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There are just 10 days to go until the #bigburnleyclothesswap comes to town! Have you bought your tickets yet? (link in bio👆) #burnley #boohoo #burnleysocial #fashionevent #studentlife #weekendplans #thrift #thriftshop #swapshop #lancashire #simontownleyhair #event #savethedate #uclan #swapdontdrop
How cool is this? #snappedatmedway up in our #art & Design studios! Don’t forget to #swapdontdrop if you have started the term and changed your mind - College could be an option!👩🏽‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨#Medway #maidstone
Swap Don't Drop events all this week and next at #southend #basildon #thurrock plus Stephenson Road. Worried you've made the wrong study choice this September, don't panic! We can help! Info via link in bio #swapdontdrop
Do you feel like you've made the wrong decision? Don't worry, it's not too late to change courses and pursue your dream career with us! Speak to one of our team on 020 8532 3400 or email info@digitalskillsuk.com and let us help you today!#swapdontdrop #courses #septemberintake #digital #skills #itsnottoolate
Worried you've made the wrong choice of course, college or sixth form? Don't panic, we can help! Visit one of our Swap Don't Drop events or call our hotline - 01268 461768. Full dates & details are available on our website, link in bio #swapdontdrop
There’s still time to swap to a College programme to join us THIS term! Head on over to our drop-in enrolment event THIS Saturday at both campuses from 10-2pm 🚗🚕🚌🛵🚊We’re here to help! #swapdontdrop #sortedforseptember
Feeling anxious? Worried you've picked the wrong course?... Don't panic! It's not too late to change your mind and we're here to help! Speak to one of our team on 020 8532 3400 or email us at info@digitalskillsuk.com today! #careergoals #swapdontdrop #courses #qualifications #digital #skills #septemberintake #learners #gcse #software #hardware
Sometimes we have this idea in our head that we will be able to make drastic changes and eliminations all at once. But in reality, it either never starts, or it ends much faster than you wish. It’s easier to make small goals leading up to a large goal, and to make substitutions rather than eliminations. There are tons of substitutions that you can make that will improve your health, but won’t drive you away. For example, instead of eating white bread, get a bread that’s 100% whole wheat so there are more vitamins and minerals. Instead of seasoning foods with salt, try using herbs and spices! As for physical activity, you can set a goal for yourself to walk more. You can set a limit on where, if your destination is less than half a mile, you’ll walk instead of drive. You can do exercises between Netflix shows, park further away from the grocery, build a standing desk, take stretching breaks, or even add in some calf raises while you brush your teeth. If you like multitasking, adding in some exercises during your day should be a breeze. Plus, when you’re physically active in small bursts throughout the day, you’ll have an easier time focusing! #swapdontdrop #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #health #exercise #food
[ P A S T A ] Sometimes a girl just needs some pasta topped with cheese! This is tortellini with a sauce made of sauteed italian sausage, garlic, ham, mushrooms and basil. I added a Laughing Cow cheese and then milk towards the end and simmered it down, to make the sauce creamy without the cream! I topped a half a bowl of greens with a nice big scoop of it. ~ This kind of meal is absolutely fine to have as part of your normal intake. I always pair my heavy carbs (risotto, pasta, fried rice, noodles, mashed pot etc) with a heap of greens, filling the bowl first with that then with the dish. It tricks the brain in to thinking the bowl is full and as you eat the extra fibre from the vege fills you up! It is such an easy way to eat whatever you feel like, with portion control nothing is off limits 🤩 . . . #ohobjectivehealth #objectivehealth #pasta #tortellini #italianfood #perthfood #perthfitfam #portioncontrol #balanceddiet #balancedeating #portionsize #swapdontdrop #greenveggies #sizematters #fitfood #italianpasta #creamysauce #madewithlove #fitnessapparel #fitfam
#transformationtuesday Tastebuds Edition 😋  I used to get a 37 sp Cinnamon roll from Cinnabon w/out thinking twice. These days those choices don’t exactly align w/my goals. I found this cinnamon swirl yogurt-based dip by @Opadipity instead to get my cinnamon roll fix on for 2 sp per 2T serving. One taste and my mind raced right back to memories at the food court w/out the sugar buzz and a side of guilt. These dips are fantastic! Visions of fancy fruit platters at summer parties or upscale sad plan-friendly snacks replace those old thoughts. I found these products at #freshthymemarket in the refrigerated section near produce. Enjoy!  #swapdontdrop #eatwhatyoulove #wwfreestyle #ww #smartpoints #yogurtbased #healthychoices #trysomethingnew #cinnamonroll #wwleader #wwchicago #wwcommunity #wwsupport #100pluspoundsgone
Can you set the fastest lap time on our Top Gear track? Check out the Motor Vehicle & Advanced Technology #swapdontdrop stands in Reception.
Swap don't drop! Are you unsure about your college or course? We're holding some events at the end of September where you'll be able to speak to staff members and swap your current course to a @southessexcollege one! #swapdontdrop #education #fe #college
A little bubbly refreshment for a humid day! I like bubbly drinks but hate the sugar that comes with them. So I try and spruce up my soda water with a little bit of lemon to keep it interesting. It takes a while to adjust to the taste when you swap softies for soda water, but stick with it. It is so much better for your whole body to not drink sugar loaded drinks. Such an easy swap can make a huge difference on your overall health!
These awesome guys I met today in my orientation group:D #greatassday#orientation#wildcats#undeclareddontcare#lol#swapdontdrop#caliboys#chicostate
I don't know about you, but these apple, date and hazelnut buttermilk muffins look delicious. Have a look at lepiratelife.com for the full recipe 🍰🍏 #fromjunktohunk
Are you someone who often needs a sweet treat? 🍰 research shows that this craving can also be satisfied by some sweet fruit. Why not swap your cake or lollies for some beautiful, juicy strawberries 🍓🍓🍓🍓#fromjunktohunk
Being healthy doesn't mean that you have to cut out all yummy foods. Just make a healthier version! Try out Katie's from chocolatecoveredkatie.com healthy caramel popcorn #fromjunktohunk