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Wild ~ Imagination ~ Over Under Sideways Down on the playlist this morning by The Yardbirds from 1966. A wild, gnome inspiring, get my feet moving tune, along with some sunshine ☀️ just what I needed to start my day off right and chase the chills away🧣🧤💃 #littlewoodlandwhimsies @thewanderingrosechild #wild #imagination #nofilter #jeffbeck #theyardbirds #whatimlisteningto #taleswithfriends
The flowers on our neighbour’s Christmas Bush are just starting to turn to the more-familiar seasonal red. ❣️
Look at those retro styles: high-waisted jeans, check shirts, the Madonna-esque hair band. 😂  Sis and I treated Brother to breakfast this morning for his birthday.  Grateful for those times when the three of us can get together, and for the shared childhood memories of secret meetings and adventures in our imaginary worlds.  Grateful also for the family road trips throughout NSW, the experience of visiting so many places within our country, and for instilling a love of travel and nature within me. 😍
I love all the pages I scrap, but some just fills my heart with extra joy! Last year’s 20th anniversary pics! Thanks @wernermaritz.za for letting me take these photos😉, and for sticking around for all this time!😘 #myotherscrappages  #20yearsofmarriage  #healingcreativity💊  #ourcreativeselves  #taleswithfriends
11.13. LOOK DOWN from the ramparts at the Tower of Lobdon. Do you ever wish to peek behind doors?  I do. #noblenovember #mindfulphotosmindfulmoments with @mindfulphotos_mindfulmoments  Taken in September during #j2mtravelogue #taleswithfriends
a poem crept into my mind today  High Flight : "Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth  of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things  You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung  High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there,  I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung  My eager craft through footless halls of air.... Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace. Where never lark, or even eagle flew — And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod The high untrespassed sanctity of space, – Put out my hand, and touched the face of God." ~John Gillespie Magee  i went to walk among the clouds
I found some of Sheba's baby pictures. She's about 2 months old here. It's always about eating from day one.  #sheba #babypictures #2monthsold #lovesfood #taleswithfriends
Day 13: I feel domestic today so I made a flourless tart. Okay I may have gone overboard on the plums. #ifeel #navigatingthroughnovember #feelingdomestic #plumtart #aipdiet #gaps #gf #glutenfree #taleswithfriends
My personal style day 13 #littlewoodlandwhimsies @thewanderingrosechild Inspired by binge watching The Great British Baking Show ~ Diane’s Cinnamon and Coffee Chocolate Moon and Stars Cake “The key is to make sure it’s chilled or it could turn into a sloppy mess” Ruby -season 6 ❤️#chocolatecake #thegreatbritishbakingshow #personalstyle #taleswithfriends
I felt defenseless against my own fear brain.  I felt mad that the way I wanted things to work out after some big hard earned events, was not the way things turned out.  I felt grief.  I felt angry at myself for putting me in a place where I felt vulnerable.  I felt angry that after all the work I've done, hard long work in therapy and on my own, suddenly it would seem that I had done nothing.  I felt like I needed to shake things up.  So yesterday I publically admitted to some not so good mental stuff, not all.  I want to say yes and lay back and allow all the helping hands to support to hold me up. I feel joyful that I have a community and mad that I can't see me the way you see me.  I feel a bit overwhelmed and burdened by all the offers of support.  I feel the need to clarify, to say I'm good now, I'm on my way to my professional peoples to figure this out. I just need a boost over the edge. It was a spell not an attack.  But in the end, it is how I feel that I paid attention to and brought me to make a next step decision. It's a two steps forward, one step back kinda life.  I had some pretty bad post partum with Eamon 13 years ago and not so bad with Fiona. But it's their mental health that I want to add and model my positive self-esteem to. So I keep on keepin' on. .  #navigatingthroughnovember #taleswithfriends #anxietydoesntgettodrive #beherenow #fionamariepeach #eamonspancerpeach #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie
11.13. Christmas is on the deck, waiting to come in. I know, I know Thanksgiving is next week, but we normally go to the cabin for the turkey dinner and i do love coming home to a festive house. Plus, I could cheerfully leave my decorations out all year round. There, I said it.  ROUTINE #navigatingthroughnovember with @ofearthandstars #taleswithfriends
TRANSFOMATION from summer into fall. #noblenovember #mindfulphotosmindfulmoments with @mindfulphotos_mindfulmoments #taleswithfriends #inmybackyard
11.12. BEAMS. We visited the Hockey Hall of Fame just to look at this. I think. It was something they said we needed to see. I certainly agree ... it was spectacular. #navigatingthroughnovember with @ofearthandstars  #taleswithfriends #toronto
November vibes | feel like I’m living in an autumnal forest at the mo 😅 . . . #thespacesilike #flowerpower #slowliving #chasinglight
Gratitude and thanks today for those who have chosen to protect out freedoms ... fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins and the mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters who have now joined the ranks of heroes.  #mentoringcollective Day 11 of the November #gratitudeproject  #taleswithfriends #ourworldinskies
The sculpture ‘Spring’ by Judit Shead  beside the water at Bundeena bedecked with flowers yesterday. This sculpture was a gift to our village in memory of Judit by her husband, the artist Garry Shead. 🌊💙 I never fail to appreciate the spirit of the artist and her work when I walk past to swim or catch the ferry or stop to take photos to capture the sculpture’s grace and gentleness, the sea behind. I don’t know why there were flowers yesterday but she looked so beautiful. #quietwriting #bundeena #spring
And they did not disappoint!  #hydrangeas  #spring2018🇿🇦 #taleswithfriends
#navigatingthroughnovember ‘Beam’  laser beams light a music show; sumbeam was a car don’t you know timber beams support a sea wall where the tides rise and fall