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As a Parent Wellness Coach: my number one passion is in supporting, guiding and encouraging clients to realiy understand-your body speaks your mind. We can do everything right in having a healthy lifestyle ; but it isn’t enough if we don’t believe we are worthy of being healthy, happy and loved. WE MUST DO OUR OWN INNER WORK FIRST, and give ourselves what we want to impart to our children. #loveyourselffirst  #yourbodyspeaksyourmind  #purposefulparenting  #youmatter #familylove❤️ #teachbyexample #yourthoughtscreateyourreality  #parentwellnesscoach  #healthyparenting101
🙌👊🙌👊 This 👊🙌👊🙌 We do not have the right to hit our kids. For some of us, this is a big change, even a difficult change. In the moment, anger can override our better judgement. But that never makes it right. We can do better. We must do better. Our own kids and all of society depend on is doing better. . . . . . #repost @tabithapbush (@get_repost) ・・・ Yes!  Another fantastic one to add to my rotation.  Am I annoying? Sorry, not sorry.  Life changer y'all, if you'd really, really think about it.  #peacefulparenting #peacefulrevolution #noviolence #donoharm #teachbyexample #leadbyexample #bethechange #loveconquersall #loveeveryone #lovewins #nopunishment
The 90/90 hip transition stretch. This is an excellent active movement that will work the coordination and muscle control of both external and internal rotation of the hips. Here are the dos for the 90/90 hip transition. . . 🍁- The starting position will be with both the left and right leg forming 90 degree angles. Once 90/90 position is found, rotate back leg/knee up and slowly “transition” to the 90/90 position on the other side. I like to think of driving my heel down on the back leg while slowly lifting that knee up to maintain hip contraction/control. Repeat for 10-15 reps on both sides trying to maintain a relatively upright torso. DISCLAIMER - if you get any pinching in the hips or pain whatsoever - stop, DO NOT force yourself into these ranges of motion, reassess your position, and alter your stance or torso angle. If you need to keep your hands behind on the floor to help with stability and range of motion during movement - do so. . . 🐥 - A perfect time to do this is in between commercials on your living room floor. If you’re lounging around watching TV, try getting on the floor and spend a few minutes in this position and experiment with your hip rotation. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! . .
Yes!  Another fantastic one to add to my rotation.  Am I annoying? Sorry, not sorry.  Life changer y'all, if you'd really, really think about it.  #peacefulparenting #peacefulrevolution #noviolence #donoharm #teachbyexample #leadbyexample #bethechange #loveconquersall #loveeveryone #lovewins #nopunishment
Children learn best when they are taught by example, but I think that’s true to any kind of leadership. People respond better when they are following a strong role model. . My goal is that health and fitness will come naturally to these two and they can naturally allow themselves to grow into living their best and happiest lives. If they ask questions I will answer, if they want to join in I will let them. . In my mind they will learn so much more by watching what their parents do. So if their parents work hard, look after themselves and surround their family with unconditional love then they will grow to have these same family values. . When it comes to kids leave the whole “do as I say, not as I do” because believe me - they learn more by watching you, not being taught by you!! So set them a great example and they will grow up to exactly as you want them to be. . . . #setagreatexample #setagreatexampleforyourkids #teachbyexample #leadbyexample #family #familygoals #workingmums #mumswhomakeitwork #jugglinglife #mumswhojuggle #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyfamily #healthyfamilies #pavetheway #theactivemum
the #rory to my #lorelai is quite the little #bookworm 🤓  teaching her to ❤️love❤️ books by loving books myself.  #reading #littlebookworm #teach #teachbyexample #doctordolittle #valleyofthedolls #readinglikerory #gilmoregirls #starshollowlibrary
@jamieivey TRUTH BOMB!!! I am still working on my #momguilt.  #jamieivey #raisingworldchangers #bettertogether #globalfamily #thegreatcommission  #teachbyexample
There is still time to join us tomorrow for our kids yoga class at 1pm. We are excited to share the many benefits of yoga with our little ones who are so impressionable and learn from our example. Sign up at www.beachbeeyoga.com 🧘🏽‍♀️ #kidsyoga #somanybenefits #startemyoung #teachbyexample
One of the best parts of my day!  It was parachute play on this rainy day today! . It's crazy because kids behave so differently when they don't have any active time or play time.  They crave and need it! . I for one don't think that we ever lose that.  As we grow we stop being as active as we once were but that doesn't mean our bodies don't need it.  We do! . When we are active we are in better moods.  We are healthier and what we pay for our nutrition and fitness now will pay us back as we age! . Don't ever stop being active.  Show kids the benefit and importance of exercise and good nutrition!  Lead by example!
#repost @consciousstrength (@get_repost) ・・・ ZUU class this morning, just Jimmy and myself. ZUU chimp was off from school. He came up with a workout and I let him lead the class. He called it "Dimas Friday set"
ZUU class this morning, just Jimmy and myself. ZUU chimp was off from school. He came up with a workout and I let him lead the class. He called it "Dimas Friday set"
We are not born with a fixed intelligence (IQ). Whatever you set your mind to, you can learn with practice and perseverance. It's just a matter of a mind set. A growth mindset allows you to progress and develop, to explore your true potential, which is almost unlimited!
We are all limitless / if you do not challenge yourself you will never know what you are capable of / failure is just a teaching tool - I’m am not afraid of failure because it only makes my next success that much sweeter / I can not wait for my next page of my to turn - go for it - you choose - driver or passenger 🧡 reach as high as you can then go just a bit higher ❤️🧡💕🌈 keep kindness 🧡 honesty 💕 love in your circle then peace of mind follows xxoo Deb #fearless #learn #teachbyexample #happyheart #fun #adventure #goforit #help #liftpeopmeup #keepgodfirst #gratitude #reiki #reikihealing #reikipractitioner @reiki_by_debbie
I’m in Panama City Beach and the surrounding area this week helping with Hurricane Michael relief. . . It’s amazing and so heartwarming to see how the community is coming together and to see the outpouring of love and support from around the country. ❤️ . . #hurricanemichael #pcbstrong #pcstrong #hurricane #hurricanemichael2018 #hurricanerelief #850strong #giveback #teachbyexample
“What inspires you?”, we asked Esther. “Whenever I put a smile on anyone... this gives me motivation. But above everything else is the word of God.” Say, “hello!” to the lovely, gifted Esther. Esther is our Hope Center Representative in Kibera, and we are so grateful God put her on this team - what a gift! “And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Colossians 3:14  For more about the Kibera Hope Center, check out our website!  http://kenyahope.org/hope-centers/kibera-hope-center/  #staffappreciation #kibera #kiberakenya #influencer #teacherappreciation #saturdaybibleclub #kiberabibleclub #kenyahope #kiberahopecenter #mercyministry #letthemlearn #childdevelopment #widowsmight #nonprofit #socialgood #putonlove #harmony #servantleadership #teachbyexample
“Enseña con el ejemplo” Algo que he aprendido desde que soy mamá, es que a los hijos se les enseña con el ejemplo. Que ellos observan y absorben como esponjita todo lo que ven y escuchan. Bien dicen que los hijos son el reflejo de los padres y por eso es importante para mi demostrarles lo valioso que es ser servicial, amables, acomedidos y respetuosos con los demás. Que si esta en nuestras manos hacer labor social en nuestra comunidad, pues que pongamos nuestro granito de arena para ayudar.  Espero estar transmitiéndoles correctamente el mensaje! . #momoftwo #momlife #latinamom #teachbyexample #enseñaconelejemplo #hispanasenusa #hispanos #seamable #serespetuoso #mamadedosprincipes
My cat Mitaine (swipe right to see Pixie) enjoying the fact that I’m decluttering my house and bringing these used clothing to the school where I teach for our @bag2schoolnorthamerica initiative. This group collects secondhand clothing which they send to developing countries. They use 97 percent of all textiles donated.  Donations help to reduce landfill waste and to reduce the effects of the textile industry. It promotes the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle. If our school can collect one ton of clothing, our eco club is given 250$ for its projects. Our club needs support to put together environmental awareness activities and to expand certain initiatives such as our community garden.  Donating clothing has so many advantages. It declutters our home and lets others enjoy clothes that we no longer need or wear. We help to contribute to the circular economy. Most of my clothes were purchased second hand, so they will have a long life as they will be sent to people in need.  If you have clothes to donate, giving them to charities that distribute them to people in need is the best idea. I help families in need at my school and donate directly to them the clothes they can use. @bag2schoolnorthamerica will take clothing that is stained, worn and that otherwise would likely end up in landfill. If you live in the Ottawa area and have clothing you’d like to donate, please pop by my school Le Prelude. We’d be happy to collect your donations before October 26. A small note: I use my old suitcase to bring the clothes, trying to avoid plastic! 😊👌#donating #decluttering #textileindustry #reuse #reusereducerecycle #circulareconomy #iamateacher #teachbyexample #education #educate
How great is this 🙌🏻 . After being a supervisor in a couple of positions... this my friends is truly one of the inner secrets to a successful & happy :))) team. #teamwork #teachbyexample #positivevibrations #goals #inspireeachother #treatothershowyouwanttobetreated #fairness #humble #kind
The potential power you have as a teacher is simply mind blowing, as is human potential. You are given the opportunity to become the facilitator of human growth and development! The limits to where this can reach have yet to be discovered!! What an amazing world! What an honor to be given as a teacher, as a human being!
My boy helped me whip up a batch of seitan yesterday, while his brother finished napping. he told me he wanted to be a “happy helper, like Jesus and Samuel.” • This morning he grabbed a children’s Bible on his way out the door to prayer meeting and casually told my husband (a pastor) that he’d be leading out today. • When they came home for our traditional Wednesday muffin breakfast, my husband reported that E had opened the Bible, “read” the story of Adam and Eve, and then organized the corporate prayer session before dismissing the meeting😳 • When I asked E about it, he said, “Yeah, I was planning to tell Noah and the Flood but I just changed my mind when prayer meeting started.” • So. Don’t tell me that he’s too young. Don’t think that influences don’t matter. Our kids are soaking up everything we’re exposing them to, including our attitudes toward spiritual leadership. • He’s not perfect, but my boy sure loves Jesus and wants to work for Him. • Parenting is discipleship, let’s never forget that. • Check out my post on discipleship parenting! (Link in bio!) It’s an oldie, but super relevant every day as a Christian parent. • #proudmama #discipleshipparenting #familydiscipleship #thepowerofprayer #letthelittlechildrencome #teachbyexample #jesuslovesthelittlechildren #mommyshelper #vegetariantoddler