگار آمریکایی "Carmine Gall"، در زمینه نوشتن مقالات و کتاب های موفقیت، کاری و ارتباطات اجتماعی تخصص دارد. کتاب های او از جمله کتاب های پرفروش نیویورک تایمز است که به بیست زبان زنده دنیا ترجمه شده است. او اکنون به همراه همسر و دو دخترش در کالیفرنیا زندگی می کند __________ شماره تماس: 06132201496 09169033133 __________  #تخفیف #کتاب_رویش #کتابفروشی #کتاب_رویش_اهواز #کتاب #کتاب_خوانی #اهواز #اهوازیها #خوزستان
Green ...سبز Orange... نارنجی Purple...بنفش Pink...صورتی همین چهارتا؟ How many shades do you know?. 👉Our gift to you: 17 years of certified teaching experience in Canada . ✏️ برای اطلاع از کلاسها در ایران با ما تماس بگیرید . 👉‎۱۷ سال تجربه آموزشي با مدرك و تحصيل در #كانادا بهترين پشتوانه خدمات آموزشي ماست. كلاس ها بصورت حضوري و آنلاين ارائه ميشود . . 📝🖌📚 # #معلم_سلپیپ #استارتاپ #مهاجرت  #زبان_تخصصی #سلپیپ  #آیلتس #آزمون_سلپیپ #کانادا  #معلم_نیتیو #آموزش_انگلیسی  #اصطلاحات_انگلیسی  #کلاس_زبان  #امتحان_پت  #businessenglish  #immigrationlawyer  #doctors #dentists #celpip #pte  #toefl #ielts  #tedtalk #exoresdions  #seo #canada  #grammar #usmle #ept  #تافل
“Synthetic happiness is every bit as real and enduring as the kind of happiness you stumble upon when you get exactly what you were aiming for” I recently started getting into podcasts and just now Ted Talks as of late to find more inspiration in my life. I haven’t been posting much fitness based things in a while due to circumstances at hand but Dan Gilbert discusses that humans can essentially create their own happiness even in the worst of times and that spoke to me loudly. I highly suggest checking this video out especially if you’re ever in times of your life that seem rather rough. #fluff #buff #tedtalk #happiness #synthetichappiness
@deanornishmd’s formula for optimal well being: “Eat well.  Move more.  Stress less.  LOVE MORE.” Until now, I’ve focused mainly on diet but there is a lot more to wellness than what we eat.  This is a video excerpt from @anitamoorjani‘s #tedtalk “Dying to be Me.” In 2006, Anita slipped into a deep coma from end-stage lymphoma which she had battled unsuccessfully for 4 years.  Her doctors gave her hours to live.  While in the coma, she underwent a profound experience of expanded awareness and came back with a completely different perspective, one centered on: 1) LOVE, especially self-love. 2) Letting go of FEAR. 3) Embracing HUMOR and joy. 4) Recognizing that LIFE is a GIFT 5) Being AUTHENTIC. These realizations helped to launch her into rapid healing and complete recovery. A lot of suffering in the world stems from lack of self-love, living in fear, forgetting to laugh, living life like it’s a chore, and pretending to be somebody that we are not.  One of the reasons that people living in the @bluezones have such incredible longevity and low rates of chronic disease is their strong sense of community and spirituality. I highly recommend checking out Anita’s full Ted Talk and NY Times best selling biography. 🌍 💫
I speech-ed! Thanks to @liveprimary for having me as your guest-speaker last week to inspire cultivating joy in one’s work! ✨🎤
Special thanks to @livwithheart for these motivating #tedxcollingwood messages! - - - - - #collingwood #simcoe #southgeorgianbay #speakers #interviews #tedtalk #tedx #performance
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Women empowering women! But how often are we seeing women tearing each other down? Why are we each other’s competition, when we could be stronger together?? • Did you know it wasn’t until I started being happy with myself before I was able to be happy for others? Seems a bit backwards but it’s true..when we have insecurities we struggle, we are more jealous & envious, & struggle seeing past our selfishness. People are always asking others “what’s the secret sauce?”..HAPPINESS!! • When we experience more happiness within ourselves we are more capable of being happy for others. When we start supporting each other more instead of tearing each other down, we witness stronger bonds & connections!! • I challenge you to go out and support one of your sisters out there working hard to make a difference! Whether it’s in business, motherhood, sisterhood, friendship.. go tell that babe she’s a boss, that you see her and you have her back!! *WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON BABES SUPPORT BABES? TELL ME BELOW 👇🏼*
For my birthday I got this japanese tea set! I love it so much ! It adds to my collection of traditional things I gather from abroad.  Tea originally came from China and has been part of traditional ceremonies throughout multiple countries. I watched the #tedtalk on the history of tea! It is amazing to see the way tea got to be part of so many parts of the world!  tea definitely is my favourite beverage!  What is your favourite flavour?  Tags: #teahistory #tealover #japanese #tea # surinam #history #asianhistory
“Live Your Story. Live it boldly, live it proudly, live it beautifully because one day there will be a girl banging on the door begging for someone to let her in and because you had the courage to live and to be yourself she will have the privilege and courage to do the same”. @ted #girlslead19 #tedtalk #blackgirlmagic @brut @nowthisnews
It's crazy to me how society and the media have this certain 'image' of what is beautiful or fit or the ideal person. But who are they to say? And how? Every single person on this planet is different in terms genetics, facial structure, eye colour, height, weight, even the texture if their hair. So how could they possibly set a standard of these expectations of beauty when everyone is beautiful in their own way. What the media wouldnt say fits into the cookie cutter image but another would think that person is an angel sent from heaven. Don't let the media and trends tell you who you can or cannot be or define how beautiful you are. You are all beautiful. You are all special. You are all loved. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.  #beauty #media #selflove #defyingstandards #unique #different #love #youarespecial #tedtalk #society #trends #nomorecookiecutter
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Maybe you’ve seen @simonsinek ‘s TED Talk on this topic, or the above phrase sounds familiar? This book has the power to change your life.  The timing of this book could not have been better for me, personally. The first half of 2019 has been a mental and emotional roller coaster. Major life changes, meeting some incredibly inspiring people, launching a networking event that has been years in the making, and consuming more new ideas that continue to shape my thinking than any other time in my life.  I have all the tools, but I was still feeling listless. I hadn’t fully developed my “why”. Finishing this book provided a spark. It began to bring back into focus the reason why I started this journey, and has helped put me back on course. When I get lost, or am feeling frustrated it’s usually because I’m drifting away from my “why”. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. What’s your WHY?  Cheers,  Dave @mysaloninsider
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My TEDx talk: 'Art as a Trojan Horse' is out! Link in bio 🙌🏼✨🎈 #tedtalk #art #contemporaryart #censorship #artisticfreedom #simpleliving #darfurnica #darfur
Seek the lessons in the tough times, that's where you are paying your success tax.  #lifelessons #success #tax
H20 - Humility, Harmony, and Openness "Humility gives water its power, [...] but it also gives us the capacity to stay grounded, to learn from and be transformed by the stories of the people around us." Harmony - "I stopped fighting with myself, and I learned to work with my environment. [...] Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. [...] Water is open to change. [...] It's water's ability to adapt and change and remain flexible that made it so enduring during the ages, despite all the changes in its environment. [...] Open up and enjoy the ride"  https://www.ted.com/talks/raymond_tang_be_humble_and_other_lessons_from_the_philosophy_of_water?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare  #tedtalk #ted #tuesday #inspired #water #life #lessons #humility #harmony #openness #h2o #adapt #change #growthmindset #transformation #lovethejourney #mindbodyspirit #fun #inspirationalpost #inspirational #selflove #selfempowerment #manifest #spirituality #spiritualjourney #ascension #poem #poetry #career #taoteching